Crocheted Gifts for Men – Unique, Practical & Thoughtful Ideas

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I always struggle to buy gifts for the men in my life and I’m sick of choosing the same disposable items every year. I know that you guys feel the same, so I made it my mission to find the best crocheted gifts for men and gifts to sew for friends.

This allows you to put your crafting skills to good use and create beautiful projects that range from practical to aesthetically pleasing.

There’s no need to spend hours deliberating for the millionth time on which bottle of wine or book to buy when these crocheted gifts for guys are 100 times more personal and surer to please.

18 Best Crocheted Gifts for Men

1. Biology Frog

Biology Frog Knitting Kit

We all remember the biology classes in high school where the teacher would make us dissect frogs and organs to see how they worked. While this was never my favorite, many science-minded people can’t think of anything more fascinating. They went on to become scientists, dedicating their life to the pursuit of science.

If the man in your life is an avid scientist, he will love this unique crocheted gift for guys that emulates a dissected frog. The Biology Frog kit includes all yarn and the easy to follow pattern, helping you to create a realistic specimen that your science man will love to inspect. This is such a unique idea that it is also a great gift for your fellow crocheters.

Pattern/kit: theapollobox

2. Bulky Men’s Mittens

Bulky Mens Mittens

There’s nothing worse than trying to hold your man’s hand in winter, only to feel freezing cold fingers! This great pattern for men’s mittens is designed to be completed in almost no time, with simple instructions that even complete beginners can follow.

The Bulky Men’s Mittens are simple but effective, with a thick, block color design that is sure to keep your man warm through the winter months. They’re designed for men with medium to large size hands, but the pattern can easily be adapted for different sizes.

Pattern/tutorial: leftinknots

3. Cactus Amigurumi

Cactus Amigurumi

Houseplants instantly bring brightness and life to a house or apartment. However, if you’re a hopeless green thumb, you often find yourself accidentally killing houseplants and having to throw out the empty pots. If the man in your life falls into this category, these adorable crocheted cacti are the perfect gift.

The kit provides the option to either knit or crochet the cacti, with both patterns and all yarn included. Each of the cacti has a different design and a cute pot that allows you to pop it on the windowsill. The Cactus Amigurumi set is adorable and realistic, making it a great crocheted gift for guys who want houseplants without the hassle.

Pattern/kit: darngoodyarn

4. Crochet Slippers

Crochet Slippers

Winter can be difficult if you have tiles or floorboards in the house. The cold seeps through your socks and into your skin, leaving you feeling constantly chilly. This makes slippers a great gift for everyone in winter, but many of the store bought varieties are either marketed to women or have very plain designs.

These attractive Crocheted Slippers are pure class, with a simple but pleasing design and leather soles to prevent slipping. The pattern is simple enough to whip up in just one evening, making it a great speedy crocheted gift for men with style.

Pattern/tutorial: makeanddocrew

5. Mini R2D2

Mini R2d2

Most men I know are obsessed with Star Wars. They can’t get enough of the franchise, no matter how many movies or spin offs are created. Diehard fans are always looking for more Star Wars gear and you can give them a unique gift with this crocheted R2D2.

The famous droid is more of an intermediate crocheting project, with multiple parts that need to be joined. However, the result is a true to form Mini R2D2 that is the perfect mix of realistic and cute. This is the best crocheted gift for guys who love Star Wars or comic books and one they will be thanking you for forever.

Pattern/tutorial: miahandcrafter

6. Cast Iron Handle Cover and Hot Pad Set

Cast Iron Handle Cover And Hot Pad Set

Cast iron cookware is some of the best on the market, providing the necessary heat to sear steaks, an easy to clean surface, and lasting for years of high quality cooking. However, it’s easy to burn yourself on the handles, so aspiring chefs will appreciate a crocheted handle cover to protect their fingers.

This crocheted design is more time consuming than others on the list, but the results are well worth the investment. The Cast Iron Handle Cover and Hot Pad Set has a simple but attractive and effective design that any man will appreciate in his kitchen or while camping.

Pattern/tutorial: kirstenhollowaydesigns

7. Mustachioed Mug Sweater

Mustachioed Mug Sweater

Everyone loves a warm beverage in the morning! For those diehard coffee drinkers, there’s nothing more important than a reliable mug to hold the cherished brew. You’ll see millions of those novelty mugs with slogans like “World’s Best Dad”, but this mug sweater is a unique way to add personality to your man’s favorite mugs.

The adorable Mustachioed Mug Sweater features different layers of crochet with a stitched mustache at the top. It’s the perfect gift for men who can’t go without their morning coffee and want to drink in style.

Pattern/tutorial: thatmoxiegirl

8. Skater Beanie

Skater Beanie

Skater aesthetic is appealing to men of all ages. Whether they’re still living out their Tony Hawk dreams or looking back fondly on their youth, it’s a style that will never go out of fashion. A huge part of skater fashion is the iconic beanie, with its round top and simple design.

You can crochet this beanie in just a few hours if you’re a confident crocheter, using any color and variety of yarn that will match your man’s personality. The pattern is adaptable and easily adjusted for different measurements, allowing you to create an attractive Skater Beanie for any man in your life.

Pattern/tutorial: azzymakes

9. Self Striping Alanya Socks

Self Striping Alanya Socks

Socks are always a reliable gift choice. However, buying them from the store is too easy when you can create an attractive pair with just yarn and your trusty crochet hooks. This yarn kit includes patterns for knitted or crocheted socks, along with the yarn itself which is a combination of merino wool and nylon.

The high quality yarn is hand dyed in Turkey and when crocheted creates a self-striping design that will totally knock your man’s socks off! This is a wonderful practical crocheted gift for guys, made with love.

