11 Funny Vegan Gifts to Show Your Creative Side

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So, you’ve got a vegan on your gift list this year.

Well, the holidays are a time for giving and receiving gifts. But what kind of gift should you give to someone who is vegan?

Some people think that veganism is a trend and will eventually go away. But the truth is that veganism is a lifestyle, and vegans are extremely particular about what they like.

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday occasion, or any other holiday- we have put together some great funny vegan gifts that are sure to make them laugh and smile.

11 Funny Vegan Gifts to Try

1. A Pair of Cool Socks

Foot Traffic, Fruit and Veggies Women's Socks (Tossed Salad)
  • GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT: The Tossed Salad socks from Foot Traffic not only feel good, but they remind you to eat healthy as well. The design includes everything from eggplant to ginger to avocados, making...

Someone who loves veganism but isn’t that vocal about it would certainly love these beautifully designed socks.

With veggies printed all over these socks, they look funny yet stylish at the same time. These salad socks include everything from ginger to eggplant to avocados.

Made from a mix of cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex, they fit perfectly and keep you comfortable throughout the day.

A great gift to help your vegan friend be sneaky about it!

2. An Impressive Vegan Cookbook

This cookbook will be nothing less than a funny prank for a friend who has just turned vegan. You’ll be teasing them because they can no longer enjoy junk food.

The cookbook also shares innovative recipes to help you enjoy some junk food while staying meat-free.

They can check those good-for-your-soul but bad-for-your-body food recipes and remember you while trying anything out of the cookbook.

A great gift for vegans to enjoy junk food in creative ways!

3. A Cheese-Making Kit

The Big Vegan Cheese Making Kit - Make 6 Easy Vegan and Gluten-Free -Cheese Making Supplies for Men...
  • CHEESE MAKING KIT: Discover the joy of making cheese at home with our make your own cheese kits for adults. Easy and fuss-free, it includes everything you need (except crackers) to make your favorite...

Cheese is often off-limit for true vegans, but your friend can now use this amazing kit to enjoy dairy-free delights.

The kit is for someone who would do anything to add some creamy goodness to whatever they eat.

By using the kit, they can whip up their favorite vegan cheese in more than an hour. You can find a lot of good stuff in the kit – no crackers, though!

Truly, the “cheesiest” gift you can get for your vegan friend!

4. An Avocado Kit

AvoSeedo Avocado Tree Growing Kit – Practical Gardening Gifts for Women, Mom, Sister & Best Friend...
  • ✔ FINALY! A GIFT THAT WILL SURPRISE AND DELIGHT HER! Are your friends and family tired of the same impersonal mugs and gift cards? With AvoSeedo, you have found a truly unique, special-occasion &...

A vegan’s life is incomplete without some avocado in it, and you can help them grow their own with this amazing gift.

It’s the perfect way to plant your own avocados and enjoy watching those sprouts grow. It comes with a flag to personalize with a funny message. The kit is made using non-toxic solid plastic.

A great gift that’s going to last for years and help you stick to your habit of enjoying avocado and guacamole toast!

5. A Unique Soft Serve Maker

Yonanas 902 Classic Vegan, Dairy-Free Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Maker, Includes 36 Recipes, 200-Watts,...
  • QUICK AND EASY TO USE - Within minutes, easily turn any frozen fruit into a smooth "ice-cream" or "sorbet" like treat, without additional fats, sugars, or preservatives.Frequency : 60 hz

Don’t make fun of all the hassle a vegan has to go through to make healthy snacks; instead, make it easier for them by giving away this soft serve maker!

It’s amazing how it turns regular frozen fruit into a “sorbet” like treat or an iced dream. No need to worry about any additional sugars, fats, or preservatives when making snacks.

Offers a versatile way to make smoothies and vegan treats at home.

A must-buy gift for your vegan pal!

6. A Sturdy Grocery Bag

Expect your vegan pal do lots of grocery shopping to get all the right ingredients, and you can help them do it in a funny way with this avocado pattern bag.

