10 Gifts For Knitters That Will Improve Their Craft

With all of us spending a little more time at home lately, more and more people have been turning to arts and crafts to expel their creative energy.

Knitting is officially taking off, with more people wanting to learn the craft or develop their skills beyond the simple stitch.

You might be asking yourself how you can encourage your loved ones in this venture, but look no further!

We’ve rounded up the best gifts for knitters that we promise will knot leave them disappointed!

10 of the Best Gifts for Knitters

1. Harry Potter: Knitting Magic – The Official Harry Potter Knitting Pattern Book

For the Harry Potter lovers in your life, this charming book by Tanis Gray will bring a touch of knitting magic. It includes 27 knitting patterns, ranging from the easier Gryffindor scarf to the more challenging Weasley sweater.

The book suggests appropriate yarns for each pattern and is also packed with Harry Potter trivia and original costume sketches. The patterns range from beginner level to intermediate, meaning that Harry Potter lovers at all levels will be in knitting heaven.

This gift is great for knitters with children, grandchildren, or just for their inner children who always dreamed of going to Hogwarts.

2. Teamoy Knitting Bag with Yarn Tote Divider

Nothing is more frustrating for knitters than getting their yarn tangled and mixed up between projects. You can make their lives easier with this knitting bag that includes a divider for 6 different compartments to separate yarn by colour or type.

The top is made of see-through PVC with holes, so you can easily see the contents without opening the bag and pull threads through to secure half-finished projects. The sides of the bag are made of nylon and reinforced with a two-way zipper to prevent any animals from sneaking in to chew on the yarn.

The Teamoy knitting bag is a great choice to help the knitter in your life keep organised and focused on their newest project. 

3. BCMRUN 22 Piece Knitting Needle Set

It can be time consuming finding different sized knitting needles for different projects, but BCMRUN makes it easier with a 22 pack of all the standard sizes.

Ranging from 2mm to 8mm, the stainless steel needles include large size markers so that you don’t need to waste time comparing sizes. At 14 inches long, the needles are extra long and comfortable to the grip, and their stainless steel design avoids snagging or tearing yarn.

This is a great option for knitters who want to work on differently sized projects, as they can be rest assured that one of the pairs will be perfectly suited.

4. First Time Knitting: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide

For the aspiring knitter in your life, this guide for absolute beginners will take them through step by step instructions for how to get started.

The book is very user friendly, with large picture instructions and gradual progression as the learner accumulates more skills. Chapters touch on materials, tools, and techniques, taking the beginner through 9 different projects that will test their new knitting skills.

This gift is perfect for creative types who would like to dive into the world of knitting but don’t know where to start. Start them off right and give them the gift of a new skill for life!

5. Knitted Animal Friends

For intermediate knitters who are looking for a more challenging project, this adorable book by Louise Crowther teaches the reader how to create knitted animal friends.

It includes 12 different animals, ranging from the adventurous George the Dog, to the rebellious Stanley the Raccoon. Each animal has a distinctive personality with clothes to match, but clothing can easily be mixed and matched between the animals.

Knitted Animal Friends is perfect for teaching new knitting skills with the end result of adorable toys that can be gifted to small children or kept pride of place in the house.

6. KnitIQ Blocking Mats for Knitting

Some of us are a little more clumsy with stitches, and could benefit from knitting blocks to help us keep our stitches straight.

If this sounds like the knitter in your life, these practical blocking mats with clearly marked grids are perfect to introduce some order.

Grid markings are easily measurable at one inch intervals, and the blocks can be interlocked into different shapes and sizes for a wide variety of patterns. The foam is also suitably thick so that you can push pins in firmly to secure work without them piercing the other side.

This is a practical gift for knitters who want to improve their accuracy and technique.

7. The Knitter’s Book of Knowledge: A Complete Guide to Essential Knitting Techniques

For a true encyclopedia of knitting knowledge, Debbie Bliss’ guide is both comprehensive and beautifully illustrated.

The hefty 320 page guide covers everything from needles, to yarn, to every kind of stitch imaginable. The chapters run in sequence, beginning by introducing tools that may be unfamiliar to beginners, and increasing in detail and difficulty for higher level knitters to learn and develop.

All great artists need a point of reference and The Knitter’s Book of Knowledge is worth its weight in yarn!

8. BoNaYuanDa Knitting Needle Point Protectors

A lot of serious work goes into knitting, and you don’t want the knitter in your life to lose it all to fallen stitches!

These needle protectors have a dual function: protecting the needle points from damage, and preventing stitches from falling when transporting works in progress.

They are made of a soft, durable rubber that stays on needle tips even during movement, and can protect needles ranging from 2mm to 10mm.

Their bright colours means there’s no danger of losing them, and reviewers rave about their ability to stay in place when other brands have failed.

9. Seamless Knit Sweaters in Two Weeks

Knitting is not just craft projects, and this book by Marie Greene takes you through how to knit fashionable and wearable garments that can be produced in just two weeks!

The book includes 20 patterns, ranging from cardigans, to pullovers, and t-shirts. Marie’s guide is packed with easy to follow picture instructions, as well as general knitting tips to improve your overall skill set.

The patterns focus on garments that are stylish and comfortable, with yarn recommendations to get the best possible outcome. For knitters wanting to supplement their own wardrobe, this book is perfect!

10. Readaeer Round Knitting Looms Set

For knitters who need to produce a lot of projects in a short space of time or have mobility issues, traditional needles can be cumbersome or too time-consuming.

This knitting loom set by Readaeer is perfect for producing small projects like hats, headbands, or scarves. The ABS plastic is durable and rigid, meaning that you won’t drop any stitches, and the simplified process can help beginners and children get started in the world of knitting.

The set also includes pompom makers to add a little pizzazz to hats and beanies!

Unique Gifts for Knitters at All Levels

Knitting is an incredible way to relax, explore your creativity, and create wearable clothing, adorable toys, and more!

With top quality tools and inspiration for cute and quirky projects, these gifts for knitters can inspire all levels from beginners to seasoned pros.

Encourage your loved ones to take the next step on their knitting journey and you too will reap the rewards!