Pattern/kit: darngoodyarn

10. Crochet Crew Neck Pullover

Crochet Crew Neck Pullover

The classic crew neck pullover is a staple in any man’s wardrobe. It can be dressed up or down for any occasion and has the right mixture of flattering shape and comfort. This pullover pattern is designed for either men or women, with patterns for a variety of sizes. This means once you finish the one for your man, you can make yourself a matching sweater!

You can easily tailor the pattern according to your man’s measurements and choose a color that will flatter his natural features. The Crochet Crew Neck Pullover isn’t a statement piece, but the man in your life will appreciate the hours of work and comfortable fit. Once you’ve finished

Pattern/tutorial: allfreecrochet

11. Football Beer Cozy

Men drinking beer while watching football on the TV is a timeless tradition. However, there’s nothing to say they can’t do this in style! This adorable football-themed cozy stays true to the tradition while helping to keep the beer cold and hands warm.

The pattern is easy enough for beginners to follow and is designed to fit any standard beer bottle. I particularly love the attention to detail with the embroidered football laces that make the cozy accurate as well as cute. The Football Beer Cozy is the ideal crocheted gift for men who love their beer but love their football even more.

Pattern/tutorial: maggiescrochet

12. Lavender Fields Beanie and Scarf

Lavender Fields Beanie And Scarf

Expressing personal style is essential for both and women, no matter the season. However, this can be tricky in winter when the cold weather necessitates covering your body with multiple layers. Accessories become even more important, which makes a handmade coordinating beanie and scarf set a wonderful crocheted gift for guys.

This set includes the pattern and beautiful recycled tweed yarn that is available in 5 different pleasant colors. The man in your life will love the Lavender Fields Beanie and Scarf most in Oceanic Blues, Stormy Day, or Rocky Mountains.

Pattern/kit: darngoodyarn

13. Dad’s Plaid Flat Cap

Dad’s Plaid Flat Cap

As a child, I fondly remember my grandfather wearing a flat cap whenever he went out to watch sports. It’s an eternal style that many older men love to rock, protecting their heads from the sun while adding a touch of extra personality to an outfit.

This crochet pattern uses a couple of different stitch types but shouldn’t faze even a beginner crocheter. It was also designed to support the Crochet Cancer Challenge, which asks crafters to donate to charities in exchange for free crochet patterns. The Dad’s Plaid Flat Cap is classic but unique, making it the best crocheted gift for guys who like to rock and old school style.

Pattern/tutorial: hookedbykati

14. Knit-Wise

Knit Wise Subscription Box

If your list of people to make gifts for is constantly growing, you find it easier to work on projects throughout the year and put them in safekeeping. This subscription box delivers new projects every three months, with all knitting and crochet patterns and unique yarn.

The projects range from wearable items like beanies and socks, to home decor like coasters or a neck pillow. There’s something for everyone in the Knit-Wise box, and you’re sure to make at least a couple great crocheted gifts for the men in your life. This is also a fantastic gift idea for knitters, constantly providing them with fresh inspiration.

Subscription Box: cratejoy

15. Dragon Scarf

Dragon Scarf

If your man loves Dungeons and Dragons, Skyrim, or medieval mythology, he will go wild for this dragon scarf. The incredible crochet design has a multicolored dragon with its tail wrapped around the neck, creating the scarf.

This is not a project for the faint hearted, with intermediate or advanced beginner crocheters best suited to the level of detail needed. The Dragon Scarf will be an investment of time and effort, but the result is a show stopping crocheted gift for guys who love the fantasy genre.

Pattern/tutorial: ravelry

16. Fall Placemat and Coaster Set

There’s nothing more satisfying in a dining room than coordinated decor, with placemats and coasters that match. Modern men are also passionate about interior design and love turning their house into a home.

This placemat and crochet set is fall-themed, with vibrant red, orange, and yellow hues. However, it can look great all year long! The crochet design is simple and suitable for beginners, but the results of the Fall Placemat and Coaster Set are truly professional.

Pattern/kit: darngoodyarn

17. Crochet Tie

Crochet Tie

All men need a healthy collection of ties, whether they work in an office or go to a lot of cocktail nights or weddings. Most ties are traditionally sewn, so sporting an alternative fabric is a great way to make a statement. Buying a tie from the store doesn’t require much thought but investing the time and effort in making one from scratch won’t go unnoticed. 

This Crochet Tie is simple but attractive, with a vintage style that looks great with classic and modern suits alike. You can choose any color of yarn to suit your guy’s personality, making it a great versatile crocheted gift for men of all kinds.

Pattern/tutorial: ravelry

18. Men’s Crochet Waistcoat

Men’s Crochet Waistcoat

“What’s old is new again”, so the saying goes. This is never truer than with vintage fashion that makes a revival in modern wardrobes. If the man in your life is a self-proclaimed hipster, he will love a custom waistcoat that can be dressed up or down for any outfit.

The Men’s Crocheted Waistcoat is simple but attractive, giving you the opportunity to add extra personality with your choice of colored yarn. Just make sure to grab your man’s measurements first so you can create the most flattering style! For bonus brownie points, create a matching bow tie from our sewing gifts for men article.

Pattern/tutorial: gathered

Best Crocheted Gifts for Men

Traditionally when you think of crochet, you probably imagine old grandmothers laboring over doilies or clothing suitable for children. However, crocheters of all types are falling in love with the craft and creating some truly modern pieces.

If you’re an avid crocheter looking to treat the man in your life to the fruits of your labors, I’ve put together the best crocheted gifts for men. Whether your man is hyper masculine or more sensitive, there’s something for every kind of man.

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Crocheted Gifts For Men Unique, Practical And Thoughtful Ideas