Made of high-quality canvas, it’s extremely durable and becomes new with a quick wash. The size is perfect with enough room to carry all the vegan stuff. Comes with a zippered bag to keep your trinkets safe.

A fun way to make shopping easy!

7. A Funny Vegan T-Shirt

Potato Prime Cuts T-Shirt Funny Vegan Gift
  • This Potato Prime Cuts T-shirt is the perfect gift for vegans or vegetarians! If you say kale yeah to veggies and a healthy lifestyle and you get your protein from plants instead of animals, you will...

A t-shirt is an excellent gift for your vegan lover, but not just any tee would do. This special t-shirt shares the love of veganism in a fun way!

Made of cotton, it feels great and is extremely comfortable. The design makes it well worth the investment, as it shares various ways to prepare and eat a potato.

Check out the shirt to cut your potatoes like the cuts of meat.

Quite subtle, isn’t it? But, always to the point!

8. A Sarcastic Cutting Board

A cutting board is always a great gift for someone practicing veganism, but to add a touch of fun, opt for this special one with “sentimental” veggies printed on it!

It’s one outstanding cutting board with a touch of sarcasm, showing that vegetables are protesting because they have feelings too.

Make your friend think if they don’t go for animal products because they’re sentient beings, what would they say about these annoyed veggies?

A fun gift to start a conversation!

9. A Funny Apron

Lily's Rossne Aprons for Women and Men Funny Vegan Chef Kitchen Cooking and Baking Apron I am Still...
  • HOW TO SEND PICTURE: Please Choose The First Color: Custom Apron and Upload Picture by Clicking "CUSTOMIZE NOW" Button and Then Click "UPLOAD YOUR IMAGE" Button. Ensure That the Customized Image...

A vegan will spend a lot of time cooking their favorite meals, and a kitchen apron is a must. Get this uniquely designed apron, which will quickly become their personal favorite!

Designed to withstand some serious torture on a daily basis. This funny little gift comes with an exciting message printed on it.

It precisely shares what the life of a vegan looks like, and is something any vegan enthusiast would appreciate.

Get this fun and functional gift now!

10. A Faux Leather Bag

Scarleton Leather Tote Bag for Women, Womens Purses and Handbags, Reversible Tote Bags for Women,...
  • [Material] - High quality faux leather that is processed for a look and touch like a real leather tote bag; Eco-friendly, no animal cruelty issues; Anti scratch surface and water resistant; Sturdy...

What comes with two handles, a beautiful design, an additional zippered pouch, and never once lived? Come check out this cool bag!

What’s special about this bag is the use of vegan leather. It can make the strictest vegans fall in love with it.

Processed to look exactly like real leather, so a vegan can have it without feeling guilty of hurting animals.

An eco-friendly choice for those who are serious about animal cruelty issues!

11. A Unique Food Dehydrator

Excalibur 3926TB Electric Food Dehydrator Machine with 26-Hour Timer, Automatic Shut Off and...
  • Large Capacity: Equipped with 9 Excalibur dehydrator trays, this large food dehydrator boasts 15 square feet of drying space

Dried meat may be off-limit for a vegan fan, but help them enjoy dried fruit in a fun way.

This 9-tray electric food dehydrator is a fun way to please your snack-addicted vegan pal. Preserves nutrients with its horizontal airflow and low temperature, which never goes above 118F. Has 15sqft of drying space to ensure you can store enough of your favorite snacks.

A special gift for someone looking for a unique way to boost immunity and please their taste buds!

Gifts for Vegans Who are Serious About Nutrition!

With this list of some amazing, funny vegan gifts at your disposal, you no longer need to hit a wall trying to figure what would please your vegan friend.

Stop thinking about another bag of veggies and try some unique and interesting gift ideas that your friend would feel good about.

Whether you’re looking for something eco-friendly and want some stocking stuffers with a touch of sarcasm, we have you covered.

Go ahead and pick something special now!