5 Best Gifts For Card Makers (They Will Love)

Not content with buying pre-made cards from the post office or gift store, card makers pride themselves on their creativity and ability to create beautiful gifts for their loved ones.

These are not just simple written cards, they can include amazing 3D designs, gorgeous embellishments, and vibrant colors.

If you have been wondering what you can buy for the card maker in your life, we’ve got you sorted!

These crafty gifts for card makers are sure to spark fresh inspiration.

Best Gifts for Card Makers

1. Pop-Up Cards

For card makers looking to explore their craft in 3D, Pop-Up Cards includes 30 original project ideas to awaken the imagination. Ranging from merry-go-rounds to flowers, the projects are designed for occasion-specific cards as well as ornamental gifts.

The guide is educational and suitable for beginners, using simplified instructions to teach card makers essential folds, tabs, and other techniques required for creating “pop”. It includes easy-to-follow templates for the included projects and teaches the skills necessary for more intermediate card makers to develop their own designs.

Pop-Up Cards is the perfect gift for card makers looking to expand beyond the traditional and create visually stunning and challenging cards.

2. Card Making Kits for Kids

This DIY set is ideal for card makers looking to introduce their craft to kids or grandkids. It includes 4 blank cards, die cuts, envelopes, and all necessary materials for creating flowers and other 3D shapes.

All materials are self-adhesive, avoiding messy glue, and easy to apply for children due to the larger shapes and clean adhesion. Card making is an excellent way for children to develop their fine motor skills, follow instructions, stimulate their imaginations, and bond with family members.

With cheerful colors and simple shapes, this kit is perfect for getting kids involved in the world of card making.

3. 175 Fresh Card Ideas

Kimber McGray’s 175 Fresh Card Ideas is an essential addition to the library of any card maker looking for extra inspiration. It is perfect for beginners, including detailed explanations of techniques such as rubber stamping and paper trimming, and includes original card ideas suitable for any level of crafter.

Fresh ideas include themed cards for milestone birthdays and bridal or baby showers. More than 50 of these ideas include easy-to-follow instructions, with an additional gallery to inspire card makers to develop their own designs.

For complete beginners seeking to learn the art of card making, to intermediate crafters looking for more inspiration, 175 Fresh Card Ideas has something for everyone.

4. Firbon Paper Cutter Tool

While some card makers are content with scissors, perfectionists of the craft will delight at this premium paper cutter tool from Firbon.

The professional sliding guillotine has a sharp blade that cuts cleanly without drag and can be easily replaced when it becomes blunt. It is also highly accurate, with a 45 to 90-degree angle measuring plate and scale in both centimeters and inches, allowing card makers to adjust cuts to their specific needs.

Furthermore, it can cut through paper, photos, cards, and laminated items up to 1.5mm in thickness, perfect for any card-making project.

5. Caliart Dual Tip Art Markers

For premium and great-value art markers, you cannot go past this set of 40 colors by Caliart. The ink is both smudge-proof and waterproof, making it perfect for card makers looking to add beautiful illustrations or calligraphy to their cards.

The broad chisel and fine point design are perfect for both thin and thick strokes, with total control. The ergonomic design is ideal for long term use without damage to the hands, and a beautiful black carry case is perfect for card makers on the go.

The only consideration with these markers is that the alcohol-based ink bleeds through thinner paper. However, for use on thick card bases, they are the ideal choice.

Best Inspirational Gifts for Card Makers

Card makers are creative crafters who love to see the smile on the face of their loved ones when they receive beautiful and personalized cards.

While card makers may have their own ideas and inspiration, these gifts for card makers are sure to inspire fresh ideas and yield beautiful results.