Best Gifts for Artists Who Draw (7 Beautiful & Thoughtful Ideas)

There are so many arty sites out there offering ideas for gifts for artists who draw without remembering that many of the people buying the gifts will not be artists!

If you’re looking for some beautiful gift ideas that do not involve learning about the technicalities of pencils and sketchbooks, look no further!

These aren’t your generic drawing-related gifts either. From the quirky and cool gift ideas to the thoughtful and personal, there are presents to suit every recipient and every price range too.

Unique Gifts For Artists Who Draw

1.  MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen with OLED Display

Kicking things off with a bang, this 3D Printing pen is definitely not the cheapest gift on the list (at just under $60) but it is one of the most awesome!

Any artist who loves to draw will have certainly spent hours daydreaming about their drawings coming to life… and now they really can. The pen takes a bit of getting used to but then is actually really easy to use.

It comes in lovely packaging and would definitely spark excitement when opened as a gift! The 3D pen also comes with enough filament to really get going with your 3D drawings too.

2. 642 Things to Draw: Inspirational Sketchbook

This is a no-brainer, very affordable gift for any artist who loves to draw. With over 600 ideas, ranging from the funny and specific (a pickle?!) to the intricate, this book is packed with prompts to ensure that artists will never run out of drawing ideas.

The book has a beautiful design that, of course, any artist would appreciate and is simply laid out to allow for maximum practicing space.

This is suitable for any drawing skill level and overall just a great, unique present for artists of pretty much any age.

3. Battery Operated Electronic Pencil Sharpener

We know what you’re thinking… a sharpener? Seems like quite a dull present… but wait a second! This is not your average sharpener by any means.

First of all, it is super stylish and comes in a range of colors that would look great in any artist’s workshop. More than this, though, it is a super efficient electric sharpener that allows any artist to be able to continue drawing without annoying delays to sharpen.

It’s also very quiet while sharpening and you can simply plug it in to charge it.

4. BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker, Temporary Tattoo Pen, Assorted Colors, 8-Count

If you know an artist who dreams of drawing their creations on people but is not a tattoo artist, or you know a tattoo artist who wants free reign to practice drawing on skin, this is an awesome gift idea.

These pens are safe for skin and last well but also wash off when necessary. I was recently gifted these and now my flatmate has no excuse but to let me unleash my imagination on them!

I’ve created some amazing designs really easily with these pens too. The only thing to note is that these pens are not a good idea for people with sensitive skin.

5. Gaiam Restore Hand Therapy Kit & Components

There are few feelings in the world quite like getting so into creating a piece of art that you lose track of time and your surroundings.

The hand cramps that follow this, however, are often equally unforgettable.

This hand massager is a great gift for artists who draw. Not only is it really affordable, at less than $10, but it will have a real impact on their ability to draw for longer and enjoy the process more. It’s easy to use but comes with how to use instructions as well.

6. Personalized Pencils – Round – Pastel Colors

This is a great gift for any artist who draws. Not only are the pencils of a really high quality but you can order them to come personalized with up to 42 characters, which makes them a really special and unique gift.

Engrave them with the artist’s name or even a sweet little message. These are a great gift for kids who love to draw but also make any adult artist’s workspace look cute.

You can order them in a range of beautiful pastel colors and for less than $15 too!

7. US Art Supply Extra Large Adjustable Wood Artist Drawing & Sketching Board

If none of the gifts so far have taken your fancy, we’re taking things back to the drawing board… literally.

This drawing board is incredibly sturdy and attractive looking. Any artist who draws will know the awful back pain that comes with being hunched over a drawing all day.

If the artist in your life doesn’t have one of these already this is a super thoughtful, if a little more expensive, gift.

It is suitably sized for almost any size of drawing canvas and is also adjustable, which makes it even more comfortable to use.

Arty Gifts for Arty Folks

So, there you have it. It can be hard to think of creative gifts for creative people… Not everyone’s mind works that way!

Now, however, there is no need to keep googling “what is the best pencil size for drawing” or “nice sketchbooks to buy,” this list provides you with a lot of really thoughtful gifts for artists who draw.

With gifts for every budget that are not only super cool looking but allow the artist in your life to keep progressing with their drawing, these are sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces.