17 Gifts for Chemical Engineers (Fabulous Choices for Big Brained Renegades!)

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Discovering the best gifts for chemical engineers seems like a difficult and arduous task at times.

We truly feel for you my friend!

Don’t worry because we’re here to lend a helping hand. In fact, we’ve hand-selected 17 of the most fabulous gifts for big brained chemical engineers.

Each one is thoughtful, unique, and perfect for the chemical engineer in your life. They’ll truly appreciate such a thoughtful and heartwarming gift.

17 Thoughtful Gifts for Chemical Engineers

1. Beer Brewing Machine

BEERMKR: Automated All-Grain Beer Brewing Machine + BEERTAP. Easy Setup. Custom Craft Beer Maker.
21 Reviews
BEERMKR: Automated All-Grain Beer Brewing Machine + BEERTAP. Easy Setup. Custom Craft Beer Maker.
  • EASY TO USE: Setup takes just 5-minutes and you’re brewing! Our 3-tiered system eliminates hours of setup and grunt work, letting you focus on the important things: ingredients!

Who wouldn’t want to brew their own beer, right? This gift idea is perfect for chemical engineers because they love tinkering and tampering with stuff. This kit gives them the opportunity to create their own great tasting beer using a fully automated grain-to-glass set up that handles the entire brewing process from beginning to end.

The system is so valuable because it automates important processes like fermentation, carbonation, brewing, and serving. It really is a wonderful gift.

2. Professional Platform Laptop

SAMSUNG Galaxy Book Pro Intel Evo Platform Laptop Computer 15.6' AMOLED Screen 11th Gen Intel Core...
302 Reviews
SAMSUNG Galaxy Book Pro Intel Evo Platform Laptop Computer 15.6" AMOLED Screen 11th Gen Intel Core...
  • Easy On The Eyes: Everything Looks Brilliant With The First 13.3"/15.6” Amoled Screen In A Galaxy Book; Enjoy Vibrant Viewing While You Work Or School Inside Or In Direct Sunlight, And It Lessens...

Chemical engineers love their fancy computers more than anything else on this planet. Even more important, they never seem to step away from their work for too long, so having a professional platform laptop computer is a big deal and very important to their work life.

This Samsung Galaxy platform laptop makes a great gift because it’s light and easy to carry around, it has big-time storage capacity, a long-lasting battery, and other exciting bells and whistles.

3. Science Humor T-Shirt

Nobody ever said that a chemical engineer couldn’t have a funny sense of humor. If the science nerd in your life loves to make people laugh, then they’ll definitely appreciate this funny T-shirt. Chemistry humor might not be for everyone, but it definitely goes a long way with science geeks and chemistry nerds that enjoy a good pun every once in a while.

4. Chemistry Coffee Mug

Retreez Funny Mug - I Only Use Sarcasm Periodically Chemist Chemistry Student Teacher Periodic 11 Oz...
27 Reviews
Retreez Funny Mug - I Only Use Sarcasm Periodically Chemist Chemistry Student Teacher Periodic 11 Oz...
  • Retreez is a registered trademark. Search Retreez Mug on Amazon for more choices of mug by Retreez.

Does your chemical engineer appreciate a good belly laugh? Are they known for their cutting sarcasm? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you’d definitely have to consider getting them in this chemistry coffee mug.

It’s funny, sarcastic, and makes a wonderful birthday gift, mug for the lab or office, and it’s perfect because it reminds them to relax, breathe, and have a good laugh because life doesn’t always have to be so serious.

5. Chemical Engineer’s Handbook

Every chemical engineer needs a nifty handbook available to them at all times. These handbooks contain chemical data, symbols, conversion factors, heat and mass transfer information, thermodynamics, energy resources, process safety information, and just about every possible chemical engineering reference that they’d ever need.

Do the chemical engineer in your life a huge favor and get them this industry-standard resource as soon as possible. It provides vital information, insights, and data that they’ll use every day throughout their work life.

6. Chemical Symbols Clock

I don’t know about your situation, but I know that the chemical engineer in my life is a big fan of industry related gifts. This clock with the chemical symbols on the face is something that they would truly enjoy and appreciate.

It would remind them of how hard they worked and how long they’ve strived to achieve their dreams of becoming a chemical engineer. It’s the perfect gift to decorate a classroom, a laboratory, or an office too.

7. Chemistry Shot Glasses

Drink Periodically Set of 6 Laboratory Erlenmeyer Flask Shot Glasses, Clear Glass-2.75oz each
  • Set Includes 6 Erlenmeyer flask shot glasses feature periodic table squares for the most powerful elements known to human science; includes VODKA, RUM, SCOTCH, WHISKEY, TEQUILA, and BOURBON

These shot glasses look just like little chemical beakers. And the six-pack has the periodical elements for rum, whiskey, tequila, bourbon, scotch, and vodka. Obviously, it’s a joke because these liquors aren’t on the periodic table. That’s what makes it so funny!

8. Periodic Table Necktie

Josh Bach Men's Periodic Table/Science Silk Necktie Blue, Made in USA
  • Some of your favorite elements and then some are listed in this very wearable necktie of the periodic table. Perfect for anyone who loves science (chemistry, biology, physics).

I can tell you that it’s always fun to let the world know how much of a science geek you are. A periodic table necktie is ideal to let coworkers, friends, and acquaintances know that you love science, can’t get enough of it, and it’s an important part of your life!

If this sounds like someone you know, feel free to pick them up a necktie with the periodic table on it because it truly will make a wonderful gift.

