18 Best Gifts For Digital Artists (They Will Love)

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You’re probably here because you’re wondering what to buy for the digital artist in your life.

You want to buy something special, but a lot of digital art equipment seems to cost an arm and a leg.

Perhaps you don’t know the ins and outs of digital art, or what’s popular at the moment, so searching for something appropriate is proving to be a huge challenge.

And that is where we come in!

This list of 18 incredible gifts for digital artists is sure to please everyone at every budget…

The Best Gifts For Digital Artists

1. Aidata UM003B Mouse Platform Under Desk

Aidata UM003B Mouse Platform Under Desk, Sturdy Metal Clamp Fits Onto Desks Up To 40mm/1.57',...
722 Reviews
Aidata UM003B Mouse Platform Under Desk, Sturdy Metal Clamp Fits Onto Desks Up To 40mm/1.57",...
  • Ergonomic Design and Under-Desk Swivel Mouse Pad
  • Sturdy metal clamp fits onto desks up to 40mm/1.57"

If you spend any amount of time with a digital artist who works on a desktop computer while they are creating their art, you will soon realize that space is one thing they could really do with having more of!  

Often these digital artists have a number of computer displays on their desk as well as a bunch of other stuff and all of this makes it hard for them move the mouse easily.

This mouse platform clips easily onto a desk and allows for an easier range of movement while using the mouse- a really innovative gift for a digital artist!

2. Waterproof MacBook Computer Bag

Waterproof Macbook Computer Bag

A laptop or tablet is the most prized and important possession of any digital artist. Artists on the go need a secure way to transport their expensive equipment and this computer bag does it in style. It features a beautiful forest design, printed on a silky texture that is soft to the touch.

The Waterproof MacBook Computer Bag is slim and compact, making it easy to slip under the arm or into a backpack. It can fit a variety of different MacBook sizes and is a gorgeous accessory that any digital artist will be proud to show off.

3. Stylus Pen 4-in-1 with Replaceable Brush

Capacitive 4-in-1 Stylus Pen with Replaceable Brush, Fiber Tip, Precision Disc + Ballpoint Pen in...
550 Reviews
Capacitive 4-in-1 Stylus Pen with Replaceable Brush, Fiber Tip, Precision Disc + Ballpoint Pen in...
  • 🎁 THE ONLY STYLUS YOU NEED: In this innovative capacitive stylus we have included all our favorite functions, into one! With this beautifully designed pen you get a micro-knit fiber tip, a...

Even artists who create their work digitally, using tablets, can sometimes miss the feel of a good painting brush. This stylus pen, equipped with a replaceable brush end, will allow the digital artist in your life to get the best of both worlds!

They can mimic the feeling of painting on more traditional materials whilst still working on cool digital projects.

This stylus has a number of functions that are suitable for different kinds of artwork and, at under, $30 it is really good value considering its high quality! It also arrives packaged in a beautiful gift box.

4. Zine-O-Matic

Zine O Matic

Digital artists are always looking for new inspiration to develop their designs and personal style and there’s no better source than independent art. Unless you’re heavily involved in the local art scene, it’s easy to overlook some of the more underground works that are challenging traditional forms of expression. This is where zines really shine, showcasing work and ideas that are truly independent.

Zine-O-Matic delivers monthly collections of the best zines, independent art, and alternative paper goods. This subscription box challenges the norm of what is considered art while informing and entertaining.

5. Logitech 910-004442 Wireless Mouse – Francesca Fox

Logitech 910-004442 Wireless Mouse - Francesca Fox
433 Reviews
Logitech 910-004442 Wireless Mouse - Francesca Fox
  • Connection Type: Wireless
  • Movement Detection: Optical

These beautifully designed mouse’s make great gifts for digital artists, that’s for sure! Not only are they super responsive and easy to use but they have intricate patterns on them that are sure to brighten up any office/workspace.

Most digital artists a going to spend a whole load of time staring at their desk while they get inspiration, why not help to inspire them with this lovely wireless mouse? It is a great size too that is suitable for gripping for extended periods of time.

It also has a helpful on/off switch to conserve the battery.

6. Weapons of Mass Creation T-Shirt

Weapons Of Mass Creation T Shirt

Make art not war! This tongue in cheek t-shirt celebrates artists with the slogan “weapons of mass creation” and an illustration of different pens. While digital artists primarily use a computer, their drawing skills undoubtedly started on paper, and this attractive tee is a great addition to their wardrobe.

Graphic tees are sometimes too focused on the design to be flattering, but this one has a classic fit with preshrunk cotton that shows off the features of any body. The Weapons of Mass Creation T-Shirt is understated but full of character, just begging to be worn and shown off.

