Best Gifts for Cross Stitchers (Wonderful Gifts for Those Who Stitch!)

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Learning a new craft can be intimidating and confusing, with a wealth of knowledge Cross stitching is a niche subset of the embroidery world, and one that attracts craft enthusiasts from all walks of life.

However, if you are unfamiliar with it, it can be confusing to figure out how to shop for those who cross stitch.

If you’ve been wondering how to shop for your loved ones, these gifts for cross stitchers are ideal for encouraging a love of the craft that can last a lifetime!

9 Unique Gifts for Cross Stitchers

1. Pre-Printed Cross Stitch Starter Patterns

Spearical Cross Stitch Stamped Kits Pre-Printed Cross-Stitching Starter Patterns for Beginner Kids...
  • [Best Beginner Cross Stitch Package]: The Cross Stitch kit has very easy pattern perfect for beginners of all ages. Learning the cross stitch will be simple because of the straight forward...

This cute animal pattern cross stitch pack is perfect for getting children started out in the world of cross stitch. They come with easy to follow patterns and instructions that illustrate which colored thread to use and where stitches need to be sewn.

The kit includes three stamped fabrics, six needles and assorted threads, so there is no need to buy any other materials. The cute patterns, including hamsters, a fox, and a rabbit, will inspire children to learn cross stitch and give them the tools to do so.

This cross stitch starter pack is a perfect gift for crafty parents with young kids who are looking for a bonding activity that has beautiful results.

2. Cross Stitch Graphic T-Shirt

Cross Stitch Graphic T Shirt

Imagine a world where the fabric is free and cross stitch makes you thin! This is the dream of many cross stitchers and they can show it off with this witty graphic tee designed by Lisa Tipton. The tee displays the tongue in cheek slogan along with cross stitching motifs, on a plain colored background that is available in 17 different colors.

It’s available in sizes from small to 5XL and in different shirt styles from a classic t-shirt to long sleeve t-shirt and everything in between. This makes it suitable for cross stitchers of all personalities and body types who love to show off their love of the craft.

3. Ultima 6 Piece Seam Ripper Set

Ultima 6 Piece Colorful Seam Ripper/Nipper Set w/Carry case - 4 Stitch Rippers (2 Large & 2 Small),...
  • 🧵 Four seam rippers in four vibrant colors and two sizes, plus one metal stitch clipper, one lightweight thread nipper with cover, and a durable, reinforced, zippered carrying case.

Beginners inevitably make mistakes in cross stitch, and a good seam ripper kit is essential for taking out incorrect stitches and fixing errors.

This kit by Ultima includes two different sizes of seam rippers, a metal stitch clipper, and a thread nipper, all in a secure and practical carry case. The diversity of sizes makes them suitable for different thread sizes, and the sharp and precise ends are perfect for grabbing those difficult to access threads without damaging the work around it.

The beautiful bright colors of the Ultima Seam Ripper Set are an added bonus, as they are attractive and make it difficult to lose the tools.

4. Needlework Table and Lap Hands-Free Stand

Needlework Table and Lap Hands-Free Stand with Adjustable Frame Made of Organic Beech Wood Tapestry...
  • Made of natural organic beech wood. Well polished wood is smooth without any roughness and harmless to your hands.

For cross stitchers who want to work from a chair without tiring their hands, this stand is ideal for stability and ease.

It is made of beautifully polished beech wood that is smooth and doesn’t damage either hands or the material. It has rotating plastic holders to fix the fabric in place, keeping it taut and with the ability to roll the edges if necessary. The frame itself can also rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing the cross stitcher to work from every angle that their project demands.

This hands-free stand is a great gift for embroiderers and cross stitchers to help them secure their projects and get straight stitches from the comfort of their chair.

5. Maydear Cross Stitch Kits

Maydear Full Range of Embroidery Starter Kits Stamped Cross Stitch Kits Beginners for DIY Embroidery...
  • EASY-The entry-level cross-stitch kit is designed for beginners. It is simple and easy to work and suitable for 10+ kid and adults.

These budget and beginner-friendly cross stitch kits allow novices to learn new skills and begin their love affair with the craft of cross stitching. The kits are available in over a dozen different simple patterns including; a little parrot, cherries, christmas tree, owl, fish mother and a little mouse.

Each unique kit includes a 2 inch wooden hoop, Egyptian cotton DMC thread, cotton DMC fabric, tapestry needle, and instructions needed to complete the project. This provides everything needed for a beginner cross stitcher to complete their first project and build the confidence to move on to more complex patterns.

6. Lemimo Cross Stitch Floss Organizer

This nifty floss organizer by Lemimo is perfect to help cross stitchers stay organized and protect their thread. It includes a short hook design to loop floss over and hold it securely within foam compartments.

This design allows cross stitchers to retract floss as needed without knotting or damaging it, and without having to pull out the entire spool of thread. There is also space for pre-threaded needles, making it easy to store and start stitching immediately when returning to a project.

This Lemimo floss storage unit is a great organizational tool to help beginner cross stitchers keep their floss neat and simplify the cross-stitch process.

7. Joy Sunday Fox Cross Stitch Kit

Animal lovers will delight in this adorable fox cross stitch kit by Joy Sunday. It is specifically designed for beginners, with a stamped pattern that can be followed and then washed away after completing the cross stitches.

The kit includes instructions for how to complete a simple full stitch and back stitch, allowing complete novices to follow the pattern and learn new stitching skills with ease.

The end result of the Joy Sunday Cross Stitch Kit is an adorable and attractive fox pattern that can be hung on the wall or given as a gift.

8. Singer Futura Auto Cross-Stitch Software

The Singer Futura Auto Cross-Stitch Software is a great gift for modern cross stitchers who work with a Singer sewing machine and want to bring their craft into the 21st Century. Compatible with Singer Futura CE-150, CE-250, and CE-350, the software allows users to upload and convert images into cross stitch patterns.

Colors and cross stitch sizes are customizable, allowing complete user control. Furthermore, simplified wizard guides help even technologically-challenged cross stitchers to master the auto cross-stitch software and create cross stitch patterns for unique images.

9. Two Hour Cross Stitch: Animals

This comprehensive guide by Patrice Boerens includes 300 different vintage cross stitch designs of animals, ranging from rabbits to alligators and everything in between.

All patterns are designed to be completed within two hours and include detailed and easy to follow instructions that will help beginners to develop their skills. The start of the book also includes a basics section with charts and floss guides to help newbies get started.

Two Hour Cross Stitch Animals is perfect for beginner and intermediate cross stitchers who love animals and retro-style patterns.

A Great Selection of Gifts for Cross Stitchers

Cross stitch is a wonderful craft that uses a variety of stitching techniques to produce beautiful results.

There are a wide range of products on the market, including starter kits, tools, and inspiration books, which can be overwhelming to those who aren’t familiar with the craft.

With this list of best gifts for cross stitchers, you can find something perfect for the creative person in your life. So, let’s get stitching!