9 Funny Gifts for Runners (Men & Women)

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It can be incredibly difficult to find the perfect funny gifts for runners if you don’t know where to begin your search.

You may have spent hours digging through websites online only to come up with nothing worth buying.

We’ve discovered nine amazingly funny gifts that we know the runners in your life will absolutely love.

Continue reading to discover the best choices.

9 Hilarious Funny Gifts for Runners

1. Athletic Running Socks

Inspirational Athletic Running Socks | Women's Woven Low Cut | Mother Runner | Blue
  • KEEP YOUR FEET DRY AND COMFORTABLE! Featuring our ultra-spun polyester moisture wicking technology, our inspirational athletic socks keep your feet dry and comfortable while running, at the gym,...

I don’t know about you, but I get a serious kick out of these socks every time I read the inspirational and hilarious saying on the top and bottom of the feet. On the top, it says One Bad Mother Runner. And on the bottom, it says Try to Keep up!

All I know is that there are many amazing runner moms doing tremendous things in the world and they deserve an incredibly accurate pair of funny socks like these.

2. Female Runner T-Shirt

TShirt For Female Runners - I Run Like a Girl Try to Keep Up
  • FUNNY T SHIRT - for women who like to run. Great for running, athletics, gym training and jogging. Train for your next 10k or half marathon in style! A great birthday present idea for your training...

Like the socks shared previously, this shirt is female inspired and it definitely puts a huge smile on my face every time I read it!

On the front it says, I run like a girl. Try to keep up! This shirt reminds us that women can be just as awesome at running as anybody else and we should never forget it.

This shirt is available in five colors, numerous sizes, and it’s made for men, women, and children too.

3. Funny Running T-Shirt

Running Funny Definition Funny 5k Marathon Runner Gift T-Shirt
  • Running is pretty much the greatest thing in the world! This funny definition is sure to make others smile and laugh at it's unique saying and quote! Funny Fake definition tops are an easy way to show...

T-shirts are always a wonderfully fun gift to give to anyone, but this particular T-shirt is especially awesome because it’s running related and absolutely hilarious! It states that running is the greatest thing in the world and it’s reserved for the best looking and most intelligent people!

Whether it’s true or not is to be determined. Just know that the runner in your life will absolutely love it.

4. Funny Mug for Runners

If It's not on, It Didn't Happen - Funny Cycling Gift, Cycling Gift, Gift for Cyclist, Bike Lover...
  • FUNNY MUG FOR CYCLISTS OR RUNNERS – Are you wondering what to get the runner in your life for their birthday? Or need a Secret Santa gift for a cyclist? Whether it’s a Father’s Day gift for a...

I get a real kick out of looking at this mug every time I see it on my counter because I know how important it is to my favorite runner. It has a picture of a smart watch, a smart phone tracking app and maps on a phone screen.

Ultimately, it says that if none of these devices are turned on, the incredible time or distance never actually happened! Not everyone finds this funny but runners certainly appreciate the humor.

5. Inspirational Fitness Keychain

I think this inspirational fitness keychain is the bee’s knees because it’s funny, poignant, and very true. And the beautiful message applies to many situations in life and running, so it works for multiple things.

On this sterling silver keychain, it has a sunflower charm and a slogan that says 1 mile at a time with a picture of a running shoe next to it. It’s truly a wonderful yet funny reminder for all of us.

6. Funny Wine Tumbler

The saying on the front of this Wine tumbler is absolutely hilarious if you ask me. It says, “Run Now Wine Later.”

To me, this truly says it all about runners and their amazing sense of humor. Running always comes first according to these dedicated enthusiasts. But they definitely want to make time for wine after a long hard run.

This gift is definitely more suitable to the adult runners in your life.

7. Engraved Pint Glass

Gone For a Run Runner's Measurements Engraved Beer Pint Glass 16 oz.
  • RUNNER'S MEASUREMENTS! Our laser engraved Runner's Measurements beer pint glasses are dishwasher safe so they can be easily cleaned and ready for you after a long day at work or after a run. Please...

I freaking love this engraved pint glass. It gets directly to the point. Engraved on the side are specific measurements that are well known in the running world like 5K, 10K, 13.1 (half-mile) and 26.2 (full mile).

According to the engraved glass, runners can drink a specific amount of alcohol based on the number of kilometers or miles that they’ve run. It’s silly but it’s definitely a lot of fun and I know your running pals will appreciate it!

8. Men’s Running Shoes

For the most part, there isn’t anything necessarily funny about a pair of running shoes except for the potential designs. Some of these sneakers have really outrageous designs loaded with neon colors, bright paint splotches, and other outrageous designs that your runner friends will absolutely adore!

These effective running sneakers come in 32 different styles and multiple sizes, which is perfect for the male runner in your life.

9. Women’s Running Shoes

I wasn’t willing to leave the women out of the equation, so I also shared an awesome pair of Asics women’s gel Nimbus running shoes. These incredible kicks are a whole lot of fun and they’re even kind of funny at times because some designs are rainbow colors, bright neon shoelaces and outer designs, and lots of interesting designs and color schemes.

Plus, they are awesome running shoes so I know your women runners will dig them.

Affordable Ideas for Funny Gifts for Runners!

After scouring the Internet and coming up with terrible ideas for funny gifts for runners, you luckily stumbled upon this website. After finding us, you discovered some incredible T-shirts, socks, tumblers, pint glasses, and running shoes that are perfect for the runners in your life.

Stop struggling to try and find the perfect gift because you already discovered it today. Use one of these incredible recommendations for birthdays, holidays, and various special occasions.