Funny Gifts for Brother (21 Hilarious Gifts for Your Favorite Brother!)

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Shopping for funny gifts for brothers can be a real pain in the neck!

This is especially true if he can’t seem to get enough of the latest gag gifts, jokes, and other funny nick-knacks that lead to intense laughter.

You’ve undoubtedly reached your limit trying to find him the perfect gift. Worry no longer because you’ve discovered the best place!

We’ll share 21 of the funniest gifts that your goofy brother will absolutely adore! Check out our recommendations below.

21 Sidesplittingly Hilarious Gifts for Brother

1. Humorous T-Shirt

Mom's Favorite | Funny Son Brother Sibling Joke Mother's Day Holiday Family Humor T-Shirt for...
442 Reviews
Mom's Favorite | Funny Son Brother Sibling Joke Mother's Day Holiday Family Humor T-Shirt for...
  • MICHIGAN ARTISTS & PRINTERS | this design was drawn and screen printed (silk screened) with pride by our skilled illustrators and printers in Ann Arbor. If you're ever in the area, stop by for a free...

Your brother will bound to laugh his head off when he sees this T-shirt. Not only is the color retro gray – which is far from his favorite.

It also says on the front of the T-shirt that his mom’s favorite! I know he’ll definitely get a kick out of this T-shirt because in his mind, it’s 100% true!

This shirt is available in five different sizes from medium to 3X-large.

2. Funny Travel Cup

JENVIO Best Brother Gifts | Large 30oz Worlds Okayest Brother Steel Tumbler/Mug with Lid for...
226 Reviews
JENVIO Best Brother Gifts | Large 30oz Worlds Okayest Brother Steel Tumbler/Mug with Lid for...
  • Jenvio 30 Ounce Capacity Stainless Steel Tumbler, purchase comes with: Gift Style Box, two stainless steel straws, straw cleaner device, and leak resistant lid.

As a brother, I can say with absolute certainty that this stainless-steel travel cup will make him laugh like crazy! How do I know? The message on the front of it says it all.

It says, “World’s Okayest Brother.” This isn’t exactly the worst insoles in the world, but it definitely isn’t the nicest thing to say about a brother either. Although, it’s incredibly funny nonetheless and I’m sure he’ll appreciate the wonderful joke for what it is.

3. Funny T-Shirt

My Favorite Sister Bought Me This Shirt Funny T-Shirt
1,229 Reviews
My Favorite Sister Bought Me This Shirt Funny T-Shirt
  • The perfect quote tee gift for brother brother in law or step from sis for Christmas birthday graduation or anniversary. Great joke tshirt for boys or girls in child sizes from 4 6 8 10 12 to adult...

Here is another funny T-shirt that I know your brother will really appreciate. But in this case, the T-shirt comes in five different colors and six different sizes, so there’s definitely more variety to choose from. Pick from black, red, Kelly green, dark Heather, or royale blue.

It’s also a really nice shirt for a sister to give her brother. He’ll laugh his butt off when he reads the slogan that says My Favorite Sister Bought Me This Shirt!

4. Funny Beer Glass

Brother Gifts from Sister, Beer Glass Funny Gift Idea for the Best Brother for Christmas, Father's...
160 Reviews
Brother Gifts from Sister, Beer Glass Funny Gift Idea for the Best Brother for Christmas, Father's...
  • Perfect Gift for Brother: An ideal gift option for Brother for Birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas and other holidays.

This beer glass is very cool if you want my humble and unbridled opinion. Even more important, it will make your sister feel extra special whenever she sees you drinking a pint in this class with your family and friends.

What makes it so funny? It says, “Being my brother is the only gift you need.” I’m sure you can see the humor in that statement. It definitely makes me laugh every time I read it!

5. High Quality Keychain

Drive Safe I Love You Keychain for Brother Sister Best friend Keychain Gift
3,296 Reviews
Drive Safe I Love You Keychain for Brother Sister Best friend Keychain Gift
  • ❤ 【New Driver Gift Keychain】"Drive Safe Because Your Sister Love You” keychain. A beautiful way to remind your anyone you love that you want them to be safe. It will bring smile even laugh for...

I really like this keychain a lot and I think your brother will too. It’s kind of funny because it will remind you how much your sister f’n loves and cares about you whenever you read it. It’s also very sentimental and it will tear your heartstrings and remind you of how awesome your sister is too.

This stainless-steel keychain is perfect for house keys, car keys, keys to the office, or any other keys for that matter.

6. Brother Coffee Mug

Funny Gifts for Brother If I Had A Different Brother I Would Punch Him In The Face And Go Find You...
533 Reviews
Funny Gifts for Brother If I Had A Different Brother I Would Punch Him In The Face And Go Find You...
  • Package includes 1 funny brother coffee mug and 1 brother gift keychain.

I know your brother is going to get a huge kick out of this coffee mug. It’s so funny because it’s true.

If your brother or sister had a different brother, they would definitely punch them in the face and then go to find you! That’s how much they care about you, you crazy nutjob!

