8 Best Gifts for Artists Who Paint (Creative Ideas for 2020)

Have you just spent the last half an hour trying to figure out the best set of paint brushes for an artist when you know almost nothing about painting yourself? Or trying to figure out the difference between oil and acrylic paint?

Basically, just desperately searching the internet for gifts for artists who paint?!

You are in the right place. We know that the standard gifts you might consider often don’t seem suitable for that arty person in your life and we have come up with this list of 8 super cool ideas that any painter will appreciate!

Unique Gifts for Artists Who Paint

1. meizhouer 24k Rib Large Color Rainbow Umbrella

All of the painters that I have ever met are not only obsessed with color but love to play around with it in their outfits. I mean, when was the last time you saw a painter wearing dull clothes?!

This color wheel umbrella therefore makes a great accessory for any artist who paints!

It quite literally brightens up a rainy day. Importantly, it is also a good size and very durable – perfect for those long walks to get inspiration for painting. You can’t really go wrong with this as a gift idea.

2. LookHUMAN Paint Water (Don’t Drink This) Coffee Mug

If you have ever spent some time painting, even as a child, you’ll vividly remember the fear of mixing up your mugs! One mistake and suddenly you are drinking paint water instead of your cup of tea…

This mug, which can also be bought in a pair with a matching “drink this” imprinted mug, provides a funny but also very necessary reminder of which mug is which when you’re painting with a mug of something to drink to hand.

It is nicely designed and would certainly look great in any artist’s workspace.

3. CHICHIC iPhone 6s Case

Speaking of mixing things up… This iPhone case looks so much like a watercolor paint palette that it could almost be mistaken for one!

This would make a great gift for the painter in your life since their phone is probably already so covered in paint most of the time, they might as well style it out.

This is a durable case that is not at all bulky. Just don’t forget to get the right size case for their phone (this one is for an iPhone 6s)!

4. OPHIR Wooden Paint Rack

One of the more practical items on this list, this paint rack makes a great gift for an artist who likes to paint and is perhaps not so organized!

With this rack, you can display over 50 bottles of paint and there are also cute drawers at the bottom for storing tools.

Though it is one of the more expensive items on the list, at around $35, it is great value because it is really well crafted and will last a lifetime. It comes flat packed, but you won’t need any tools for assembly.

5. Burt’s Bees Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream

Any painter will tell you that the problem of having dry hands is very real.

Artists who work with paint spend so much time scrubbing paint off their hands, it makes a lot of sense that their hands are not always in the best condition. That is of course why hand cream makes such a great gift idea!

This set is amazing because not only is it suitable for both men and women, but it comes in really nice packaging and, more importantly, is a super effective product that smells great too.

6. 15-Inch Paint Brush Organizer

Paintbrushes definitely require a little more care and attention than other kinds of stationery. Without special treatment, they end up drying out and becoming basically useless.

This canvas case allows artists to store their prized brushes away safely but also looks pretty in any office or workshop. The design, with its woodland theme, is something any artist would appreciate.

What’s more, the material is a durable canvas and it rolls up very compactly, so this is a great present to give any painter who is always on the go.

7. Marble Field Adjustable Wooden Tripod Easel Display

At just under $55, this is the most expensive item on our list, but we just had to include it.

So many artists who enjoy painting dream of being able to take their work out into the world but are limited by the fact that, when painting outside, they have nothing to properly lean on.

This easel is attractive and would look great inside but can also be folded flat and taken anywhere! There is no doubt about it- this would make a thoughtful gift for a painter who doesn’t already have a good quality easel.

8. Ceramic Brush Rest/Holder with Cat Design

This brush rest would make a sweet and thoughtful gift for an artist who loves to paint. Not only would it look cute in any artist’s set up, but it also provides somewhere for an artist to rest their brush.

This is super important as sometimes, struck by inspiration, an artist may need to quickly change brush but have nowhere to put their current brush without it getting lost among the others. T

rust me when I say this… I live with an artist and it is incredibly stressful when the correctly sized brush goes missing!

Gifts for All Artists Who Enjoy to Paint

Finding a creative present for a creative person isn’t easy but we’ve got your back…

While this list of unique gift ideas suits every price range, all these gifts would still be equally special to any painter or artist.

Each of the gifts in this list not only make it easier for artists who paint to improve their art and to be inspired but, put simply, all of these gifts will bring an extra splash of color and joy to any artist’s day.

You can now just look forward to seeing what they will paint next!