Gifts for Comic Book Lovers (14 Ideas to Save the Day!)

Buying gifts for comic book lovers is not easy. We understand the struggle. You have no idea of what’s popular at the moment, what they have or haven’t read. The world of comic books is literally infinite…

So, now you’ve arrived at this page, you’ll be glad to know we’ve got your back!

Whether you are someone who can’t understand the comic book obsession – or even someone who likes comics themselves – if you are struggling for a unique gift idea this list is here to save the day!

Unique Gifts For Comic Book Lovers

1. Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Avengers

There is a high chance that the comic book lover in your life will be an Avengers fan. In fact, let’s be honest here…

We all, whether comic book lovers or not, secretly nerd out over the Avengers and you’ll also find most people obsessing over Monopoly! To have them combined? Well that’s just a no-brainer of a gift. This game provides hours of inclusive fun, a great feeling of nostalgia and even includes a surprise twist…  

This Monopoly game is actually one of a superhero range- so check out Guardians of the Galaxy or other option’s if that suits your comic lover’s tastes better.

2. Create Your Own Comic Book

Though this gift might initially seem suited to younger comic book fans, it is actually a great, inexpensive and thoughtful gift for all ages.

The book’s layout makes it really simple to create comic designs even if, like me, you’re pretty terrible at drawing. Any comic book lover is sure to have loads of comic ideas stored up and this is something they might not have considered buying themselves.

The process of drawing the comics becomes strangely addictive after a while and coloring them in is equally enjoyable since it has a great relaxation effect.

3. Marvel Hulk Apron for Adults – Disney Eats

This gift is a good option if you are looking for some comedy value. Just picture the scene… your husband barbecuing outside, looking like the hulk, as the neighbors peer over the fence.

More than that though, this present might even bring that comic superfan out of their book and into the kitchen! After all, everything is more fun when you look like the hulk…

Though the apron is a little expensive, since it is genuine from the Disney Store, it is really practical. It has two front pockets (for holding comics in?!) and an adjustable neck strap. Be aware though, this is definitely not a kid’s sized apron.  

4. Comic Mount Comic Book Frame.

Here is a gift option for that person in your life who has comic books falling out of their every bag and who can’t bring themselves to ever throw any away.

This comic book mount, made of clear plastic, allows for comic graphics to be easily displayed on the wall or on a shelf. If you want to have the comics graded in plastic, the plastic shell does not come with this frame but it is still an overall seamless design.

Any comic book fan would thank you for the chance to display their comics to be admired by all.

5. Wonder Woman Backpack

Wonder Woman is one of the most badass figures in all of comic book land and still there is somehow a ridiculous misconception out there that the only comic book fans are men…

This present provides a great opportunity for a woman in your life to show their love of comics to the world. Of course, this bag can also be bought for any comic lover, male or female! It is beautifully designed, from the subtle color scheme to the detailing on the badge, and comes in a great size that is ready for any adventure.

It is a bit on the expensive side at just over $70, but great if you want to get someone a gift to remember.

6. Marvel Encyclopedia, New Edition

This book basically acts as a comic book lover’s bible and is packed with every tiny thing you could ever need to know about the Marvel universe.

It is the only volume that is completely up to date, since it came out in 2019, and it is filled with things that even the biggest comic book lovers probably never knew!

Just be aware that if you give someone this book, you might not see them again for a couple of days while they absorb themselves in Marvel land for a while…

7. Guardians of the Galaxy Grow and Glow Groot

This is one of the quirkier gift options on our list for sure, but who- comic lover or not- doesn’t like Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy?

This gift allows you to grow your own little Groot pet easily and without any extra equipment. I bought one for a friend who says that it has gained a lot of attention at his work and really livens up his office desk!

This is an awesome gift option for kids, who will be amazed to find that this Groot even glows in the dark but the bigger “kids” in your life will definitely also appreciate it.

8. Artori Design Decorative Bookends for Shelf or Desk

Here you have a charming bookend design- Superman at work holding up books within your own home! This option is a safe bet of a gift for any recipient.

The base is concealed and the superhero sticks on magnetically through the books, which makes him appear to be genuinely suspended in the air. It will definitely make people look twice.

However, you should be aware that while the bookends work well on regular books, because of the typical shape and texture of comic books, these bookends probably won’t work to hold them up.

9. Morphing Mugs DC Comics

A present as classic as the hatred between Batman and the Joker: the mug. Any comic book themed mug is always going to make a great gift for a comic lover but this one stands out from the rest…

When hot liquid is poured into it, the colors change and a cool picture is revealed. This adds a little superhero magic to a boring morning coffee and even the biggest night owls out there will enjoy this mug.

If you’re looking for a mug for display, however, this isn’t the one since, when cold, it is just plain black.

10. Marvel Captain America 1-Cup Coffee Maker with Mug

If you want to go one step further than the mug idea, this Marvel coffee maker makes every coffee an awesome experience.

With choices from Wonder Woman to Captain America and great designs across the whole range, this is an ideal gift for an adult comic book fan. I have the Wonder Woman machine and I love it.

It not only makes great coffee but also often reminds me to quit moaning about my morning! I mean if Wonder Woman can spend her days lifting trucks and saving lives, I’m pretty sure I can get up and go to work.

11. DC Comics Batman, “Being Batman” Youth Soft Throw Blanket with Sleeves

This blanket range is great for any comic-book obsessed kid in your life. The blankets have built in sleeves so that kids can dress up as their favorite superheroes, whilst still being comfy enough to sit down to watch their favorite movie – or read their comics!

It leaves their hands free for much needed snack breaks too. Don’t worry, the blanket is machine washable and great quality despite its affordable price tag.

Just be aware that you might struggle to persuade your kid to ever get out of it!

12. The League of Regrettable Superheroes: Half-Baked Heroes from Comic Book History

This is a book filled with hilarious tales of the superheroes who didn’t quite make it to fame…

From giant floating eyeballs to spider queens, this book takes everything you know about the world of comics and makes you think again. Written by comic book expert, Jon Morris, this book is sure to surprise even the most knowledgeable of comic book fans.

What’s more, it’s filled with pages and pages of great drawings and graphic designs, all created by Jon himself. Since it appeals not only to comic lovers, you might even want to buy two copies and read one yourself.

13. Uncanny Brands Star Wars Darth Vader Elite 2-Slice Toaster

This toaster design is so clever and funny, it’s impossible to see how any comic book fan wouldn’t be obsessed.

Not only is the Darth Vader design intricate and realistic, the toaster actually brands the bread with the words “STAR WARS.” It functions well as a toaster, with an adjustable thermostat, but it functions even better as a way to get kids to eat their breakfast in the morning!

I’d really recommend this for anyone who is looking for a middle of the price range gift that’s totally unique. May the toast be with you.

14. Skinit Clear Phone Case for iPhone X/XS

There are so many superhero phone cases out there but this has got to be one of the best options for iPhone.

Not only does it have really detailed and cool graphics that are licensed by Warner Bros but I’ve never known a phone case to be so scratch resistant! It isn’t bulky at all and is very protective when dropped… and I drop my phone a lot.

A themed phone case is a great gift for comic book fans of all ages, allowing them to personalize their phones with their favorite superhero.

Gifts For Any Comic Book Fan!

So there you have it… No more googling “gifts for comic book lovers” or “which is better- Marvel vs. DC.” No more trying to find a comic book your gift’s recipient might possibly not have read. No more giving up and just buying them a voucher for the store.

From coffee makers to blankets, this list provides you with gifts for comic book lovers of every age.

And if you weren’t a comic book fan when you started reading, you’ve got to admit Groot is cute, right?