13 Fantastic Gifts for Felters (Artisans & Needle-Felters)

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One of the oldest craft forms is felting, where artisans create textiles from matting, condensing, and pressing fibers, traditionally wool. It’s a long respected art form that today covers many aspects including clothing, toys, and ornamental art pieces, just to name a few.

It’s not one of the most well-known crafts, so it can be confusing when trying to buy a gift for the felter in your life. Luckily, we’ve located the best gifts for felters on the market, so you can help your loved ones pursue their passion.

Unique Gifts for Felters

1. Clover Pen Style Needle Felting Tool

CLOVER 507079 Pen Style Needle Felting Tool-
  • For creating 3 dimensional designs and appliques
  • Pen style grip

Felters can’t just work with any old needle, and this needle felting tool by Clover is an essential for any felter’s tool kit. The pen-style of the tool makes it easy on the hands, ideal for longer projects that might otherwise strain the fingers.

It’s also diverse enough to be used with up to 3 needles at a time and can be adjusted for different length of needle sizes for applique and 3D design elements. The Clover Felting Tool is also very budget friendly, which makes it perfect as part of a larger gift for felters.

2. Monthly Handmade Felt Jewelry Box

Monthly Handmade Felt Jewelry Box

For those felters who like to show off their love of the craft, this monthly subscription box by The Blushy Kitten is both quirky and stylish. Each month, the felter is delivered 2-5 jewelry pieces constructed from felt, stainless steel findings, and other accessories.

This is a great gift for felters, jewelry makers and even beaders who are looking for extra inspiration, want to display a mixture of their own handmade pieces and professional-quality jewelry, and who simply want to cultivate a cute aesthetic. Help the felter in your life stand out from the crowd and treat them to this monthly subscription box of adorable jewelry.

3. Felt Sampler, Carousel

Felt Sampler, Carousel

While felters create their own textiles from fibers like wool, it’s not a craft that is easily introduced to children.

The need to use sharp needles isn’t very user-friendly for soft fingers, and this felt sampler pack is a great alternative for felter parents who want to involve their kids in their craft. They can work together with their kids to cut out colorful shapes and make craft projects together that will inspire a lifelong love of felt.

When the children get older, they can learn from their parents about the techniques of felting, but this is a great starting point from a young age.

4. MOMODA 50 Colors Fiber Wool

MOMODA 50 Colors Fibre Wool Yarn Roving for Needle Felting Hand Spinning DIY Craft Materials
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - Our wool roving is made of soft fiber wool, this is needle felting beginner one of the most favorite and popular among the crafters.
  • RICH COLORS - Each package comes with 50 pretty and brilliant rainbow colors, fluffy and soft, vibrant colors, ideal for hand-wool.

Fibers are the building blocks of all felting projects, and many felters love to use wool because of its soft touch and versatility.

This comprehensive fiber wool pack by MOMODA is the perfect gift for any felter who wants to work on diverse projects that need multiple colors. The roving wool is incredibly soft and comes in 50 gorgeous different colors that are suitable for felting projects from beginner to advanced.

It also all comes packed in a zippered bag that keeps the wool organized, so that felters can find the desired color as needed and avoid any mess in the home. This 50-color wool pack will also make a great gift for weavers.

5. Clover Felting Needle Mat

Clover Felting Needle Mat

The Clover Felting Needle Mat is a great combination gift to give together with the Clover Needle Felting tool. The mat has a brush-like surface that allows for needle punching without grabbing the needle. It can also mesh with the applique of your felting project to provide a sturdy support while felting that can then be removed.

Available in several different sizes, this small-sized felting needle mat is ideal for smaller projects like toys, dolls, or applique. This isn’t a glamorous gift, but it’s a reliable addition to the toolkit of any felter who dedicates hours to their craft.

6. Premium Needle Felting Kit for Beginners

Premium Needle Felting Kit for Beginners, 20 Colors Wool, Pure Wool Felting Pad, 6 Needles Various...
  • CARDED WOOL - 15 colors of carded New Zealand Maori Wool, 1/2 ounce each (14 gr). This wool is a favorite for quick and easy felting. Processed in Italy.
  • COMBED WOOL - 5 colors of Merino combed wool, 1/4 oz each (7 gr). Used for accents such as hair, fur, and more. Sourced from mills in the England and Uruguay.

This fully inclusive needle felting kit includes the highest quality wool, a variety of felting needles, felting pad, and accessories.

This is an ideal gift for felter beginners who are serious about improving the craft and creating high quality items. It includes a mixture of New Zealand Maori carded wool, Merino combed wool, and Corriedale core wool, with 20 different colors in total, suitable for all kinds of projects.

While this felting kit is designed for beginners, with the inclusion of felting instructions, the variety of premium materials means that it is an elegant and beautiful gift for any dedicated felter.

