18 Best Gifts for Calligraphers (This List is a Stroke of Genius!)

Are you panic searching the internet looking for what to buy someone who likes calligraphy?

Maybe you know they like calligraphy or hand lettering, but you are not even completely sure what those things are?!

We get it… Calligraphy is a such lovely, unique hobby but it can be difficult to find a gift special enough. This list of amazing gifts for calligraphers is sure to solve that issue!

We have included thoughtful present ideas to suit every budget and every occasion.

What’s more, this list contains items that you probably haven’t even come across yet, no matter how many web pages you’ve been scrolling through…

Unique Gifts for Calligraphers

1. The Ultimate Guide to Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering for Beginners

The chances are the calligrapher in your life is not focused on just recreating the calligraphy styles of the past.

This book provides an up to date reference for all the latest calligraphy styles as well as easy to follow instructions and space to practice.  If you, or the calligrapher that you know, is active on the calligraphy side of Instagram you will certainly have seen the author of this book posting incredible lettering ideas on her profile!

This book has pages and pages of lovely ideas and will keep any calligrapher busy for hours.

2. FEATTY GIFTS Calligraphy Pen Set

As well as staying up to date on the latest styles, any calligrapher will appreciate the timeless appeal of a quill style calligraphy pen.

Despite its reasonable price, this pen set comes with a range of nibs as well as several high-quality ink colors. The ink flows smoothly and provides a great writing experience.

The ink bottles are beautifully designed, but the whole set is just as lovely, and this is definitely a gift that put a smile on any calligrapher’s face.

3. Hand Lettering Pens, Calligraphy Pens, Brush Markers Set

Any calligrapher will tell you that their most prized possession is a brush pen. Though it is likely that they probably have 300 of these lying around their workshop, they would also tell you that they can never have too many!

These pens are not just the standard brush pens either. They come in four sizes with both a hard and a soft tip for using on different surfaces and creating different effects.

They are also refillable which means that this is a gift that can be used for years to come!

4. Calligraphy & Hand Lettering Notepad

Another staple item for any lover of calligraphy is, of course, a notepad. Sure, they probably have a bunch of these around too but, for a calligrapher, there aren’t many feelings that compare to the excitement of getting a new one… and this one is especially beautiful!

If you are not particularly a calligraphy fan, you might not necessarily notice the qualities of good paper but trust us when we say that this notepad is great value for its affordable price!

The paper is really bright, and it has a matte finish which will make any writing stand out.

5. Pencil Case Holder Slot

This is a really nice looking but, more importantly, really functional pencil case that would make a great gift for a calligrapher.

Not only is it way bigger than the average pencil case, but it is optimized to store a huge number of pens specifically. This gift would give any calligraphy lover a great way to store and display their tools and it comes in several amazing designs.

Though it is large, it could also be taken on trips or vacations due to the easy to carry handle.

6. Jacquard Products Pearl Ex Metallic Calligraphy Set, Assorted

These ink pigments come in a range of stunning colors that will take any piece of calligraphy to the next level.

From iridescent gold to rose gold and true blue, every color in this set is unique and of excellent quality. It should be noted, however, that these are only pigments and need to be made up into inks and then stored in separate bottles.

Any calligrapher will probably know how to mix inks, but you can find instructions online if not. You could also buy some cute bottles as part of your gift! See the next item in this list for an idea…

7. BetterUS Wood Desktop Pen Holder with Ink Bottle Container

This bottle, equipped with a wooden base and a groove to hold a pen in, would make a great gift for a calligrapher!

With an antique look to them, these bottles are incredibly special and would fit in well in any office or artist’s workspace. The bottles arrive empty so your recipient can fill them up and change the ink as they like.

You should be aware before buying that this is a quite a small bottle, holding only 10ml of ink, but this is also a benefit as it means that ink colors can be swapped out easily.

8. Molshine Handmade High Borosilicate Glass Dip Pen

Pens make the most obvious gifts for calligraphers. This pen, however, is anything but obvious!

Made entirely of glass, this pen would make a special addition to any calligrapher’s collection. It can still be used, though obviously with slightly more difficulty than a regular pen. There are benefits to using a glass pen, however. Not only can they be cleaned more easily but they provide a new and interesting look to a piece of calligraphy.

These pens are also, a little surprisingly, exceptionally durable and shatterproof. Maybe don’t gift this to your clumsier friends, though!

9. Pretty Simple Lettering: Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering for Beginners

The latest trend in calligraphy is definitely hand lettering, which consists of a more specific style of lettering that puts greater focus on each letter.

This book is a great gift idea for people who love calligraphy but are newer to hand lettering. Each page is special, and the book is full of floral designs and easy to follow instructions.

