15 Best Gifts For Architects (Practical & Affordable)

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Architecture is a prestigious profession that brings together elements of logic, practicality, creativity, and art.

Great architects understand spaces and limitations well and use their own personality to design incredible structures that are both functional and beautiful.

The architect appreciates both practical tools and inspirational content, so they can be hard to shop for if you’re not intimately familiar with their work.

These gifts for architect’s appeal to both elements: the practical and the whimsical, to please architects of all kinds.

Popular Gifts for Architects

1. Architecture: A Visual History

This beautiful guide by Johnathan Glancey explores more than 350 of the world’s most iconic architectural wonders.

It is visually stunning, with more than 500 images and 3D artworks that identify the most important aesthetic and structural properties of each building. Exploring wonders including the Great Pyramids of Giza and Burj Khalifa in Dubai, it spans architectural masterpieces from ancient history and modern wonders. The level of detail is perfect for architects looking for inspiration and to new features for their designs.

Architecture: A Visual History is visually pleasing and a true delight for any fan of beautiful buildings.

2. Blueprints T-Shirt

Blueprints T Shirt

 Blueprints can be the bane or joy of an architect’s existence, needing meticulous detail for the design of all kinds of buildings. Love them or hate them, blueprints are a huge part of an architect’s job, which they can show off with this attractive tee.

It features a minimalist design, with the blueprint’s graphic on a choice of 17 different block colors. The Blueprints T-Shirt pays homage to an architect’s profession without looking tacky and is perfectly stylish enough to look great in any wardrobe. The fabric is ethically-sourced too, which is always a plus in my book!

3. LEGO Architecture Empire State Building

LEGO Architecture Empire State Building 21046 New York City Skyline Architecture Model Kit for...
  • Build and display this highly detailed LEGO Architecture interpretation of the Empire State Building!

For architects looking to share their passions with their older kids, or who simply love making models, this Empire State Building by LEGO is a worthy project.

It measures over 55cm high, 20cm wide, and 12cm deep, with a mammoth 1760 pieces to assemble. It is accurate to the real building, with 4 detailed facades, antenna tower, surrounding roads with taxis, and a decorative Empire State Building nameplate. It can be built independently or together with other buildings from the LEGO set, providing the option to recreate a tiny city.

LEGO isn’t just for kids, and this is a perfect gift for architects who love the iconic New York building and enjoy the relaxing process of model building.

4. ZENY Adjustable Drafting Desk

ZENY Drafting Table Art Desk Drawing Table Height Adjustable Artist Table Tilted Tabletop w/Drafting...
  • Wood Drafting Table: This art desk is made of heavy duty metal frame and thickened MDF tabletop, sturdy and durable. Wood tabletop provides smooth work surface. The triangle legs provide stable...

Many architects work from home offices, and this adjustable work desk by ZENY is a wonderful choice for its combination of high quality and affordability.

Both the height and angle of the top of the desk are fully adjustable, which makes it an easy setup for the architect’s comfort. It also has multi-functional properties, with the option to completely flatten the top section to a regular desk and includes drawers with ample storage for necessary tools.

The desk is designed with durable wood, so it is a worthy long-term investment for an architect looking to work from the home office.

5. The Architecture Reference & Specification Book

For a truly practical gift, Julia McMorrough’s guide is “everything architects need to know every day”.

It includes all aspects of architecture ranging from architectural sketching, to ADA guidelines, and building codes. Each concept includes a technical overview, charts, graphs, and specific measurements. Content is highly relevant, with enough substance to be useful, presented in a simple and no-nonsense format.

It is an excellent reference source for architects to keep on hand and consistently refer to, no matter what stage they are at in their career.

6. Gejoy Architect Rule & Pencils

Gejoy 2 Pack 12 Inch Triangular Architect Scale Aluminum Architectural Triangle Ruler for Blueprint...
  • Solid aluminum material: made of aluminum with a solid construction, printed with clear scales and convenient for you to read

Architects need an endless supply of high quality pencils and tools to keep their work flowing. While it isn’t the most exciting gift, a collection of office supplies is a great practical gift for architects that will be put to good use.

I love this set by Gejoy for its combination of premium quality and reliability, with its 2-pack of pencils, and 2 x 12-inch architect’s rulers. Architects are expected to deliver quality work and need the tools to match, so help them out with this ruler and pencil bundle.

7. The LEGO Architect

For a novel and fun approach to the history of architecture, Tom Alphin’s The LEGO Architect is an essential addition to an architect’s library.

It covers important and influential periods from the history of architecture, including art deco, modernism, and high-tech, with a gallery of building models built from LEGO. The guide is both informational and practical, including 12 project ideas to get architects and wannabe architects creating LEGO models.

This book is a perfect gift for architects looking to share their career with their children, or who want to look at their profession through fresh eyes.

