Best Gifts for Embroiderers (9 Sophisticated Gift Ideas)

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Embroidery is a beautiful craft stemming from as far back as 30,000 BC and its popularity endures today. More people are looking to start their embroidery journey or improve the skills they already have.

Are you close to an embroiderer who is hard to shop for and you have been wondering how to support their passions?

If you’ve been scouring the internet looking for the best gifts for embroiderers, then get thready for the most sophisticated options on the market!

The Best Gifts for Embroiderers

1. Luxja Embroidery Project Bag.

Luxja Embroidery Project Bag, Embroidery Kits Storage Bag (Bag Only), Gray
  • DURABLE FABRIC: Made of heavy-duty nylon. Scratch-resistant and durable. NO ACCESSORIES INCLUDED.

Help the embroiderer in your life avoid clutter and mess with this attractive and sophisticated project bag by Luxja.

Available in black, blue, or purple, the bag is made of a heavy-duty nylon that is resistant to damage and protects embroidery supplies with a padded interior. Inside, the bag is specifically designed for embroidery supplies, with padded sleeves for hoops and floss kits, pockets for fabric, and floss organizers.

The front section of the bag has additional storage compartments for assorted embroidery accessories. The Luxja project bag is designed especially for embroiders on the go, to keep all their accessories organized and safe in a fabulous and fashionable carrier and would also make a fantastic gift for a cross stitcher.

2. Embroidery Now: Contemporary Projects.

For the embroiderer looking to add a little contemporary style and personality to their living space, Jennifer Riggs’ Embroidery Now is the top choice. The 160-page guide includes 30 projects including a bohemian-style lampshade, constellation-covered tablecloth, and minimalist wall art.

The projects are perfect for both beginner and experienced embroiderers, with clear instructions, illustrations, and beautiful full color photography. There’s room for improvement too, with nine different stitch types and the inclusion of general embroidery tips and tricks.

Embroidery Now follows contemporary trends of color, motifs, and designs to bring a little sophisticated style to the homes of embroiderers.

3. Bernette 70 DECO Embroidery Machine

Bernette B70 6' x 10' Embroidery Machine Bundle with Deluxe Software Package
11 Reviews
Bernette B70 6" x 10" Embroidery Machine Bundle with Deluxe Software Package
  • Bernina b70 Embroidery Only Machine with Bernina Toolbox Software ($598 value). Bernette is owned by Bernina which means the machines are precisely manufactured down to the last detail.

For embroiderers who work professionally or who prefer the design of motifs but not the execution, the premium 70 DECO Embroidery Machine by Bernette is an excellent high end gift. It includes 200 in-built motifs and the option to upload any of your own designs via USB, with handy on-screen touch editing. It also includes other user-friendly features like thread sensors that stop embroidering when a bobbin runs out of thread, and adjustable controls for foot pressure and thread tension.

The Bernette 70 DECO automatically cuts off threads while embroidering and has a semi-automatic needle threader for increased usability. This is a sophisticated and professional-level machine for any serious embroiderer.

4. Embroidery Starter Kit.

If your loved one wants to get started in embroidery but does not know how, this kit by MDPQT includes everything necessary for a beginner. It includes natural bamboo embroidery hoops between 5.1 inches and 10.2 inches, which are suitable for a range of projects and exceptionally durable.

The starter kit comes with an astounding 100 different colors of embroidery floss, spanning all colors of the rainbow. There are also three different sizes of embroidery needles and a variety of accessories including high quality scissors, bobbins, needle threading tools and sewing pins.

This comprehensive starter kit contains everything necessary for a beginner to start out and fall in love with embroidery.

5. Anita Goodesign Victorian Rose 180 Designs

It’s true that vintage never goes out of style, and these classic Victorian rose embroidery designs embody that principle. It’s designed to make a quilt from a variety of individual blocks that have gorgeous rose designs, allowing you to steadily build up to the finished piece. Each of the blocks can be embroidered directly from the hoop, which means that the only traditional sewing you need to do is when assembling the entire quilt.

This is a classy gift for embroiderers who appreciate the time and effort that goes into making a beautiful and timeless piece.

6. How to Embroider Almost Everything

For a wide assortment of sophisticated embroidery designs, How to Embroider Almost Everything is a great choice. It includes more than 500 stitch motifs from designer Wendi Gratz, including plants, food, people motifs, and more.

Embroiderers can follow these designs or change details and colors to reflect their own personal style. The guide is beginner-friendly, including step-by-step guides for the different kinds of stitches, common errors in embroidery, plus a variety of helpful tips and tricks.

For embroiderers looking to expand their repertoire of beautiful and classy stitch motifs, How to Embroider Almost Everything is a perfect gift.

7. Hand-Dyed Embroidery Floss Pack

Valdani Embroidery Floss 3-Strand Cotton 12-Ball Hand-Dyed Ocean Waves Collection Bundled with...
  • BUNDLE includes 1 complete set of Valdani Embroidery Floss 3-Strand Cotton Ocean Waves Collection containing 12 balls, 1 ball each of O544, M24, O556, M93, O558, M46, H207, H203, O572, O578, O537, M30...

High quality floss is always in demand by embroiderers, and this hand-dyed floss pack is absolutely beautiful. Made from Egyptian cotton, the floss packs are available in groups of 12 across 16 different color stories including ocean waves, fabulous autumn and royal harvest. This allows you to choose according to the personality and style of the embroiderer in your life.

Hand-dyeing is a beautiful way of producing floss because of the unique, muted tones that it produces. This stunning floss can be used for regular embroidery, mending clothes, or as part of combination projects that combine with other crafts like knitting or crochet, making this an equally great gift for crocheters.

8. Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine.

Brother Embroidery Machine PE800, 138 Built-in Designs, 5" x 7" Hoop Area, Large 3.2" LCD...
  • 138 Built-in designs: Featuring 138 built-in embroidery designs including scrollwork, florals and quilt patterns, the PE800 has numerous options to allow your creativity to flourish

The Brother PE800 is a perfect gift for embroiderers who are serious about their craft. It includes 138 built-in designs, with the option to import extra designs, plus a variety of frame shapes and border styles.

This offers the ability to embroider any design necessary, and the built-in LCD touch screen allows embroiders to edit the size and placement of their designs before stitching. The machine is beginner-friendly, with a detailed manual and a numbered threading diagram located on the side. It also reduces time and stress with the inclusion of an automatic needle threader.

The Brother PE800 is a sophisticated and high-quality machine for embroiderers wanting to take their craft to the next step.

9. Embroidery Quote T-Shirt

Embroiderer Idea Funny Not A Magician - Embroiderer T-Shirt
  • Embroiderer themed t-shirt. I am an Embroiderer not a magician, but I can understand why you might be confused - t-shirt for Embroiderers. Ideas for Embroiderer's of all types.

There’s nothing cuter than a graphic tee and this one proudly proclaims, “I am an Embroiderer, not a magician but I can understand why you might be confused”. The graphic is unique and ideal for embroiders who want to show off how much they love their craft.

The tee is available in sizes from small to 3XL and can accommodate male and female proportions across a variety of t-shirt styles. You can choose from 10 different colors for the t-shirt background, making it super easy to customize to the personality of the embroiderer in your life.

Classy Gifts for Embroiderers

Not all embroiderers have the same interests or style, but these classy gifts for embroiderers span a range of contemporary and stylish gifts that appeal to everyone.

For embroiderers who are serious about their craft and are looking to create the most beautiful patterns, you cannot go past these modern and sophisticated options.

We’ll be darned if you can’t find the perfect gift here!