Gifts for Farmer Dad (25 Awesome Gifts for Dads That Farm!)

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Are you exhausted from searching the Internet trying to find the perfect gift for a farmer dad?

Today, I’ll share 25 amazing gifts that your Farmer dad will absolutely love and appreciate.

Just pick out one or more of your favorites and give them as anniversary, birthday, and Christmas gifts this year.

25 Best Gifts for Farmer Dad

1. Woodworking Apron

Woodworking Shop Apron - 16 oz Waxed Canvas Work Aprons | Metal Tape holder, Fully Adjustable to...
  • Top quality 27 inches wide x 34 inches long full coverage apron protects you until the knee when you are working. If you've been looking for a premium quality heavy-duty work apron at an affordable...

This apron is phenomenal and it’s a great choice for farmers and woodworkers because it’s made of heavy-duty material and it’s designed with premium quality in mind. It’s also a very affordable gift as well, which definitely makes it a great choice for those on a budget.

The material is tough yet very flexible and provides comfort and protection. It has pockets to store stuff, rings to clip things on and loops to hold tools and dad’s other important equipment.

2. Engraved Folding Knife

Every farmer needs to carry a knife with them during the workday, because they never know when they’ll need to cut something in a pinch. This knife is extra special because it reminds your dad that he’s a badass farmer because it’s engraved right on the front!

Even better, this 3-inch stainless steel blade has a serrated edge and it opens very easy with a thumb flip. It has a nylon pouch with a belt loop for easy transport.

3. Farmhouse Decor

Original John Deere Tractors Patent Art Prints - Set of Four Photos (8x10) Unframed - Makes a Great...
  • UNFRAMED PRINT - I have to put this in for the people that don't read the words Unframed Print in the title. Of course if they didn't read the title or the words on the pictures they probably won't...

Not only is this an amazing gift for Farmer dads all over the US, it’s a very inexpensive gift as well, so it’s perfect for all budgets.

Personally, I love how these stunning John Deere tractor blueprints look completely authentic. They are unframed posters that could be hung up in the barn, in the house, in your father’s office, or you could even frame them and hang them up in the living room of his home.

4. Deep Kneading Massager

Massager with Heat - Deep Tissue Kneading Electric Back Massage for Neck, Back, Shoulder, Waist,...
  • CARE FOR YOUR FAMILY - This shoulder massager comes with 4 big nodes and 4 small nodes and 3D rotation kneading massage rollers in ergonomic U-design, which provide deep tissue massages on your...

Your farmer dad undoubtedly works very hard day and night to keep the family business going. He puts in long hours and he’s constantly using his hands, back, legs, and shoulders to get the job done. Nobody deserves a neck and shoulder massager more than your farmer father.

This shiatsu massager is relaxing, stimulating, powerful, and it’s designed to last. Your father will feel great using this massager after a long day on the farm.

5. Whiskey Infusion Kit

DO Your Whisky | DIY Whiskey Infusion Set | Whiskey Making Kit | 12 Woodchips & Botanicals | 6...
  • OLD FASHIONED, NEW FLAVOR: The DO YOUR WHISKY DIY Infusion Kit comes with 12 glass vials including 3 types of wood chips and 6 botanicals; 2 empty bottles with customizable labels and wooden corks;...

This is an incredible gift that your whiskey loving dad will definitely appreciate. It includes premium ingredients that give farmer fathers the ability to spice up their whiskey with amazing and interesting flavors.

In fact, it comes with a glossary of recipes and basic instructions to follow that your dad can use to create some amazing drinks for himself, his friends, and anyone else he feels like sharing with at a whiskey tasting.

6. BBQ Sauce Kit

Artisan DIY BBQ SAUCE MAKING KIT Everything Included - Best Gift For Dad, Husband, Friend, & Loved...
  • [YOUR SIGNATURE SAUCE FOR SUMMER GRILLING] - 🧑‍🍳 Simple instructions make learning to create your own exceptional BBQ sauce fun & easy with our BBQ sauce making kit. Make it your very own by...

Farmer dads love eating meat and lots of it. Even more importantly, dads love grilling up their favorite steaks, chops, burgers, and other delicious juicy hunks of meat. And their meal wouldn’t be complete without tasty and tangy barbecue sauce dripping off of the sides of their hunks of delicious flesh!