7. Decorative Pottery Planter

Chia Pet Bob Ross with Seed Pack, Decorative Pottery Planter, Easy to Do and Fun to Grow, Novelty...
8,332 Reviews
Chia Pet Bob Ross with Seed Pack, Decorative Pottery Planter, Easy to Do and Fun to Grow, Novelty...
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE: Includes a unique pottery planter, convenient plastic drip tray and chia seed packets for 3 plantings.

Is your brother a big fan of the hilarious painter from the 70s named Bob Ross? How about getting him a Bob Ross Chia head? This planter is fun to grow, easy-to-use, and it makes the perfect novelty gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas presents, or any other special occasion.

Even better, if your brother loves Bob Ross’s big Afro, he’s going to really enjoy this silly gift.

8. Gag Gift Calendar

Pooping Pooches White Elephant Gag Gift Calendar
13,974 Reviews
Pooping Pooches White Elephant Gag Gift Calendar
  • 2024 will not stink with 12 months of Pooping Pooches

This may be the silliest gag gift calendar that you’ll ever see. Each month shares a picture of a different dog taking a poop! It’s so silly that it’s absolutely ridiculous and I know your crazy brother is going to absolutely fall head over heels in love with this ridiculous calendar.

So, if you want to put a big smile on your brother’s face, I highly recommend getting him this pooping pooches calendar.

9. Sturdy Sand Timer

Katamco Toilet Timer (Classic), Funny Gift for Men, Husband, Dad, Birthday, Christmas
18,273 Reviews
Katamco Toilet Timer (Classic), Funny Gift for Men, Husband, Dad, Birthday, Christmas
  • As seen on ABC's Shark Tank, this gift sends a clear message to the recipient.

This is the silliest gag gift of all. It was made famous on ABC’s Shark Tank.

What is it? It’s a sand timer in the shape of a man pooping on a toilet bowl! It’s something your brother is very familiar with.

This may be a joke, but it’s functional and it’ll remind your brother that he’s no longer allowed to take 30-minute bathroom breaks. He must get in and out in five minutes or the timer will run out.

10. Funny Paperback Book

How to Traumatize Your Children: 7 Proven Methods to Help You Screw Up Your Kids Deliberately and...
  • Whether you want to send your children to therapy with the same techniques your parents used or try an entirely new approach, this instructional volume will show you the way

Does your brother ever complain that he isn’t traumatizing his kids enough? Yes, I’m being 100% serious! This book will teach your breath or seven proven methods to completely screw up his kids with scale, precision, and deliberate intent.

Obviously, this gift is meant to poke fun and it isn’t supposed to be taken seriously at all. I know your brother will laugh out loud whenever he reads this groundbreaking instructional volume.

11. Whiskey Chiller

Does your brother enjoy drinking an ice-cold glass of whiskey? Like many guys, he may prefer his whiskey cold but he definitely doesn’t want it watered down either. These silver bullets are the perfect solution to chilling room temperature whiskey.

Just pop them in the freezer and let them get ice cold. When it’s time to enjoy a glass of whiskey, pop one or two in your drink and it’ll chill the contents without watering down your precious alcohol.

12. Vintage Baseball Cap

Splash Brothers Customized 30th Birthday Gifts Baseball Cap for Men Women, Funny Embroidered...
  • High Quality Material ¨C Our 30th Birthday Gifts for Women Men Baseball Cap is Made of High Quality 100% Cotton. That Makes It Long Lasting, Reusable and Durable, Perfect to Celebrate Your Fabulous...

This baseball cap is very silly to say the least and I know your brother will find it funny too. If he just turned 30, he’ll really get a kick out of this hat. This hat also makes a great gift for anyone older than 30 because they want to believe that they still look good as well!

This hat is 100% cotton, has a buckle closure, and it’s made of high-quality material with a classic summer jeans distressed look.

13. Funny Gift Socks

ZXGXLAW Birthday Gifts for Dad,Men Husband Grandpa Women idea Fathers Day Christmas Im Not Sleeping...
  • 😀 Birthday Gifts For Dad😀 The Cool Stuff Is Best Presents For Dad Birthday Gift,of Course It Can Be Used As A Gifts For Grandpa,husband Birthday Gift ,fathers Day Gifts . Old Men Birthday...

These funny socks are perfect for brothers that enjoy a good laugh from time to time. On the bottom of the feet, it says “I’m not sleeping, I’m just resting my eyes.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely uttered this phrase more often than I’d care to admit! And I know your silly brother will get a big kick out of these funny socks as soon as he opens up your gift.

14. Comfortable Hoodie Sweatshirt

shop4ever Sorry I'm Late I Didn't Want to Come Hoodies Sayings Sweatshirts Medium Charcoal 0
  • ORIGINAL DESIGN. Official Shop4Ever brand. We create unique, thoughtful designs for everyday casual wear, special occasions, and holidays. Proudly designed and printed in the United States.

Every brother appreciates a comfortable premium quality hooded sweatshirt. It’s a great gift to wear on a cold morning run or something to slip on on a chilly fall afternoon. Even better, the hilarious quote on the front will definitely have your brother laughing his head off.

It says, “Sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come.” And no words have ever been truer in many situations.

