Best Gifts for Crafters (Creative Ideas That Will Keep Them Busy!)

Crafters are a truly varied bunch, dabbling in projects that can range from beading, to origami, to even candle making.

They are bubbly, creative people who are always looking for fresh inspiration, project ideas, and the best tools to start crafting.

If you are looking for ways to encourage their creativity- look no further!

This list of creative gifts for crafters has it all, from the practical to the wacky and wild.

The Best Gifts for Crafters

1. Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts.

When you think of crafts, Martha Stewart is often the household name that comes to mind. Her magazine Martha Stewart Living has long been the source of inspiration for craft projects, and the best of those have been compiled in this encyclopedia.

The crafts are organized from A to Z, including a wide range such as candle making and quilting, with a detailed glossary. Each chapter starts with an overview of the craft and includes step-by-step instructions, color photography, and templates to allow crafters of all levels to get started.

For any crafter looking to try their hand at new techniques, this is an essential addition to the library.

2. Acrylic Paint Set by Crafts 4 All.

This acrylic paint set by Crafts 4 All is a premium option at an affordable price, with the option of a 24 or 60 color set.

The acrylic paint is manufactured at the highest quality to ensure a beautiful, shiny color and smooth texture for easy mixing and blending. This is perfect for creating attractive craft projects, due to the high pigmentation and durability of the paint, as well as its ability to be easily blended to create any imaginable shade.

The paint is suitable for a variety of surfaces, including canvas, wood, and glass, so it is perfect for all kinds of crafters.                                                                                                                   

3. Made by Me Create Your Own Bead Pets.

For crafters looking to get their kids or grandchildren involved, the Create Your Own Bead Pets set is a source of cute and fun beading projects.

The kit includes simple instructions and more than 600 pony beads to create 10 different animal projects, including frogs and penguins. Adults and kids can learn and craft together, and then fix projects to keyrings to accessorize school bags, keys, and more.

This set is perfect for getting kids involved in crafting, as well as creating adorable bead animals that show off their personality.

4. Easy Paper Projects.        

Suitable for both young and old crafters, this guide by Maggy Woodley includes 60 craft ideas for creating beautiful projects from paper. Projects include origami bookmarks, paper pendants, animal puppets, and more.

The ethos of the book is using the paper at hand, whether that be colorful craft paper or scraps of construction paper, so there is no need to invest in expensive materials to get crafty.

Simple step-by-step instructions and full color photography make the projects accessible for even the most novice of crafters, allowing them to have fun and experiment with paper projects.

5. Tour Artist Canvas Apron.                                                                           

This canvas apron by Tour is the ideal gift for crafters on the go, or who struggle with mess and disorganization. It includes numerous pockets where crafters can easily store their paint brushes, pencils, and any other crafting tools for easy access.

The apron itself is of a premium quality, with high-grade canvas that is breathable, comfortable, and durable. It is also fully adjustable to accommodate any crafter, including an extra long waist tie, adjustable shoulder straps, and cross back design that avoids strain on the neck.

All crafters have essential tools, and this apron simply makes finding and carrying them easier.

6. Wreck This Journal: Now in Color.

Not your average craft book, Wreck This Journal challenges crafters and artists to step outside their comfort zone and try projects they never could have imagined.

Drawing from Keri Smith’s background as a guerrilla artist, the journal encourages crafters to experiment with crazy colors, draw outside the lines, tear out pages, and ultimately have fun.

Moving away from traditional craft books that have set instructions and seek exact results, Wreck This Journal is about unleashing the inner artist and pushing creative boundaries. This is a perfect gift for any messy or imprecise crafter!

7. Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart.

Crafting can get messy, with a mixture of materials, tools, and half-completed projects. This rolling storage cart by Honey-Can-Do is the best gift for crafters who could do with a little more organization in their lives.

Its large storage drawers allow ample space for crafting supplies and are semi-transparent so you can identify the necessary tools without having to open them. The locking wheel design allows the cart to be easily moved between different areas, and the flat top allows it to be used as a crafting workbench.

This well-designed and large storage cart is an excellent choice for any disorganized crafters.                                             

Unique Gifts for Crafters

Crafters share a similar spirit of creativity, innovation, and desire to create beautiful projects that add a little color to their life. However, they can be tricky to shop for if you are not familiar with their particular craft. T

hese gifts for crafters can introduce even the most seasoned crafter to new techniques and varieties of craft, high quality tools, and a whole bucket load of inspiration. So, let’s get crafting!