This DIY kit gives your dad the ability to create barbecue sauces that we know he’s going to love. They contain all-natural ingredients that go perfect with every meal.

7. Sausage Gift Box

Dan the Sausageman's Klondike Savory Gift Basket -Featuring Dan's Original, and Garlic Smoked Summer...
  • Worried that other companies’ gift sets won’t pan out how you’d hoped? No need to keep prospecting, you’ve struck gifting gold with our Klondike box! This delicious assortment has all you need...

It’s never easy to find the perfect gift for your farmer father, but you know he’ll appreciate a tasty gift box from Dan the Sausageman.

This box is perfect for dads because it contains a variety of different flavored sausages that you know he’ll love. The roasted garlic and red pepper sausage taste truly amazing. The honey roasted peanuts and sweet mustard sauce is delicious. And there are even chocolate truffles inside the box that I know he’ll appreciate.

8. 2022 Gardening Calendar

It’s always important for farmers to use an almanac to determine the ideal times to plant their gardens during planting season. This calendar will remind your farmer dad about the perfect time to plant certain edible delights!

It’s a really fun calendar and each month it features something from the natural world in beautiful bright colors, so it looks amazing and I know your dad will absolutely dig this practical calendar.

9. Rechargeable Headlamp Cap

Unisex LED Beanie Hat with Light,USB Rechargeable Headlamp Cap, Winter Knitted Night Lighted Hat...
  • One Size fits all, Unisex Knitted Hat with 4 Built-in and Removable Rechargeable SMD LED Light,providing 140 Lumens of 3 hours continuous use intermittent use

This is the perfect headlamp cap for your father because it’s warm, so we can keep his ears and head toasty during the winter. It also has an LED light on the front, which he can turn on, on those dark and dreary mornings and he can see what he’s doing as he walks around on the farm.

This inexpensive set comes with two LED winter caps, which make an amazing gift for dads that work on a farm.

10. Magnetic Pickup Tool

Magnetic Pickup Tool with 3 LED Lights, Telescoping Magnet Flashlight, Cool Gadget Birthday Gifts...
  • 🎁【Cool gadgets gifts for men or handyman】 3 super bright LED bulbs ,360 degree illumination provides light where most flashlights can not go. Unique Father's Day gifts for dad husband grandpa.

This magnet pickup tool comes in very handy for fathers who are working on the farm all day with tools. It’s magnetized, so we can easily pick up all kinds of little metallic things like screws, bolts, washers, and other tiny difficult-to-pick-up accessories that are a pain in the neck to grab with your bare hands.

It’s even an LED flashlight, so it’s incredibly bright and designed with 360° of illumination, which means it could get into the hard-to-reach places.

11. DIY Hot Sauce Kit

DIY Gift Kits Standard Hot Sauce Making Kit with 3 Recipes, Bottles & More: All-Inclusive Set for...
  • HOT SAUCE LOVER'S DELIGHT: Experience the unique joy of culinary creativity with the make your own hot sauce kit! Thoughtfully assembled with fresh, premium ingredients, it equips you with everything...

We’ve already established that your father certainly appreciates a nice hunk of meat with his breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Your father undoubtedly loves spicing things up with tasty hot sauce!

This kit gives your father access to all of the best ingredients that will let him make unique and spicy tasting hot sauces that reach 500+ Scoville heat units, which is hot and flavorful like a boss!

The kit also includes a flavor guide, glass bottles, funnel, and label stickers.

12. Men’s Baseball Cap

John Deere Mens Oilskin Charcoal Mesh Back Embroidered Hat
  • Officially John Deere licensed for the ultimate John Deere fanatic

This isn’t just any old baseball cap. This is a John Deere men’s oilskin, which I know your farmer dad will absolutely appreciate.

John Deere is the company that has improved farming for more than a century dating all the way back to 1837. Every farmer is proud to wear the John Deere logo on their favorite hat, T-shirt, or anything else for that matter.

This is a very appropriate gift for farmers far and wide.