7. WYGCH Photoshop PS Shortcuts Hotkey Keyboard Cover Compatible with MacBook Air 2018

WYGCH Photoshop PS Shortcuts Hotkey Keyboard Cover Compatible with MacBook Air 2018 [13.3 inch A1932...
11 Reviews
WYGCH Photoshop PS Shortcuts Hotkey Keyboard Cover Compatible with MacBook Air 2018 [13.3 inch A1932...
  • ONLY Design for Macbook Air 13 inch 2018 Release with Retina Display and Touch ID A1932,Fits for Both EU&US Layout.

If you are not a digital artist or graphic designer, chances are the symbols on this keyboard will look like complete gibberish to you… For a digital artist who uses a laptop to create, though, this keyboard cover is a huge time saver.

Designed in attractive colors with very clear Photoshop shortcuts, this acts as a great reminder to digital artists while they work and allows them to achieve more with their time. Don’t forget to get the right keyboard to suit the right laptop.

Though other covers are available on Amazon, this particular one is suitable only for the MacBook Air 2018.

8. Geek Chic Stamp Set

Anyone who works on a computer for a living usually gets stuck with the geek label, and not digital artists are no different. However, with the rise of nerd and geek culture, this is no longer such an insult and is even something to be celebrated.

This cute stamp set celebrates the geek inside all of us with amusing designs like a heart made of a circuit board and the phrase, “talk nerdy to me”. The Geek Chic Stamp Set is wonderful for multiple crafts including cardmaking, allowing digital artists to explore relaxing craft projects outside of their work.

9. Master the Art of Speed Painting: Digital Painting Techniques

Master the Art of Speed Painting: Digital Painting Techniques
158 Reviews
Master the Art of Speed Painting: Digital Painting Techniques
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 256 Pages - 06/28/2016 (Publication Date) - 3DTotal Publishing (Publisher)

Another item that will enable a digital artist to produce work more quickly is this book on speed painting, written by experts in the craft.

It doesn’t attempt to rush the creative work of making digital art, like some kind of crazy art race, but instead  provides useful techniques to enable artists to produce work efficiently. This would make a really thoughtful gift that many digital artists probably do not already own but will come to view as invaluable.

Master the Art of Speed Painting is full of reference images and examples from industry professionals and is suitable for both artists new to speed painting and those who want to refine their skills.

10. MoKo Case Fit 2018/2017 iPad 9.7 6th/5th Generation

MoKo Case Fit 2018/2017 iPad 9.7 6th/5th Generation - Slim-Fit Multi-Angle Folio Cover Case with...
34 Reviews
MoKo Case Fit 2018/2017 iPad 9.7 6th/5th Generation - Slim-Fit Multi-Angle Folio Cover Case with...
  • Automatically wakes or puts iPad 9.7 2018 (A1893/A1954) and 2017 Released (A1822/A1823) to sleep when the lid is opened and closed. Easy access to all features and controls. Note: DO NOT fit for iPad...

It’s quite surprising how many digital artists there are around who are using boring looking iPad/tablet cases. Perhaps it is because they struggle to find pretty cases that are also functional and can stand up unassisted… Not anymore!

This amazing, Van Gogh inspired case is sure to impress any digital artist with both its practical versatility and its design. Even those who already have a number of cool cases will appreciate this gift as most digital artists feel that they can never have too many.

This model is suitable for the 5th and 6th generation sized iPad’s, but you can find other tablet/iPad sizes on Amazon.

11. Desktop Organizer

Desktop Organizer

Artists are notorious for being a little messy when it comes to their workspace, but a cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind. Clearing out mess and introducing organization allows the brain to focus completely on the task at hand and resist distractions.

This excellent organization system allows digital artists to store their stationery neatly in front of their computer, for easy access without confusion. The Desktop Organizer is elevated to allow artists to put their keyboard underneath it after work finishes and is an attractive addition to any work desk.

12. OTraki 4 Pack Artist Gloves for Drawing Tablet

OTraki 4 Pack Artist Gloves for Drawing Tablet Free Size Artist's Drawing Glove with Two Fingers for...
2,515 Reviews
OTraki 4 Pack Artist Gloves for Drawing Tablet Free Size Artist's Drawing Glove with Two Fingers for...
  • ⚠ ⚠ Note: The gloves CAN'T avoid the palm being sensed by your device, it only as a buffer between hand and device so that your hand can slide easier. Please close the built-in palm detect...

If the digital artist that you are looking to buy for spends any time working on a tablet, they will definitely appreciate this gift.

