13 of the Best Gifts for Book Lovers… (That Aren’t Books!)

You’re probably reading this because you have been searching page after page on Google looking for that special gift for a book lover in your life… Well, you’re finally in the right place!

Bookworms are not exactly easy to buy for. You can’t buy them books because they’ve read every one under the sun, but you still want to buy them something special and close to their heart.

So here you have it, a list of unique and beautiful gifts that you can be sure will tear the recipient away from reading… if only for a minute!

Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

1. Folding Book Lamp

This folding book lamp is so intricately and beautifully designed that it would look great on any bookshelf or in any office or, in fact, just anywhere at all! What’s more, it provides a mellow and calm light that is perfect for that before bed reading.

It charges and operates easily, isn’t expensive despite its unique design and is small enough to pack in a bag and take on a trip.

My book-obsessed boyfriend packed this in a backpack among his books when we went away for a long weekend and the charge lasted the entire time…luckily for me!

2. Jane Austen Coffee Mug

A mug may be a go to gift but this is not your generic mug! Adorned with Jane Austen quotes and images, this mug gives off a lovely vintage impression and is perfect for anyone who has a passion for classic books.

The box has an equally unique design that somewhat replicates a book cover. This is great, of course, because one thing that’s for sure is that book lovers are obsessed with a nice cover!

This is definitely the option to go for if you want to impress someone by making it look like you know your authors…

3. The Book Lover’s Journal

If you’re looking for a gift with a bit of something extra to it, this is the one. The Book Lover’s Journal allows your gift’s recipient to easily document all of their thoughts on their latest readings- everything from where they discovered the book to how they would rate it.

The layout of the journal is great and really allows for you to reflect and unpack your thoughts. This is a gift that would provide enjoyment for a long time.

A little tip as well- you can personalize the journal by adding a book recommendation at the start! Just use Spark Notes if you’re not sure what to write, hey?

4. Shoot for the Moon Beaded Bookmark

There are a whole bunch of cute bookmarks available on Amazon but this has got to be our favourite.

Engraved with a quote that would be close to any bookworm’s heart and crafted from the most durable and beautiful materials, it’s a really stand out option for an inexpensive gift. The tassle is a must for keeping your place too!

One of the most useful features, though, is the fact that this bookmark is waterproof. This has really been great for me as someone who spills coffee on my books almost daily…

5. English Tea Shop Organic Luxury Collection White Tin

What goes with reading like peanut butter goes with jelly? Yep, you guessed it, tea!

If you want to think outside of the box a little but still give the book lover in your life a great and useful gift, this is the one.

This is a beautifully packaged tin of the best English tea. Each teabag is individually wrapped which allows for a nice experience every time you make a cup. It’s even vegan and organic.

It is a little expensive but that is justified because it is the highest quality of tea- a tea to savour as you read a good book.

6. Fasmov Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Man bookends

These bookends are a great gift idea. They look like funny little guys holding up the books and yet the whole design is practical and sturdy.

They are a great option to liven up a bookcase and what better present for someone with 100’s of books to display?!

These guys actually do pull their weight in terms of keeping the books up because they are equipped with a non-slip layer underneath.

I recently bought these as a gift for my Dad who says they really brighten up the office and provide some humor to his day.

7. Book Light, PERFECTDAY 12 LED USB Rechargeable Reading Light

If you’re looking for a gift for that book lover in your life who constantly has heavy rings under their eyes from staying up late reading, look no further.

This book light clips easily onto the page, is adjustable to 360 degrees and provides up to 8 hours of light when charged. It’s lightweight, great for the eyes and you can even adjust the brightness.

Simply plug the light in before you go to sleep to recharge it and you’ll be set again the next day. This could be a great present for a kid who loves reading too. It really reminds me of late nights staying up to read secretly when I was younger!

8. Gift Republic 100 Books Bucket List Poster

This scratch off poster provides a fun gift that looks cool as a decoration on a wall but also gets that avid reader’s competitive side going!

I find that this poster provides great memories of all the books I’ve read before as well as a reminder of all the books I’ve yet to read.

It’s got a great range of books on it, with nice drawings to accompany, but be aware of the types of books your gift recipient tends to read as the list might not suit everyone’s taste. 

9. Knock Knock Personal Library Kit

Another great gift option if you are looking for a present that someone can use for years to come is this cute library kit.

Equipped with a date stamp and checkout cards, this is a great gift option for someone who is always lending out books… and never getting them back. It is a really nice, humorous gift and what’s more, it is something most people are unlikely to buy themselves.

Don’t be surprised when you start receiving little passive aggressive notes when your friend lends you a book, though!

10. Paddywax Candles Library Collection

Though this gift is at the upper end of the price range of the items we’ve included, the price is really reflected in the luxury feel of these candles.

Paddywax produces a range of candles, all matching a unique scent to an iconic author- from John Steinbeck to Oscar Wilde.  There is a lovely antique look to the candles, with individual quotes picked from each author, and the packaging is equally special- even down to the copper foil stamped labels.

The candle that I have has a really nice fragrance that is clearly not synthetic. Overall, this is just a safe bet of a gift for when you want to give someone in your life a little luxury.

11. Bibliophilia: 100 Literary Postcards Cards.

There’s something really special about these literary postcards. I’m sure any book lover would really treasure them. Based on literary quotes and designed by an indie studio/creative press in the USA, each print is strikingly beautiful.

The cards make an amazing and versatile wall display or they can be used as postcards to send to friends and family. Again, if you want to add a little personalisation to the gift, write something on the second card as a nice surprise!

Be aware, when you are purchasing though, that though the box says that 50 prints are included, it actually contains two copies of each print rather than 50 individual designs.

12. CHICCAT Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Case

Any bookworm will relate to the sentiment displayed on this pillowcase-that feeling of being immersed in great writing- “one more chapter.”

The pillowcase is made of really high-quality material and contains an invisible zipper. I have this case and, unlike some cushions on the internet which end up looking absolutely nothing like what they are supposed to, it looks exactly as pictured.

Though it can be annoying that you have to remember to buy a cushion to fill it, this makes an obviously brilliant gift choice for someone who loves to curl up with a good book.

13. 1,000 Books to Read Before You Die: A Life-Changing List

With 1000 books included in this must have volume, the book lover in your life is certain to find books that they have previously not discovered or considered.

Highly acclaimed, this book is written by James Mustich, an expert bookseller, and promises a lifetime of happy reading! Though this book is definitely not the only one of its kind, it is widely described as one of the best.

Most readers will appreciate a hefty hardback and this is certainly one of those. It’s one of those books that every bookworm wants to have on their shelves.

Gifts for Any Book Lover

There you have it… There’s no need to sit at your laptop pulling your hair out and trying to think of the best gift options for a book lover any longer! Here are 13 items would all be sure to enhance any reading experience and to hit that sentimental side that all bookworms tend to have.

So, if you are not ready to order just yet, don’t forget to bookmark this page for future reference! (Get it?) You can thank us later…