13. Universal Socket

Father's Day Gift for Dad RAK Universal Socket Tool - Super Socket Gifts for Him - Adjustable Grip...
  • GIFTS FOR MEN - This is one of the must-have presents for anyone looking to expand their collection of tools! Each of these cool gadgets for men arrive ready to give to a dad, husband, friend, or avid...

Farmers are constantly fixing things throughout the day and many rely on their large and often cumbersome socket wrench sets. One way to eliminate the need for all of those sockets is to get a universal socket tool like this one.

It adapts to multiple sizes and it even connects directly to a power drill. Your father will appreciate this incredibly thoughtful gift because it will certainly make his life a lot easier and a heck of a lot neater.

14. Small Area Plow

Battle Armor Designs Big Buck 32" Cut Width UTV Disc Plow Harrow with Universal 2" Receiver Mount,...
  • Tow-behind disc plow is compatible with any UTV model (Not compatible with lawn mowers)

Farming becomes incredibly difficult without the right tools. This small area plow definitely gets the job done when your dad and his farming buddies need to plow a small area of land.

It connects directly to an ATV with the greatest of ease and its powerful, aggressive, and designed to get the job done without clogging up the entire system.

15. Work Boots

It’s impossible to get anything done on the farm without a proper pair of work. These beautiful brown boots are made of 100% leather and they have a polyurethane sole, which means the thick bottom is designed to last for many years to come.

These boots are comfortable, stylish, and lined with a padded tongue for additional support.

The sizes range from 7 ½ to 14, so there’s definitely something for every farmer’s feet. Many sizes are wide as well.

16. Wheelbarrow Dolly

WORX WG050 Aerocart 8-in-1 Yard Cart / Wheelbarrow / Dolly
  • [200 LBS = 17] The Turbo Lift design provides leverage to transport tremendous loads, making 200 lbs feel like approximately 17 lbs.

I certainly appreciate this unique and incredibly valuable piece of farming equipment. I know your father will like it too. It’s a dolly and a wheelbarrow combined into one device. This excellent piece of equipment is perfect for farmers who are looking to consolidate their space.

Choose the perfect kit to meet your father’s needs. Some options include a snowplow, tool holders, tub organizer, wagon kit, gloves and garden trowel, 40 V leaf blower, or 20 V pole saw.

17. Electric Cargo Bed

SuperHandy Utility Service Cart Power Wagon Wheelbarrow Electric 48V DC Li-Ion Powered 500Lbs Load...
  • SPECS - This Utility Wagon Cart Wheelbarrow is a 48V Li-Ion All Electric Brushless motor system, powered by one or two 2Ah/4Ah Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries and has the power/ability to haul...

Hauling stuff around the farm has never been easier than it is now that they made this incredible electric cargo bed. This motorized wheelbarrow has a battery life that lasts from 2-5 hours of heavy use.

And it can haul just about anything that can easily fit within the 6 feet of cubic storage. There’s plenty of room when you let things stick out the back.

It’s environmentally friendly and runs on a lithium-ion battery so it’s efficient and safe.

18. Tractor Backup Camera

AutoPal 7 Inches Wired Monitor Rear View Backup Camera System for Farm Tractor, Truck, RV, Forklift,...
  • APPLICATIONS. This is an upgraded industrial grade wired one camera system. For its high vibration resisance ability of 10G and wide power input range DC12-24V, it is suitable for large vehicles, such...

Unfortunately, accidents happen on the farm often and many of the worst accidents happen while using motorized vehicles. One way to prevent accidents from ever happening is to install a rear view backup camera on your forklift, heavy equipment, farm tractor, RV, or anything else that could use one.

This amazing camera is 7 ¼ inches long and nearly 5 inches wide, which means a video screen is large and easy to see, which will certainly help prevent unintended accidents.

19. Metal Chicken Coop

Large Metal Chicken Coop Walk-in Poultry Cage Hen Run House Rabbits Habitat Cage Flat Roofed Cage...
  • 【Durable Steel Construction】Manufactured with high quality steel frame, the coop is solid enough for your chicken to have free space in it. And it is not easy to damage, which can prolong a...

Every farmer needs a high-quality chicken coop on the premises. Not only is it great to keep the chickens from getting lost on the property, it can also be used to keep other creatures or items safe from hands that shouldn’t be touching them.

