18 Best Gifts for Crocheters (Treat the Yarn Lover in Your Life)

Often overshadowed by the more well-known crafts of knitting and sewing, crochet is a technique that has been slowly gaining back popularity.

There is a resurgence of the craft, with more and more people dipping their toes into the world of crochet and falling in love with the process and the results.

If you have been wondering what you can buy the crocheter in your life, these gifts for crocheters cover all interests from traditional stitching to cute and quirky project ideas.

18 Unique Gifts for Crocheters

1. Crochet Cute Critters

Crochet Cute Critters: 26 Easy Amigurumi Patterns
  • Zimmerman, Sarah (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Young and old alike will delight in this book with its patterns for 26 crocheted stuffed toys, from Alex the Alligator to Zina the Zebra.

Patterns are accompanied by detailed visual instructions that include the stitching, details, and stuffing, which allows even beginners to create adorable crocheted critters. Each of the animals also shares the same pattern for head and body, allowing crocheters to build confidence and master the techniques.

The 140-page Crochet Cute Critters guide is perfect for crocheters with kids, grandchildren, or just those looking to create their own adorable miniature zoo!

2. Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club

Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club

Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club is a great gift for charitable crocheters who want to use their craft to make a positive impact in the world. Each month, the kit includes all the materials and patterns for creating humanitarian projects like blankets for terminally ill children and chemo caps for patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Each month features a different charitable organization and includes instructions for how crocheters can donate their projects after completion. The projects in Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club are suitable for all crocheters from beginner to advanced, if they have a big heart and are willing to commit their time to helping worthy causes.

3. En Rose Lap Blanket Kit

En Rose Lap Blanket Kit

The En Rose Lap Blanket Kit provides the pattern and materials necessary for crocheters to create an attractive throw that is warm and comfortable across all the seasons. The pattern is suitable for beginners and the kit includes a pack of naturally dyed recycled silk yarn that is both sustainable and attractive.

The kit is available in 5 different color stories: Vintage Rose, Maine Coastline, Fields of Green, Adirondack Chair, and Stormy Night. This allows you to choose the color that best suits the personality of the crocheter in your life and treat them to hours of enjoyment creating a delicate but sturdy lap blanket.

4. Star Wars Crochet Kits.

Star Wars Crochet (Crochet Kits)
  • Let the Force—and 12 beginner crochet patterns—be your guide on a crocheting adventure in a galaxy far, far away with your favorite Star Wars characters
  • Hardcover Book

May the yarn be with you! This cute and quirky gift is perfect for crocheters who are ready to take on a new challenge. (And the finished products also make great crocheted gifts for men).

Fans or parents of fans will delight in the opportunity to create up to 12 well-loved characters from the famous franchise, including Yoda and Darth Vader. The guide is all inclusive, with easy instructions, yarn, a crochet hook, needle, stuffing, and safety eyes.

Included in each Star Wars Crochet Kit is enough material to create two of the characters, which means fans can start straight away and purchase more yarn to round off the set. Their ally is the crochet hook, and a powerful ally it is!

5. Annie’s Hook and Needle Kit Club

Annie’s Hook And Needle Kit Club

Crocheters are always searching for new inspiration for projects and the Annie’s Hook and Needle Kit Club provides a new source of ideas. Each month, the subscription box provides all the yarn and patterns needed to either knit or crochet a new project. This versatility allows diverse crocheters to choose between different craft styles for exciting outcomes.

These projects span a wide range of items from scarves to baby blankets, suitable for beginner and advanced crocheters alike. With Annies’ Hook and Needle Kit Club, crocheters can build their skill sets and add attractive new items to their homes and wardrobes to proudly display.

6. Threaders Cute Companions Crochet Kit- Rupert the Rabbit

Threaders Cute Companions Crochet Kit Rupert The Rabbit

Perfect for crocheters with young children or grandchildren, the Threaders Cute Companions Crochet Kit allows crafters to create an adorable bunny rabbit toy. The kit includes all necessary materials, including the yarn, crochet hook, filling, tools, and instructions, allowing even novice crocheters to get started immediately.

The result of this particular Companions Crochet Kit is an adorable rabbit with floppy ears called Rupert who will add delight to the life of any small child or look adorable on the mantelpiece.

7. Scribble Book- If I Can’t Take My Yarn

Scribble Book If I Can’t Take My Yarn

This cute and quirky scribble book proclaims “If I Can’t Take My Yarn, I’m Not Going” in an attractive pastel font. The spiral bound notebook is perfect for jotting down crafting ideas and keeping them organized or documenting different crocheting techniques for ongoing improvement.

