Affiliate Disclosure

Have you noticed the astonishing lack of ads and pop-ups on this website?

You’re welcome! 😊

I have tried to keep things clean and easy for you. No more waiting for 1000 ads to load before you can read what you came to read… Dodging pop-ups left, right and center…

Okay, I exaggerate a little. But you get the idea.

Are you wondering then, how do I keep the Zipper Gifts lights on?

Well, that is thanks to you, dear reader.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

In fact, many of the links to the gifts on this website are what are known as affiliate links.


An affiliate link may take the form of buttons, banners or text links and they contain a code which enables the vendor to see that I have referred you to their website.

As a result, they pay me a small commission on any qualifying purchases you make. Yay!

Importantly, this does not increase the cost for you one little bit.

It is just the vendors way of saying thanks for the love! ❤️

So, from me to you, thanks for helping me keep the lights on!