When working on a tablet, artists often find that they end up smudging their work with their hand which, as you can imagine, is hugely frustrating. These gloves help that problem to be avoided whilst also reducing friction and allowing the artist’s hand to slide smoothly over the screen.

Most significantly, compared to other similar styles, these artist gloves have the benefit of being resistant to dirt so don’t need to be frequently cleaned.

13. Believe in Yourself Neon Art Sign

Believe In Yourself Neon Art Sign

Every artist has been told at one point or another that their passion is a waste of time. Today’s society puts a lot of importance on high-earning professions like medicine or law, with art often considered as a luxury or irresponsible activity.

Digital artists have had to ignore criticism, pursue their passion, and work hard to get ahead in their career. You can show your recognition and appreciation for this struggle with this attractive art sign. The Believe in Yourself Neon Art Sign can add brightness and personality to a digital artist’s office or studio, reminding them that they are truly living their dreams through their work.

14. Chalier 4-6 Pairs Women’s Fun Socks Famous Painting Patterned Art Socks

Chalier 5 Pairs Womens Famous Painting Art Printed Funny Casual Cotton Crew Socks, Art Painting B,...
6,243 Reviews
Chalier 5 Pairs Womens Famous Painting Art Printed Funny Casual Cotton Crew Socks, Art Painting B,...
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY - Our fun socks for women are composed of 80% cotton, 15% acrylic, 5% spandex which the material of cool socks is comfortable, lightweight, wearable. Famous oil painting design of...

If you are looking for a gift for a digital artist that is a little more light-hearted and fun, these painting patterned socks are sure to do the job!

With designs that are based on famous paintings, these socks almost take on the look of being pixelated which is quite comical, though they still resemble the original works surprisingly strongly. Any digital artist would definitely appreciate these, and they are also super comfortable and soft.

This particular link is for women, but men’s sizing is also available. You can never go wrong with giving quirky socks as a gift!

15. HumbleWorks London Standing Desk

Humbleworks London Standing Desk

Traditional desks are falling out of fashion and standing desks are the hot new trend. Lauded as a healthier alternative to a regular office setup, they force workers to burn more calories while standing and promote better posture. Digital artists spend all their days at their desk, so a standing desk can revolutionize the way they work.

The Standing Desk by HumbleWorks has 3 different design options that can suit a wide variety of offices and body types. It’s both attractive and practical, ensuring that a digital artist can comfortably work for years to come.

16. Toshiba 1TB Portable External Hard Drive

Toshiba (HDTB410XK3AA) Canvio Basics 1TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0, Black
20,396 Reviews
Toshiba (HDTB410XK3AA) Canvio Basics 1TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0, Black
  • Sleek profile design with a matte, smudge resistance finish
  • Plug & play; Easy to use with no software to install

Though this might initially look like a slightly less exciting gift option to the others on the list, trust me when I say that this will be treasured by any digital artist!

Digital paintings often take up a lot of space on a computer and this is the perfect solution to that problem. This hard drive, with 1 terabyte of space on it, will allow digital artists to create to their heart’s content without fear of losing any of their work or running out of space.

It’s one of the more expensive options on our list, at just under $50, but there is no doubt that it would be highly appreciated!

17. Vertical Wireless Mouse

Vertical Wireless Mouse

Digital artists, writers, and office workers alike can easily suffer from carpal tunnel from repetitive clicking and poor typing technique. I know my wrists start to hurt after a long day of work and I often worry about the long term consequences.

This unique vertical mouse addresses this problem with an ergonomic design that elevates and supports the wrist. The Vertical Wireless Mouse has an easy to reach scroll wheel and can be used without any cords, making it an absolute lifesaver for professional digital artists.

18. Posture Corrector

Posture Corrector

I know that my neck and shoulders start to hurt after a couple of hours working at my computer, so I can only imagine how bad it must be for digital artists who spend all day drawing and working. It’s easy to slouch or slump when you’re immersed in your work, which is where a posture corrector comes extremely handy.

This nifty device pulls back the shoulders and neck into the correct position, retraining posture, and relieving pain after wearing it for just a couple hours a day. The Posture Corrector is available in 2 different sizes and is unisex, making it a great practical gift for any digital artist.

Unique Gift Ideas For Digital Artists

Looking for gifts for digital artists can be a challenge. It is especially challenging when you’re not a digital artist, or perhaps even just a regular artist, yourself.

This list contains 18 great, thoughtful options that won’t involve you spending a fortune or messing around trying to figure out complicated software for ages.

From the quirky and creative to the highly practical, here we have gifts to suit every type of artist.

All highly sought after, these gifts are sure to please the digital artist in your life!