I gifted this book to my friend who has been doing calligraphy for years, but wanted to try out hand lettering – she loved it!

10. SCStyle 32 Cute Kawaii Lovely Special Design Writing Stationery Paper

This gift gives the calligrapher lover in your life a chance to put their calligraphy practice to use.

The paper in this collection is of a great quality and all the sheets have really intricate floral designs. At less than $10, these are incredible value for money but make for a very thoughtful gift.

This set of 32 pieces of writing paper and 16 envelopes are sure to contribute well to a calligrapher’s paper collection – as well as giving them something nice to write you a thank you card on!

11. Wax Seal Stamp Set, Yoption 6 Pieces Sealing Wax Stamps Copper Seals

If you know a calligrapher who is an avid letter writer, they will be sure to love this set of wax stamps.

Personalizing a letter with this stamp set, which comes with 6 different designs including a compass and a heart, is such a fun touch to add to any piece of calligraphy. You simply pour hot wax onto the letter and stamp away! It is really easy and super satisfying to do.

This is one of the more unique gift options on our list and even comes packaged and tied with ribbon.

12. Crystal Glass Dip Pen Ink Set

For another great ink-related gift option, this set provides 12 inks that are completely ready to use and come in a variety of amazing colors as well as a stylish glass pen.

At less than $20, this really is great value, especially as it all comes presented in a gift box with a unique design on the front. Everything is of a really high quality.

This could make an especially good gift for a calligraphy lover who is quite new to the craft and doesn’t have lots of equipment yet.

13. Good Vibes Only Calligraphy Art Print

This print, handmade in the US, perfectly illustrates the beauty of great calligraphy. It would make a great gift option, something a calligraphy lover could hang on their wall and look to as they write.

The slogan- “good vibes only” -would create a cool, arty vibe in any office or workspace but there are other awesome slogan options available too.

The print is created with the best quality of matte paper but come unframed, so you will need to bear this in mind when ordering. You can also buy some boarding separately for a different look.

14. Teagas Chinese Calligraphy Sumi Brush Writing/Painting Set

There is something extra special about a Chinese calligraphy set. This particular set is lovely, with attention paid to every detail. It has a little spoon to grind the ink with and small china utensils that help you to mix it.

The set comes with a range of brush sizes and, though it does not come with ink, is an overall great kit for people just starting up with Chinese calligraphy.

This gifts is a little more expensive, but it is definitely worth it as it’s a really thoughtful gift that many calligraphers are unlikely to own already.

15. Dot Grid Journal: A Dotted Matrix Notebook and Planner

If you know someone that is into calligraphy, they will almost certainly already enjoy journaling and especially bullet journaling.

Bullet journaling is a way to organize your time that often includes intricately written headings and designs. If the calligrapher in your life doesn’t already bullet journal, this could be a great thing to introduce them to!

This journal is particularly special and has a gorgeous floral cover. Any calligrapher would enjoy filling these pages with their calligraphy- their daily tasks, their monthly calendar their goals and plans.

16. House Industries Lettering Manual

This book contains literally hundreds of beautifully crafted letter/font designs from a widely renowned American design studio.

As well as going into detail on case studies from these iconic designs, the book has space for readers to practice their own writing. This gift looks great on the shelf but is also full of useful information. The reader will learn several different methods and techniques as well as being able to see photographs of finished projects.

This is a gift that is sure to inspire its recipient. Maybe they will even come up with their own new iconic writing styles!

17. AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator Machine

Laminator machines are great gifts for calligraphers, allowing them to feel a sense of satisfaction from completing a piece of writing and actually being able to preserve and display it!

This laminator is a really affordable option, at less than $25, and warms up quickly ready for use. Having a laminator also enables calligraphers to foil laminate their work which basically means adding gold detailing to their letters.

You will also need to buy laminator sheets, but these can be purchased for under $10 and you can include them as a paid add-on with this machine.

18. Tikteck A4 Ultra-thin Portable LED Light Box Tracer

If you want to buy a calligrapher a gift that will really help them to improve their craft, a light box is the best option.

No longer will they have to wait for the optimal hours of daylight to write but now they can practice their calligraphy at any time of day. Using a light box will also allow them to be more precise. 

This light box is one of the best options out there. It is not expensive, at just over $30, and you can charge it via USB and take it anywhere you go!

Gifts for Every Calligrapher

So, there you have it… 18 amazing gifts for calligraphers. Every option on our list is affordable but, more importantly, all of them are sure to impress the calligrapher in your life!

From ornately designed glass pens and ink bottles to laminators and light boxes, this list covers both practical and aesthetically pleasing gift options.

You’ll just need to be prepared to receive a lot of letters…!