13 Fraternity Gifts For Boyfriends Heading Off To College

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So, your boyfriend is going off to college and he’s even joined his favorite college fraternity. Now that he’s a frat boy, it’s time to celebrate in style.

But what gift do you get for a young man embarking on such an exciting new period of life?

Well, keep reading; because I’ve got a list of the perfect fraternity gifts for boyfriends everywhere.

13 Hilarious Fraternity Gifts For Boyfriends

1 . Novelty Beer Helmet

Novelty Place Drinking Helmet - Can Holder Drinker Hat Cap with Straw for beverage and drinks -...
  • Cool Party Wear - Just like all crazy parties you have seen in movies, Wearing this cool novelty drinking hat will bring you lots of fun!

Let’s start with the obvious – a classic beer helmet. This is the perfect look for both the most casual frat party and an afternoon spent on the bleachers cheering on the college team.

He’s sure to get a ton of laughs with this novelty helmet, which allows him to drink from two cans at a time. It comes in one size and has an adjustable helmet to make sure it stays secure during even the wildest party.

2. Double-Funneled Beer Bong

Beer Bong Double Header - Best Double Beer Funnel with Valves for College Parties - 2 Foot Blue Beer...
  • ♦ THE BEST DOUBLE BEER FUNNEL for college parties, vacation days, or just some good ole' fashioned earth-beer drinking. Check out our reviews - our customers agree that this is the best head-to-head...

If things take a turn for the crazy and he needs to step up from the beer helmet, this double-funneled beer bong should do the trick. He and his frat brothers can take their party to the next level with the perfect tool for a chugging competition.

Tubes are 2-foot long and kink-free allowing for smooth chugging, and each tube comes with a dual valve to turn off the beer flow when each competitor taps out!

3. ‘Animal House’ Novelty T-Shirt

Animal House 1970S College Frat Movie Blutarsky for President Adult T-Shirt Tee Blue
  • MOVIE NIGHT! Animal House vintage style apparel. Classic comedy movie clothing for stylin fans

No movie encompasses the frat house college experience as well as Animal House does!

If he’s a fan of the classic frat film, show everyone that your boyfriend knows his stuff by gifting him this super cool graphic tee with the words “Blutarsky For President” and an image of the iconic main character on the front.

Each blue shirt is made from a cotton and polyester blend and comes in six different sizes providing maximum comfort.

4. Texas Hold ‘em Poker Set

SLOWPLAY Nash 14g Clay Poker Chips Set for Texas Hold’em, 500 PCS [with Numbered Values] Features...
  • The first professional and hobbyist poker set. The SLOWPLAY engineering and design teams spent 18 months building this product, and every detail has been crafted with the upmost attention to help...

When you’ve got dozens of young men living in a building together, you know the poker games will start at some point. Make your man the wheeler and dealer of the frat house with this full Texas Hold ‘Em poker set, which comes with everything he’ll need to start a mean game of poker.

The set includes 500 chips, 2 sets of playing card, and a dealer, and can seat up to as many as 10 players per game!

5. ‘Bad Choices’ Deluxe

BAD CHOICES - The Have You Ever? Game + After Dark Edition Set
  • HILARIOUS GAME: Bad Choices is the combo of ‘Never Have I Ever’ and ‘UNO’. This is the game for finding out hilarious truths, secrets and stories about your friends

Speaking of tabletop games, if poker isn’t his flavor why not give him this game set to break the ice? Bad Choices is a party game that combines elements of Uno with the classic ‘Never Have I Ever’ question game.

Help your boyfriend get to know his fellow fraternity brothers with this hilarious game that requires people to share life stories, secrets, and unavoidable truths in just under 45 minutes.

6. Portable Beer Pong Table

GoPong 8 Foot Beer Pong Table with Customizable Dry Erase Surface
  • CUSTOM DRY ERASE: Draw on the table with any design you want - sports teams, state flags, pong brackets, school logos, Greek logos, and more!

He’ll be everyone’s best friend with this portable beer pong table, which allows the frat to set up their favorite pastime no matter where they are.

The GoPong portable table is 8 feet long and is made of lightweight but sturdy aluminum, with marked spaces for each set of beer cups and two central panels made of whiteboard, so players and spectators can mark out the players, keep score, or just draw something cool during the game.