The notebook has 120 pages that are available in either ruled or graph format, ideal for any kind of crafting documentation. It also includes a document holder inside the front cover for simplified storage and ruler markings on the front cover for ease of measurements.

This unique scribble book is a great gift for crafters who are as organized as they are creative and who love to keep all parts of their life in order.

8. BENECREAT 79PCS Crocheting Tools

Benecreat 79pcs Crocheting Tools

If you know a crafter who wants to get started in crochet but doesn’t know how, the pack of 79 crocheting tools by BENECREAT can start them off on the right foot. It includes an assortment of aluminum crochet hooks in sizes from 2mm to 14cm and plastic crochet hooks in the same size range.

The kit also includes different kits of knitting needles and helpful tools like scissors, tape measures, needles, stitch holders, and more.

This 79-piece crocheting tool set is bright and colorful, with more than enough tools to allow a beginner to start on their first projects.

9. BCMRUN Crochet Hook Set

BCMRUN 14 pcs Multicolor Aluminum Crochet Hooks Knitting Needles Craft Yarn 2-10mm
  • Multicolor crochet hooks needles
  • Material: Aluminum, size: 15cm ( 5.9" ), color: Multi color (random color)

This 14-piece crochet hook set by BCMRUN is a great beginner crochet set or an addition to an existing collection.

The smooth aluminum design ensures that the yarn doesn’t snag, and the range of sizes from 2mm to 10mm is perfect for all imaginable crochet projects. The variety of attractive colors is an added benefit for pretty hooks that are hard to lose!

Hooks are arguably the most important tool for a crocheter and you can’t go wrong with this beginner’s set of hooks from BCMRUN.

10. Tulip TP1166 Etimo Crochet Hook Set

Tulip TP1166 Etimo Crochet Hook Set
1,137 Reviews
Tulip TP1166 Etimo Crochet Hook Set
  • The biggest advantage of the etimo hook is the elastomeric comfort grip

For a more premium crochet hook set, you cannot go past the TP1166 set by Etimo. The greatest advantage of this set is the elastomeric comfort grip, perfect for crocheters with arthritis or who work longer projects that can be rough on the hands.

They are manufactured from premium aluminum that does not chip, for a hook set that will stand the test of time.

Ranging in size from 3.25mm to 6mm, the hooks in this set are suitable for most crochet projects and ensure that crocheters can create with greater accuracy and comfort.

11. DK Weight Naturally Herbal Dyed Recycled Silk Yarn Pack

Dk Weight Naturally Herbal Dyed Recycled Silk Yarn Pack

Sustainability is always in fashion and this pack of naturally herbal dyed silk yarn is perfect for crocheters who care about the environment. The yarn is hand dyed using herbs, flowers, and plants, avoiding unnatural chemicals, and each pack includes 5 different yarn bundles in different colors. The pack also includes 10 free downloads of different knitting and crocheting patterns, providing inspiration along with gorgeous yarn.

Due to the natural dyeing process, colors between different lots can differ, so this isn’t a good gift for crocheters who are working on large projects that need color consistency. However, for smaller or more creative projects, the recycled silk yarn pack is an excellent and environmentally-conscious gift for weavers.

12. Circle Banjo Bag Crochet Kit

Circle Banjo Bag Crochet Kit

If the crocheter in your life tends more towards the hippie, alternative, or bohemian lifestyle, this Circle Banjo Bag Crochet Kit will be a welcome gift. It’s suitable for beginner and intermediate crocheters alike and includes the pattern and yarn necessary for creating a unique and boho-style banjo bag.

The yarn provided is herbal dyed recycled silk, which is sustainable while still being soft and attractive, further fitting in with a hippie lifestyle. It can also be matched to individual aesthetics with 5 different color sets available: Maine Coastline, Fields of Green, Adirondack Chair, Vintage Rose, and Stormy Night.

13. A to Z of Crochet

This ultimate guide to crochet brings together all the skills and knowledge necessary for getting started out or building on existing skills.

It includes more than 1000 full color photographs demonstrating different kinds of stitches so that crocheters can check their work and learn new techniques. It also addresses common mistakes and helps readers to improve their craft.

A to Z of Crochet is primarily designed for learning new ways of crocheting and is therefore suitable for your loved ones who want to challenge themselves and explore more of the world of crochet.