7. Cute Needle Felted Animal Friends: Adorable Cats, Dogs, and Other Pets

Cute Needle Felted Animal Friends: Adorable Cats, Dogs and Other Pets
  • Susa, Sachiko (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

An adorable addition to any felter’s library, this guide by Sachiko Susa teaches you how to create  a variety of cute felted pets including a French Bulldog and a Pygmy Hedgehog.

The guide uses simple and easy to use techniques that, when combined with roving wool and a felting needle, allows you to create the basic animal shapes and add details like hair, spikes, and adorable animal faces.

Cute Needle Felted Animal Friends is suitable for all felters from complete beginners to experienced crafters, allowing them to express their love for the craft and construct adorable critters.

8. Artisan Felting: Wearable Art

Artisan Felting: Wearable Art
  • Hardcover Book
  • Hill, Jenny (Author)

A perfect gift for fashion-conscious felters, this is a comprehensive guide to fashioning beautiful and wearable pieces.

The guide includes 7 different projects with detailed instructions, including a felt fur vest and an embroidered bolero jacket. Each design has step by step instructions, color photography, and fashion photos of the completed pieces to serve as guidance and inspiration.

Artisan Felting: Wearable Art comes from fashion designer Jenny Hill and is a perfect gift to inspire felters to take their craft to the next level and create beautiful additions to their wardrobe.

9. Woolbuddy Needle Felting Cactus Kit

Woolbuddy Needle Felting Cactus Kit Make 4 Plus Cactus, Clay pots Included, Felting Foam Mat, 4...
  • FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY - Great for kids and adults alike, Woolbuddy Needle Felting Starter kits are easy to assemble, completely adorable, and help children and
  • ALL IN 1 COMPLETE KIT - each kit comes with everything you need to create your own Woolbuddies, including step-by-step photo instructions, 4 felting needles, and colored hypoallergenic wool

This cute and adorable felting kit by Woolbuddy allows crafting enthusiasts to make a cactus for their home, for the ultimate pot plant that doesn’t need water.

The quirky felt-work kit includes the soft felting wool, needles, instructions, and 2 clay pots to create cactus characters for your home.

This is a great project to do along with older kids and get them interested in crafts, making it a great gift for crafters and felters with children.

10. Wooden Felting Needle Holder

Wooden Felting Needle Holder

Having to hold felting needles directly in your fingers can be incredibly frustrating, leaving you with finger cramps and needles slipping out of your grip. This felting needle holder solves the problem completely with a slot for the needle, allowing you to grab the comfortable wooden handle that is soft and smooth to the touch.

This is a perfect gift idea for felters who have mobility issues or who work on long term projects that can be rough on the hands after a few hours. It’s also excellent value for money, making it ideal as part of a larger gift for felters that encourages their craft and gives them the tools to do it.

11. Next Level Felting

Designed for intermediate felters who want to take their craft to an advanced level, Next Level Felting is a practical and helpful guide by Nancy Wesley. She’s a professional fiber artist who has been working in the craft for more than 10 years and breaks down advanced techniques and more detailed projects for felters who want to learn. While it is an advanced guide, it’s still accessible with step by step instructions and color photos across the 7 different advanced techniques.

The projects are adorable too, including a humpback whale and adorable bunny rabbits. If you know a felter who wants to advance their skills, this is an excellent investment.

12. Clover Open-Sided Thimble

Clover Open Sided Thimble

Felting is fun but sometimes painful if you’re on the clumsy side and prick yourself with the needles. If you know a felter who is sometimes a little heavy-handed, this open-sided thimble is the perfect accessory to protect their skin without interfering with the craft. It is constructed of brass that protects your finger from damage, with an open top that accommodates people with longer fingernails and to avoid finger sweat.

This open-sided thimble is great value for money and extremely reliable, making it an essential addition to any felter’s craft toolkit.

13. Soap Felting Kit

SOAP FELTING KIT: Make Your Own Felted Soap. Kit Includes Wool & Written Instructions. Creative Kids...
  • GENEROUS AMOUNT OF COLORFUL WOOL - enough to felt 12-15 large soaps. SOAP BARS ARE NOT INCLUDED. This allows you to choose your personal favorite: scented or unscented, handmade or store bought,...
  • HOW TO MAKE FELTED SOAP - Easy 5 step instructions are included.

Creating felted soap is a unique project idea for all levels of crafters. This kit makes it even easier, providing comprehensive instructions and enough wool to felt 12-15 large soaps. All you need to do is choose your soap and get started, with a process that is fun and simple enough for children and adults alike. Felting soap makes it last longer, makes it easier to grip, and adds a quirky and colorful addition to any bathroom.

If you know a felter who is looking for unique project ideas that can involve their children, this soap felting kit should be top of your ideas list.

The Best Gifts for Felt Workers

Felting is a fun and rewarding hobby that allows crafters to create a variety of projects from clothing to toys and soap. However, it’s not the most well-known craft, so it can be confusing if you’re trying to shop for the felter in your life. Luckily, we’ve found the best gifts for felters at all price points, so you can surprise them with new inspiration or high quality felting tools.