12 Gifts for Audiobook Lovers (That Show You Have Been Listening!)

Audiobooks have become hugely popular over the last 10 years. They are the perfect solution when you can barely grab two minutes to sit down and read a book. Everyone has that one person in their life though, who loves audio books just a little more than the rest…

We’re guessing that’s why you’re here! What do you buy the person who spends all day with their headphones plugged in listening to their latest book?

Worry no more… We’ve scoured the internet to find the coolest gifts for audio book lovers out there. No gift cards included!

Unique Gifts for Audiobook Lovers

1. Sleep Headphones, Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

We all know the struggle… You’re lying in bed, relaxing and listening to a story. Suddenly, the headphone wires become tangled, you become aware of having the buds in your ears and you’re awake!

These sleep headphones eradicate that problem completely and would make an ideal gift for any audio book lover who prefers to listen to books before falling asleep. They are made of comfortable and thin material, have a 10 hour long battery life and even act as an eye mask.

At less than $20, it’s really reasonably priced too! I would just advise against listening to any scary books on them!

2. Nostalgia Designs Library Book Scented Candle

While there are plenty of benefits to audiobooks, even the biggest audio book fans will sometimes miss the amazing smell of a physical book.

Buying this book scented candle as a gift allows your recipient to have the best of both worlds! They can lie back and listen to an audiobook, helping to save the planet and to read more easily, while the relaxing scent of new paperback books wafts through their room.

The smell isn’t overpowering at all and is really one of a kind which makes this candle a great and unique gift!

3. UGREEN 10000mAh Power Bank Portable Charger

This is a more practical gift option but still a great one. If you know an audio book fan who is always complaining because they have just got to the best part in their book and their phone has died, this is a really thoughtful gift.

The portable charger works with most devices and is super light which makes it great for taking away on a vacation or a day out.

It has around 8 charges in it which is great for long journeys. This is a gift that gives back since you will never have to listen to them complaining again!

4. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa

We have all heard of Amazon’s trusty Alexa by now- she’s great for checking the weather or setting alarms- but have you ever thought of using Alexa to play audiobooks?

With voice commands that range from skipping chapters to restarting a book, Alexa makes listening to audiobooks really intuitive. This is an obviously great gift for any audio book lover and an especially good idea if your recipient already has an Audible subscription.

It can be great for anyone, however, because Alexa comes with a set of free audiobooks every month. This is sure to keep your recipients reading pile stocked up!

5. Mini Bluetooth Speaker

If you don’t think Alexa is the right choice but you still like the idea of gifting a speaker, this is a great option. It’s really inexpensive and yet the sound quality is great.

Shaped like an acorn, it looks really cool and different to many speakers and, though it’s only small, it has a great battery life and is even waterproof.

This would make an awesome gift for an audio book lover to take to the beach or even on a hike when they don’t want to use headphones.

6. BadBananas – Gifts for Librarians, Book Lovers, Writers – Bookmarks Are For Quitters Mug

If you live with someone who is as obsessed with audiobooks as my sister is, you hear the phrase “shut up, I’m listening to my audiobook” approximately 300 times a day.

Now, with this mug, they won’t even have to tell you! This “bookmarks are for quitters mug” can act as a reminder that the audio book lover in your life is not to be disturbed!

Not only is the mug beautifully designed but it holds a lot of liquid too, which is really important for sitting down to listen to a long book.

7. Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book

This adult’s coloring book is a great, outside of the box, gift idea for any audio book lover.

Listening to a book is amazing, and it can be enough just to get absorbed in the world for a while, but sometimes doing something else at the same time just enhances the experience!

Coloring in these intricate designs is so calming. I actually find that I can concentrate more on the story when I am doing something with my hands. Perhaps your audiobook lover is the same?

8. BEDSURE Sherpa Fleece Blanket Throw Size Grey Plush Throw Blanket

If you are buying for someone who likes to spend their time curled up and listening to a good book, you can’t go wrong with a comfy blanket… and blankets don’t get much comfier than this!

Lined with fleece on one side and a smooth material on the other, this is a lovely addition to any living room or bedroom.

With a velvet like appearance to it, the blanket comes in a huge range of colors which are all really stylish! You might want to buy two of this gift idea…

9.      Reading Journal. Book Journal for Book Lovers & Readers

When you are listening to audio book after audio book, it can get a little hard to remember what you’ve read over an extended period of time…

Without a physical reminder, the books can start to blur into one, even for the biggest audio book fans. That’s why this reading journal is a great gift idea. It’s simple and quick to fill out but it will provide a much needed place of reflection for any audio book lover!

It is nicely designed, both inside and out, with custom reading challenges and beautiful graphics included.

10.  Bluetooth Speakerphone Wireless Car Hands-Free

Do you want to know the number one place where people tend to listen to audiobooks? It’s in the car! I mean, it makes sense…

Driving can get pretty boring and there’s only so many times you can listen to that “driving” playlist you made 6 months ago. This handsfree speaker is a great gift idea that will enable your recipient to safely and easily listen to audiobooks whilst driving.

Not only can it be activated by voice but it is really reasonably priced and has a great sound quality too.

11.  Earphone Cord Organizer Wrap

If you’re looking at the lower end of the price range for your gift, this is a really cute and yet practical idea!

Everyone knows the struggle of tangled headphones but, for someone who is impatient to listen to their next audiobook and doesn’t have time to spare, it can be particularly frustrating. This sweet little dog design keeps your earphones compact and tangle free.

The clip can easily be undone for quick access to the earphones and you can clip it back on whilst you are using the headphones to keep them untangled on the go.

12.  Eco-fused Book Cover Case

The chances are that any audio book lover is spending a lot (lot, lot, lot) of time scrolling through their phone looking for the next audiobook to listen to.

This case that really looks like a book is a great gift idea as it allows them to personalize their phone and express their love for books to the world!

It is made of high-quality faux leather and has useful slots inside for cards, so it also doubles up as a wallet. This phone case looks to be worth a lot more than $10!

Unique Gifts for Any Budget

So there you have it. From gifts that use cutting edge technology to improve the audio experience, to those that simply capture the timelessness of a good book, these are 12 gifts for audio book lovers of every type to suit every price budget.

So there’s no need now to be unoriginal and just get an audiobook voucher or an audiobook your recipient has probably listened to before. All of the items on this list will improve an audiobook fan’s listening experience…and keep you in their good books! Get it?