5 Best Gifts for Beaders (Feast Your Beady Eyes On These!)

Beaders are a varied bunch, ranging from young children to the elderly, with different capabilities. However, they are unified with one passion: creating original jewelry and artwork.

Beading is methodical and soothing in its repetitive nature, lulling beaders into a meditative state that is beneficial for their mental health. However, if you are unfamiliar with the craft, it can be difficult to know how to shop for them.

If you’ve been asking yourself what to do, this list of gifts for beaders spans all ability levels and capabilities, so you can be sure to find something to make them smile!

5 Unique Gifts for Beaders

1. The Beadery Bonanza.    

This whopping five-pound container of assorted plastic craft beads is the mecca of materials for any beader.

Including pony beads, novelty beads, faceted beads, starburst beads, and more in all shapes and colors, this collection provides endless inspiration for any kind of beading project. Fun inclusions could include dolphins, vintage cars, rabbits, and skulls, just to name a few.

This fabulous collection is perfect for beaders looking to join in with young children who will delight in the assortment of brightly colored and varied beads.

2. Big Eye Beading Needles.

For those who have eyesight or mobility issues, these big eye beading needles by SUNIY make the craft more accessible.

Each set contains six needles of two different sizes, in a bottle for easy transportation, a thimble to protect fingers from pin pricks, and a magnet that helps to pick up fallen needles. The durable metal of the needles ensures resistance to rust and damage, so that the eye can be easily threaded for years to come.

Additionally, the extra-long design of the needles makes gripping them easier, further proving their effectiveness for beaders with special requirements.

3. Beading for the Absolute Beginner.

Beading for the Absolute Beginner is an essential guide for novices looking to learn the art of beading and build both their confidence and skill set. Co-authored by professionals Liz Thornton and Jean Power, the content is aimed at novices with its simplified step-by-step instructions, beginner-level projects, and full explanations of terminology and methods.

The user-friendly nature of the guide is amplified by its spiral-bound design, whereby beaders can easily follow the instructions while both hands are busy with beading.

Beading for the Absolute Beginner focuses on simple but beautiful beading designs to spark a love of the craft in beginners and help them to develop their skills.

4. 200 Beading Tips, Techniques, and Trade Secrets.

For any beaders looking to learn new techniques, 200 Beading Techniques is an ideal addition to the library. The 160-page guide has a comprehensive explanation of different techniques, tools, materials, finishing tips, and troubleshooting for common beading problems.

Explanations are simplified by step-by-step instructions, photographs, diagrams, and logical chapter order, ensuring that even complete beginners can easily follow along.

200 Beading Techniques addresses both contemporary and vintage beading patterns, as well as stitching and wirework techniques. In this way, it is truly a guide for every kind of beader looking to delve deeper into the craft.

5. The Ultimate Beading Set and Jewelry Making Kit.

This beading set and jewelry set by Signature HANDTOOLS holds nothing back in its incredible range of inclusions. The set comes with beads, strings, beadboard, and all necessary, high-quality jewelry tools.

The tools are designed with ergonomic handles to ensure comfort and stability, with the added bonus of memory foam to be soft on hands. Memory-spring handles also reduce strain on hands and make the kit perfect for beaders with mobility issues. The tools are kept organized and secure in a beautiful durable black leather case with elastic retainers.

This beading set and jewelry making kit is a perfect gift for beaders looking to work on a variety of projects without having to improvise tools or damage their hands from long term use.

Best Gifts for Beaders at All Levels

Beaders at different levels and physical capabilities can benefit from gifts specially designed for them. However, they all have something in common: a love of the craft, a love for well-designed tools, and a desire for thoughtful project ideas.

This list of gifts for beaders spans beginner to intermediate crafters, with inclusions for beaders young and old.

Make the day of the beader in your life and buy them a thoughtful gift that shows you care.