The board comes with 6 pong balls and 4 dry erase markers.

7. ‘The American Fraternity’ Book

If your boyfriend would rather understand the fraternity life from a more intellectual perspective, perhaps he’ll enjoy a copy of “The American Fraternity” by Andrew Moisey.

This book is a blend of historic writing and photojournalism that works to lift the veil on the mysterious history and traditions of American fraternity culture, through the lens of one of the US college system’s most influential frat houses.

It’s an fascinating read that will be a real eye-opener for a young frat boy.

8. Beer Pong Novelty Socks

K BELL Men's Fun Pop Culture Novelty Crew Socks, Beer Pong (Black), Shoe Size: 6-12
  • Variety of colors - trendy women's knee length socks come in a variety of colors and novelty designs, allowing you to adjust them to your outfit and wear them in any occasion from the dressing up in...

Give your boyfriend a way to show just how much he loves every frat boy’s favorite sport with these cute and funny beer pong socks, which are decorated with little symbols of the classic red cups and ping pong balls.

Each pair of novelty socks are made of a cotton and nylon blend that comes in a single comfortable one-size-fits-all fit. They truly make a lovely, silly going away gift for the one you love.

9. Juul Holder For Phone

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It may not be the healthiest habit, but more than a few college boys have their mouths semi-permanently attached to their Juul! If your boyfriend is one of them, he’ll love you for finding this handy little phone attachment.

Simply peel and stick this Juul holder attachment to the back of his phone and he’ll never lose his Juul again! Each holder comes with an equally handy accessory box that can store a charging port and up to six Juul pods.

10. Glow In The Dark Beer Pong Set

Glow in The Dark Beer Pong Set,Light up Beer Pong Cups for Indoor Outdoor Nighttime Competitive...
557 Reviews
Glow in The Dark Beer Pong Set,Light up Beer Pong Cups for Indoor Outdoor Nighttime Competitive...
  • Includes: 22 Plastic Cups, 22 lights (11 Green & 11 Blue), 6 Pongs, 24 Waterproof Stickers and 1 Storage Bag.

If he’s already got a portable beer pong table, then consider gifting him this super cool set of glow-in-the-dark ping pong balls and beer pong cups so he and his new fraternity brothers can play their favorite game in the dark!

Each set comes with 22 cups and 22 lights that can be easily attached to the bottom, as well as waterproof stickers, six light-up ping pong balls, and a handy storage bag.

11. Liquid Hydration Pack

Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier - Lemon Lime - Powder Packets | Electrolyte Drink Mix | Easy Open...
  • Hydration Multiplier is a great-tasting, non-GMO electrolyte drink mix powered by CTT to deliver hydration to the bloodstream faster and more efficiently than water alone. With a sunny mix of citrus...

Considering the typical frat boys’ favorite activity, this next gift will be a literal lifesaver for your boyfriend who is sure to experience his fair share of hangovers in the year to come.

This Liquid IV pack comes with 16 packets of non-GMO electrolyte drink mix that provide instant hydration on the go, as well as delivering 5 essential vitamins including Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12, and Vitamin C.

Give him the perfect hangover recovery tool – all he needs to do is open, pour, shake, and drink.

12. Camouflage Beer Belt

How else will he let his fraternity brothers know that he’s fully prepared for college shenanigans than with this convenient 6-pack beer holster!

This holster has major cowboy vibes and comes in a camouflage pattern with 6 spaces for each beer, making sure he has a drink when he needs one. This hilarious gift comes with an adjustable strap to fit any size.

13. Blackout Flag For Dorm Room

Let everyone in the fraternity know that your boyfriend isn’t playing around by gifting him this funny flag for his dorm room. These black flags come printed with the words “Blackout or Back Out” with a graphic of a beer keg, a classic take on the typical frat house lifestyle.

While we hope he doesn’t take this banner too literally, it’ll make an entertaining addition to his first college dorm.

Entertain The Whole Frat House With These Gifts

Making the transition to frat life isn’t always easy, but it’s about to be a lot more fun with these cool fraternity gifts.

Show your boyfriend how much you love him by sending him off to college with any one of these gifts that are sure to fit any college situation or budget. He’s guaranteed to have a riot with any one of them, just make sure he doesn’t forget to study!