9. Funny Chemistry Socks

HAPPYPOP Funny Math Socks Math Gifts Teacher Socks Teacher Appreciation Gifts Math Teacher Gift for...
  • MATH SOCKS: Show off your love for math in style with our men's math socks. These socks feature geometric figures and formulas, making them a must-have for any math enthusiast. Get yours today!

I have a strong feeling that they’d get a real kick out of these bright blue socks with the amazing science related pictures on them! Do you? Pick them up today to see if your chemistry fiend falls head over heels in love with them.

10. Stainless Steel Alcohol Distiller

VEVOR Alcohol Still, Stainless Steel Alcohol Distiller with Copper Tube & Build-in Thermometer &...
  • Sufficient Capacity: Alcohol still machine owns 8 us gal real capacity, able to distill 30 liters of raw material by heating to selectively boil and then cooling to condense the vapor. Boiler barrel:...

The science geek in your life enjoys mixing up interesting concoctions, right? Maybe it’s time to finally put them to work on something really important. It’s time to get them a stainless-steel alcohol distiller to see what they can come up with!

Before long, your favorite chemical engineer will cook up exciting batches of brandy, whiskey, wine, tequila, vodka, and rum. It’s easy to operate, it’s durable, and it’s versatile so anyone can figure out how to use it.

11. Stemless Wine Glasses

Greenline Goods Stemless Wine Glasses - 15 oz Set – Science of Wine Tumblers (Set of 2) Etched...
  • Science themed sand etched stemless wine glasses: Each tumbler features a detailed look at the molecules found in wine, with a short explanation about how each molecule contributes to this elegant...

After your chemical engineer begins distilling their own wine, they’re definitely going to need a brand-new set of stemless wine glasses to go along with their great tasting vintages.

Their nerdy science background provides plenty of reasons to get them a set of science of wine tumblers. These tumblers have the chemical makeup of wine directly imprinted on the glass, which makes them unique, fun, and something you’ll rarely ever see.

12. Bamboo Cutting Board

Does your favorite chemical engineer like to cook? Are they an engineer by day and a chef by night? If you answered yes, then they would definitely appreciate a high-quality cutting board that they can use to cut up fresh vegetables, healthy lean meats, and other tasty goodies.

The scientist in your life will appreciate a high-quality bamboo cutting board of this caliber. And the great saying on the front of the cutting board is simply icing on the cake.

13. All-In-One Wireless Color Printer

HP DeskJet 4155e Wireless Color Inkjet Printer, Print, scan, copy, Easy setup, Mobile printing,...
  • PERFECT FOR HOME – Best for printing basic color documents like recipes, forms and travel documents. Print speeds up to 8.5 pages per minute in black or 5.5 pages per minute in color..Operating...

Chemical engineers are constantly reading the latest scientific articles and research papers online. Sometimes, they may want to print this information to have it available at hand, so they can make notes, highlight certain sections, and keep the valuable information fresh in their mind.

Guess what? A brand-new color printer is the ideal gift for their anniversary, their birthday, or Christmas or Hanukkah for that matter. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

14. 4k UHD Smart TV

Chemical engineers need their downtime too, right? Like most people, they want to binge watch their favorite Netflix series on the weekend. Or cuddle up with their significant other and watch the latest rom-com to be released on cable or their favorite streaming platform.

This 50-inch Samsung 4K UHD TV fits the bill. It’s a smart TV so you can download your favorite apps and connect to Wi-Fi, which gives access to your favorite streaming services in no time flat.

15. Etched Whiskey Glass

Greenline Goods Whiskey Glasses - 10 oz Tumbler Gift Set – Science of Whisky Glasses (Set of 2)...
  • Science themed sand etched whiskey tumbler: Each glass features a detailed look at the molecules found in wisky, with a short explanation about how each molecule contributes to this classic draught....

After a long day and trying day in the lab, your favorite chemical engineer often likes to sit down with a tall glass of whiskey to end their day on a high note. How about giving them etched whiskey tumblers for their next birthday? Or think about getting a pair for their upcoming work anniversary?

No matter the occasion, your favorite science geek will absolutely adore these beautiful whiskey tumblers.

16. Chemistry Mathematical Formula Dress

Would the science geek in your life love wearing a green dress with chemistry symbols and mathematical formulas on its face? If so, then she’s going to flip out and truly adore this amazing dress. It’s incredibly unique and it’s hard to find another one just like it. Believe me I tried!

Fulfill her science fantasy and pick her up a chemistry mathematical formula dress as a gift because she truly deserves it!

17. Chemistry Pheromone Cologne

RawChemistry Pheromone Cologne Gift Set - Bold, Extra Strength Formula
  • SET - Pheromone Cologne Set for Him, to Attract Women. Includes Oil Concentrate and Spray

Is the scientist in your life looking to attract a special someone? As soon as he puts on this cologne, the ladies will flock to him in droves because this scintillating concoction is designed to attract beautiful women.

Some people claim that it works like gangbusters. Others say that it doesn’t work at all. Regardless, it smells great and everyone is bound to notice the sweet scent wafting off of your skin from the moment you walk in the door.

Chemical Engineers Gift Idea Variety!

It might feel impossible at times, but discovering enticing gifts for chemical engineers doesn’t need to be a total chore. In fact, I took it upon myself to solve this problem for you directly. We shared a number of great gift ideas including pheromone cologne, professional laptops, beer distillery machines, and funny T-shirts.

Pick one of these great recommendations right now. Your favorite chemical engineer will appreciate this thoughtful gift and know that it came directly from the heart!