This coop is durable, made of top-notch steel construction, and it was built to last. It has a safety lockable door and it’s ideal for outdoor use.

20. Stainless Steel Tumbler

Onebttl Farmer Dad Gifts For Men, Him and Male - Farmer Dad Just Like Normal Dad Except Much Cooler...
  • Unique Original Design - A combination of a farmer tractor and “Farmer Dad Just Like Normal Dad Except Much Cooler” is printed on one side of the tumbler.

This stainless-steel tumbler is a wonderful gift for farmer dad’s because it’s hilarious and absolutely true. On the front of the tumbler, it says that farmer dads are like regular dads except they are much cooler! I know my farmer dad would absolutely agree with this sentiment.

This tumbler is made of high-quality stainless steel and it already comes gift wrapped, so just add a heartfelt message and it’ll make for the perfect gift.

21. Funny Coffee Mug

This funny coffee mug absolutely left me in stitches the first time I read it, which is how I know your farmer dad will love it also! On the front of the bug, it says “I love the smell of cow poop in the morning” which is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard but perfectly acceptable for a farmer to say.

This ceramic mug is 11 ounces and it’s the perfect Father’s Day, birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift.

22. Hilarious T-Shirt

I Drive Tractors and Know Things Best T-Shirts for Farmers
  • Show love to your farming husband or country farm wife say I love my farmer to them and wear this funny farms truck humor wherever you go! Great gift for dad brother and cousin who is into vegetable...

Farmer fathers definitely enjoy a hilariously funny work-related T-shirt from time to time. This one is definitely going to make your father feel special because of the funny saying on the front.

It says, “That’s what I do. I drive tractors and no things.”

It gets directly to the point and it gives your dad a chance to let the world know that he knows a thing or two. It’s available in five colors and it fits men and women.

23. Funny Tractor T-Shirt

I Don't Snore I Dream I'm a Tractor Shirt Funny Tractor Gift T-Shirt
  • Support the farmers in your life with this funny farm shirt. Makes a great gift for sons, dads, or grandpas. Any farmer in your life who dreams of tractors. This tractor shirt is a great summer top,...

I had a hard time believing anybody can come up with something funny to write about a tractor. That was until I saw this amazing T-shirt!

It says, “I don’t snore. I dream I’m a tractor.”

I think that funny saying is absolutely brilliant and I know your tractor love and father will absolutely appreciate it too.

24. Customized Poster

Coolest Tees Personalized to My Dad Farmer Poster Gifts for Dad from Daughter Because of You I Am...
  • ➡️ FRAMES NOT INCLUDED: Frames are not included with the set. However we highly recommend framing them for a better visual effect.

This kind of gift was definitely designed to make your father feel special. It is a large poster with a father and daughter walking hand-in-hand on a farm. You can see the farmhouse and a tractor in the distance. It also has a very beautiful sentiment on the front.

Even better, you can customize this gift to have your name added to the bottom of the poster. It’s a great sentimental gift for a farmer dad from his daughter.

25. Telescoping Magnet Stick

RAK Magnetic Pickup Tool - Birthday Gifts for Men - Telescoping Magnet Pickup Tool with Bright LED...
  • GIFTS FOR MEN - This is the perfect Birthday gift for anyone looking to expand their toolbox! Each of these tools for men arrive ready to give to a dad, husband, friend, or DIYer who has everything...

This magnet stick is completely amazing because it has a telescoping head on the front and a flashlight. You can bend the stick and move it into the hardest to reach places so you can pick up nuts, bolts, screws, and nails that would otherwise be difficult to pick up.

This tool is powerful, adjustable, and it comes in very handy for all types of situations including farming, home-improvement, camping, HVAC, car repairs, plumbing, and more.

Thoughtful Budget Friendly Gifts for Farmer Dad!

Until today, you are undoubtedly having a really difficult time finding the best gifts for farmer dad.

But you can finally put your search to rest forever because we shared so many great items to choose today. Pick from T-shirts, coffee mugs, posters, tools, chicken coops, plows, and more.

Do not hesitate when it comes to any of these gifts shared today. I can say with certainty that your farmer father will absolutely enjoy every single one, so choose wisely!