11 Best Gifts for Italian Food Lovers You Know

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From spaghetti with tomato sauce to the elegance of a baked lasagna- it’s easy to love Italian food. Still, it’s hard to please an Italian food lover with an ordinary gift.

From kitchen supplies to books, the options are pretty unlimited. But, you need an Italian-themed gift that resonates with your recipient.

Save yourself from all the hassle and check out our list of fine gifts for Italian food lovers in your life.

All these gifts are special in so many ways, even their packaging reflects an authentic Italian style.

Go ahead and pick one now!

11 Great Gifts for Italian Food Lovers

1. A Detailed Menu Translation

Looking for a useful gift for some in love Italian food? Opt for a detailed manual for translating the Italian menu into English as a gift to someone who loves Italian cuisine.

This great gift will surely help your pal brush up on their Italian menu skills. Works even better for a traveler who is still exploring the exquisite world of Italian cuisine.

It’s highly accurate, extremely helpful, and a must-have for those visiting authentic Italian restaurants.

2. A Bottle of Limoncello

Hand-painted Jar 'LEMON' filled with Limoncello of Sorrento (Made in Italy) with n° 2 Glasses
  • Perfect for a gift with n° 2 Glasses. A limited edition of handcrafted and hand-painted Vietri ceramic bottles filled with the best Italian Limoncello of Sorrento tradition.

Come summertime, fire up the patio with this limited edition bottle of Amalfi Coast limoncello. A true treat for any Italian food lover.

It’s hand painted, and looks stunning. Each piece comes with its own set of particularities, making it a unique gift.

Truly inspires your recipient to keep it around for all those summer gatherings. It’s full of rich, fragrant tones and is an excellent food gift from Italy.

Serve your favorite limoncello in style!

3. Espresso for Coffee Lovers

Looking for something to amaze your Italian food lover? An Italian coffee drinker might say this espresso is just heaven sent.

Imported from Italy for an authentic taste, this medium-dark ground coffee is highly rated on body, richness, intensity, sweetness, and persistence in taste.

It’s espresso, but you could still use it with a Keurig machine in the cup. Expect great results always.

Overall, an outstanding gift for an Italian food lover who never compromises over taste!

4. A Bottle of Balsamic Vinegar

Giuseppe Giusti - Gran Deposito Aceto Balsamico Di Giuseppe Giusti Moderna - Italian Balsamic Wine...
  • ANCIENT PROCESSES - Made from the must of cooked sundried grapes and aged wine vinegar, this gourmet balsamic vinegar ages in barrels. Giuseppe Giusti vinegars are made with a strict process that's...

What’s Italian cuisine without some balsamic vinegar? Get one for someone who is a fan of all things Italian!

It’s made from natural ingredients and ages in oak barrels before bottling. It contains hints of balsamic, caramel, and vanilla flavors with a touch of caramelized sweetness.

It pairs best with the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, a very rich, refined, and intense dairy product that goes well on red meat as well as fruits and desserts.

A gift well-received, always!

5. A Set of Ravioli Cutters

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What better way to unleash your Italian food lover’s creativity than gifting these ravioli cutters?

They’re functional and fun to use. They can pick a stamp and make flower, square or round stuffed fresh pasta. The roll wheel makes it even easier to cut pasta, cookie, noodle, etc.

Use fluted edges for perceive cutting and try without feeling fatigued, thanks to its beechwood handle with an aluminum frame.

A relaxing, fun, and functional gift for sure!

6. A Cool Gift Basket

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A gift basket is nothing less than a treat for an Italian food lover. Pick this gift basked filled with goodies from Italy – perfect for any traveler or Italy lover.

Some people like Forrest Gump’s mom believe that life’s like chocolate and one never knows what it will bring. You can expect this gift basket packed with crackers, cheese and spreads to be fresh and delicious.

Any food lover will shower you with positive comments for this gift!

7. A Handy Pasta Machine

MARCATO Atlas 150 Pasta Machine, Made in Italy, Includes Cutter, Hand Crank, and Instructions, 150...
  • Marcato’s Original World-Famous Atlas 150 pasta machine rolls and cuts pasta dough for traditional lasagna, fettuccine, and tag at home

Anyone in love with Italian cuisine can’t ignore the good ole’ pasta, can they? And, the “Ferrari of the Pasta Machine World” is just perfect for all pasta-loving Italy enthusiasts.

This manually operated machine simplifies the whole process of preparing authentic Italian pasta at home.

Using this high-quality steel pasta machine with aluminum rollers, you can make lasagne, fettuccine, and other kinds of pasta at home.

A highly functional gift with its powerful motor and various cutting accessories!

8. Some Fine Dark Chocolates

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Do you know a devout chocolate lover who happens to be a fan of Italian cuisine as well? This fine dark chocolate is just what you need as a gift for them!

It’s an Italian-made treat with a cream-filled center containing chocolate and hazelnut. The whole hazelnut is embedded into the center of this piece and the wrapper contains messages of love and friendship.

The 100% gluten-free, celiac safe chocolates come in many flavors to suit your taste buds.

9. Olive Oil Monthly Subscription

Italian Olive Oil of the Month Club Membership (3 Month)
  • Every month a distinctive olive oil from a different region of Italy is selected so you can take pleasure in learning and tasting the different varieties and the flavors each region has to offer. A...

The italian cuisine is heavily rooted in extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), so it always serves as one perfect gift for any foodie, especially when you gift an ongoing subscription!

Choose from three different subscription plans, with delivery made monthly. The package includes the olive oil as well as a newsletter, along with some interesting recipes to savor with friends and family.

A perfect gift to help anyone enhance any Italian dish with a drizzle!

10. Fine Italian Candies

Looking for Italian candies for someone who has been a licorice aficionado all their life? Here’s the perfect gift to consider!

These Italian candies come in a durable tin that catches the eye. Comes with a distinctive flavor – nutty, dense, sweet, and smoky – and at first taste, you get a burst of sweetness that stays with you for a long time.

Great for anyone who likes guzzling down anisette, licorice, and anise products!

11. A Piece of Delicious Chocolate

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A milk gianduja bar with delicious hazelnuts qualifies as one perfect gift for any Italian food enthusiast!

These chocolates come from a venerable gourmet company known for producing exceptional sweet treats. Made with natural, high-quality ingredients, some of which come from the italy’s chocolate capital, you can even find ones with pistachios and hazelnuts.

The velvety texture combined with hazelnut crunch is what makes it unbeatable.

They’ll be enjoyed by anyone who’s on the hunt for a sweet treat.

Be a Winner by Picking the Best Gift for Italian Food Lovers

From tiramisu to gelato, there are countless delectable desserts to enjoy. Can’t rule out chocolates, can you? Everything looks cool, so how do you make a choice?

Don’t worry. We’re here to make this journey easy and stress-free! You can forget about doing your own research at the risk of getting something not so perfect.

Just browse through our gifts for Italian food lovers and you’ll find something unique, delectable, and “oh-so Italian!”