15. Unique Beer Glass

Old Lives Matter Beer Glass - Funny Retirement or Birthday Gifts for Men - Unique Gag Gifts for Dad,...
  • CELEBRATE THE OLD MAN - This funny beer glass is a great gift for any occasion, milestone, and achievement. Perfect for dad or grandpas 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th, 90th birthdays and many more.

As far as funny gifts go, I know your brother will absolutely adore this hilarious glass and everything that it stands for. It’s a play on the popular black lives matter phrase, except in this case it says old lives matter!

It’s something I’m sure your brother can relate to as the years pass by and time takes its toll on his ever-changing body and physical appearance.

16. Official BS Button

Gemmy The Official BS Button
  • Flashing Buzzer with x5 different Bullshit sound effects and light which will be audible by the press of this button.

Have you ever wanted to call BS when something doesn’t seem right? Now you can press this hilarious plastic BS button whenever you feel like calling bullshit.

Maybe one of your kids tells a ridiculous lie that could never have possibly happened. Or maybe your significant other tells a story that is so far from the truth that it almost seems real.

Regardless, a BS button will make it easy to call out the lies, half-truths, and ridiculous stories!

17. Smart Bidet Toilet

VOVO STYLEMENT TCB-090S Smart Bidet Toilet for bathrooms, Elongated One Piece Toilet with Auto Dual...
  • 💧 AUTOMATIC DUAL FLUSH - Smart seat sensor that can choose between a small flush or a full flush, providing hands-free operation. (1.12 GPF / For 35 PSI)

Did you ever want to tell your brother just how full of shit he actually is? One of the easiest ways to get your point across is to get them a smart toilet bowl. Believe me, he’ll definitely get the message!

This toilet bowl is awesome. It has a built-in LED nightlight, automatic dual flush, and a warm water and dry mode. Your brother will feel clean and fresh every time he does his business on the commode.

18. Bluetooth Banana Handset

Banana Phone Bluetooth Handset for iPhone and Android Mobile Devices (Bunch of 3)
  • TALK MORE, Smile More, Save Gorillas. 1% of all sales is donated to Gearing Up 4 Gorillas through 1% for the Planet.

This is by far one of the silliest and most ridiculous (in a good way) iPhone and android mobile handsets that you’ll ever see. It’s so goofy that it’s hard not to laugh whenever you see someone talking into a plastic banana!

I know your brother is going to love it? It’s the kind of silly gag gift that he always appreciates. Instead of getting him 1 banana handset, why not get him 3?

19. Rechargeable Laser Tag

Rechargeable Laser Tag 360° Sensors + LCDs - Set of 4 - Gift Ideas for Kids Teens and Adults Boys &...
  • The most innovative laser tag set yet: Lock ’n load for a fight for domination! Strap on your vest, grab a gun, check your ammo, and transform your backyard or basement into a battle zone for an...

This is the exact type of laser tag gift that your brother always wanted as a kid. It’s perfect for teens and adults because it’s an innovative set with four guns, four vests, and it comes with eight lithium-ion batteries.

This rechargeable gear uses LCD HUD technologies and it’s an awesome gift that your adult brother and his idiotic friends will fall head over heels in love with.

Light up your brother’s life with a laser tag gift set today.

20. Electronic Dance Mats

FWFX Dance Mat for Kids and Adults Musical Electronic Dance Mats with HD Camera, Double User...
  • 🎵[ WIRELESS DANCING MAT] The dance mat is equipped with a four-core chip for smooth pictures on both TV and computers. Modes such as 4-key, 6-key, hands & feet, MTV, cartoon, yoga , aerobics...

Did your brother love going to the arcade as a kid to play the full-sized Dance Dance Revolution video game? Then he’s absolutely going to lose his mind when he opens up this amazing gift.

He’ll know how much you care as soon as he pulls this fun and funny gift out-of-the-box. It’s a great game to play alone and it’s even better to enjoy with family members, friends, and anyone else who loves to dance!

21. Foot Massager Machine

MIKO Foot Massager Machine with Deep-Kneading, Compression, Shiatsu, and Heat for Plantar Fasciitis,...
  • Relieve Tired Feet and Improve Blood Flow- The foot massager is equip with heat, deep-kneading, compression, rolling, subtle vibrating, built-in timer, 5 pressure settings, washable foot liners, and 2...

Even though your brother is going to love this foot massager, he’s also going to get a good laugh out of it when he realizes that his brother or sister thinks he’s finally getting old. Yet at the same time, this awesome gift is truly a blessing because it helps with neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, and weary and sore feet.

This gift improves circulation, provides pain relief, and kneads tough knots and eliminates muscle tension.

Ideas for Funny Gifts for Brothers That Will Leave Him in Stitches!

Your sibling will undoubtedly appreciate every one of the funny gifts for brother. He loves to laugh, joke, and goof around all the time. He’ll know that you understand and appreciate his sense of humor with these crazy and amazing gifts.

Choose from coffee mugs, T-shirts, sweatshirts, toilet bowls, foot massagers, and much more. You’re bound to discover an amazing gift for your funny brother in the list above.

Don’t hesitate to pick your favorite today!