14. Sleepy Sheep Yarn Bowl

WHAT ON EARTH Sleepy Sheep Ceramic Yarn Bowl Knitting Bowl - Holds Ball of Yarn for Tangle Free...
  • SLEEPY SHEEP YARN BOWL - Resting on a table or sitting at your feet, this plump little sheep looks adorable while doing the important job of keeping your yarn clean, contained, and tangle free. 6" W x...
  • TANGLE FREE YARN - This adorable, sheep-shaped yarn bowl is the perfect tool to keep your yarn free of annoying tangles and knots. Just drop a ball or skein in its belly and thread the yarn through...

This adorable sheep ceramic bowl is a wonderful resting place for any spare ball of yarn. The cute design with a gap at the sheep’s curly tail allows yarn to be threaded through without tangling or knotting it, so that crocheters can immediately start using it later hassle-free.

It is manufactured from attractive glazed pottery that looks great and prevents mischievous pets from tipping it over or stealing the yarn.

The Sleepy Sheep Yarn Bowl is the perfect gift for knitters and crocheters who love animals and want to display their passion out on the shelf for all to see.

15. Bernat Blanket Yarn

Bernat Blanket Yarn, Silver Steel
  • Economical big ball size
  • Content: 100% polyester

Yarn is one of the most important considerations for crocheters, and this variety by Bernat is premium quality at an affordable price.

Available in 17 different colors, this 100% polyester yarn comes in a big ball size of approximately 200 meters in length, making it an amazing bargain. It fits perfectly with an 8mm crochet gauge and has a soft, luxurious texture that is perfect for cozy crocheted blankets. It is also machine-washable, ensuring that the projects can easily be washed for long-term use.

This Bernat blanket yarn is a perfect gift for any crocheter who loves to make stylish and cozy blankets that stand the test of time.

16. Rolling Organizer for Crochet Hooks

Knitting Needles Holder Case Rolling Organizer for Crochet Hooks Accessories, Mother's Day Gift...
  • NOTE: Needles don't included --- LARGE KNITTING NEEDLES ORGANIZER - L*W 16.5" * 18.9", can hold long needles within 14 inches; containing 24 slots and one zippered side pocket
  • ALL-IN-ONE CASE: designed with different depths and widths, you can put your favorite Needles, Circulars, DPNs, Crochet hooks and everything you need to complete your projects

This rolling organizer is perfect for crocheters with a lot of hooks, or who also knit. With 24 storage slots and a zipped side compartment, it has all the space needed to keep craft tools separate and secure.

The roll-up design is perfect for storing crochet hooks in small places without the possibility of damaging them. Durable canvas design ensures that the organizer is long-lasting and easy to clean.

For a storage solution that is original, efficient, and simplistic, this rolling organizer for crochet hooks is the top choice.

17. Lovelace Crochet Shawl Kit

Lovelace Crochet Shawl Kit

Fashionable and creative crocheters will love this crochet shawl kit that is simple to make but looks professionally-made. The kit includes the pattern and 3 skeins of DGY hand beaded silk yarn, which is soft and attractive, allowing for a shawl that looks and feels great.

It’s also customizable according to the aesthetics of the crocheter, with 8 different colors available: Cream, Moody Blues, Enchanted Forest, Party, After Party, Tropical Swirl, Rainbow Row, and Tidal Pool.

18. A Year of Afghans

A Year of Afghans Book 16-12 Seasonal Throws from Breezy Summer Designs to Cozy Winter Wraps
  • Leisure Arts A Year Of Afghans #16 Book
  • Leisure Arts A Year Of Afghans #16 Book- Find an afghan that is just right for any month you choose!

A Year of Afghans from Leisure Arts is a great gift for crocheters who are looking for year-round projects and love creating beautiful throws and blankets.

It brings together 12 different designs for every month of the year, including a snowy themed throw for a wintry January and a spicy autumn wrap for October.

The patterns cater to levels from beginner to intermediate, allowing crocheters to build upon their skills as they move through the monthly projects. Instructions in A Year of Afghans are easy to follow and accompanied by color photographs, providing inspiration and guidance for all the seasonal crochet patterns.

Best Gifts for Crochet Lovers from All Walks of Life.

Crochet is a wonderful craft that appeals to crafters of all ages, abilities, and interests.

Not just confined to traditional projects or stitching, there is always room to learn new techniques and create new stylish or adorable projects.

Whether your loved one is a Star Wars fanatic or looking to create comfy winter blankets, this collection of gifts for crocheters has something for everyone!