8. Incra T-RULE06 6-Inch Precision Marking T-Rule

INCRA T-RULE06 6-Inch Precision Marking T-Rule
  • Precise, versatile, and easy-to-use are the words which best describe the Incra 6-Inch Precision Marking T-Rule

For a premium measuring and marking tool, you can’t go past the T-rule by Incra.

It is made in a combination square design set to every scale position, with markings at every increment of 1/16, 1/32 and 1/64 of an inch. This allows the most accurate measurements for drawings that are to be used in a professional context. It is also extremely user-friendly, with a pencil slot that ensures markings in the correct place.

This is a perfect gift for architects who rely upon extremely precise measurements to draw their designs and execute their work.

9. Tokyo Map Costers

Tokyo is one of the most iconic megacities in the world. We’ve all seen the photos of the incredible scenes at Shibuya crossing, the mixture of modern and traditional architecture, and sprawling neighborhoods that bustle with life. The Japanese capital is an architect’s dream and with this gorgeous wooden map they will never tire of looking at it.

These Tokyo Map Coasters are made of natural sapele wood and depicts the city from above, with its streets, bodies of water, and overall landscape. The map on each coaster is both extremely accurate and attractive, just begging to be placed on an architect’s coffee table.

10. Mr. Pen Architectural Templates

Mr. Pen- House Plan, Interior Design and Furniture Templates, Drafting Tools and Ruler Shapes for...
  • 3 Pc Architect Drawing And Interior Design Template Set (Scale: 1/4 Inch = 1 Ft): House Plan Template, Furniture Template, And Kitchen, Bed & Bath Template

These architectural templates by Mr. Pen are fantastic time-savers for architects who design houses and offices with the inclusion of interior architecture and furniture.

They act as stencils for furniture, appliances, fixtures, and furnishes included in such rooms as a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, office space, and living room. This makes them suitable for most house and office projects, and their construction from flexible and durable material makes them usable in the long term.

These are a perfect gift to simplify the job of an architect and allow them to work more quickly and accurately.

11. Frank Lloyd Wright Throw Blanket

Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the most influential American architects across his career of 70 years. He designed more than 1100 buildings and a whopping 532 of them were constructed, making his vision a reality across the United States. He is a source of inspiration for many architects today and this gorgeous throw blanket pays homage to the famous architect.

The blanket features a colorful geometric pattern in the style of a Frank Lloyd Wright design, looking great in its own right and holding special significance for architects. The Frank Lloyd Wright Throw Blanket is attractive and practical, making it a great addition to the home decor of any architect.

12. Arckit 180 Architect Model Building Kit

Arckit Pro - The Architectural Model Design Tool (A180)
11 Reviews
Arckit Pro - The Architectural Model Design Tool (A180)
  • 350+ pcs, 10 x pre-printed A5 surface detail adhesive sheets and 10 x blank A4 adhesive sheets for additional surface details

For beginner architects or architecture students, this kit by Arckit is amazing for practicing building models.

It includes more than 350 pieces, 10 pre-printed surface detail sheets, and 10 blank sheets, allowing novice architects to work from the guidelines and add their own personal touch. The Arckit kit is constructed in a freeform style so that designers can mix components as desired and can be supplemented by 3D-printed additions for truly endless construction possibilities.

While the peg and hole system can be complicated for beginners, the kit is a terrific introduction and practice for aspiring architects.

13. Architecture of American Houses Framed Art Print

Architecture Of American Houses Framed Art Print

American houses come in all shapes and sizes, and this fun graphic print highlights all the architectural styles. It spans from post medieval English to new traditional, visually representing the history of architecture in the United States.

This is a great gift for architects and history buffs alike, with a fun and colorful style that brightens up any room. Each of the images has such attention to detail that you could spend hours staring at it or simply hang it on the wall and enjoy!

14. Derwent Sketching Collection

High-quality, professional pencils are essential for any architect’s toolkit, and this premium set by Derwent is both value for money and of a truly high grade.

It includes the standard inclusions of graphite pencils and charcoal pencils, which are designed with sharp, distinct tones and robust design to avoid tip breakage. The collection also includes charcoal sticks, water soluble graphite, and Graphitint pencils, which have a graphite quality when dry and produce vivid colors when wet.

The range of high-quality pencils and accessories is perfect for any architectural drawing needs.

15. Case Study Houses

In the postwar construction boom in the United States, the Case Study House program looked to design and develop housing that could be easily replicated and be accessible to middle-class Americans.

This consisted of 36 model homes in the Los Angeles area, designed by prestigious architects of the time, with practicality and simplicity in mind. These houses were hugely influential on modern architecture, and this guide exhibits the photos, plans, and locations of the famous constructions.

This is the ideal gift for architects interested in the history of American house design.

All Kinds of Gifts for Architects

Architects work in a profession that is demanding, rewarding, and in need of both practicality and creativity.

They are in need of high-quality, durable tools for their work, as well as sources of creativity and inspiration for new projects.

These gifts for architects range from practical measuring tools, to whimsical LEGO model building kits, providing something for every kind of architect.