16 Best Gifts for Margarita Lovers You Know

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The margarita is a blended drink with many different variations, just like many different gift options for a margarita enthusiast.

Even if you haven’t tried the drink yourself, it’s still important to find something that would impress a crazy margarita fan.

How can you accomplish that, you ask?

We’ve done the legwork needed to create one comprehensive list of gifts for margarita lovers that will never fall flat on your gift recipient.

Pick one now to help keep your tequila or margarita fan in the cups, living the most coveted life, and often chilling like a true villain!

16 Great Gifts for Margarita Lovers

1. A Personalized Margarita Glass

Personalized Core Margarita Glasses | Classic For Drinking Margaritas, Pina Coladas, Daiquiris, and...
  • DESIGNER COCKTAILS: This stylish personalized margarita cocktail glass is perfect as a unique gift for a loved one. Perfect as a birthday, wedding, anniversary, christmas or secret santa present, your...

A personalized gift always works better than any ordinary gift, and this margarita glass helps you do just that.

This personalized margarita glass is a perfect gift for any occasion. It can be engraved with their name, initials, or favorite quote in the font of their choice.

The quality is outstanding, as this margarita cocktail glass is made using clear glass, and is chunky yet stylish. Completely dishwasher safe as well!

A perfect addition to a margarita lover’s drinks cabinet!

2. A Tequila Recipe Book

Looking for a unique gift for a margarita or tequila lover? Try this recipe book full of delicious and refreshing recipes that use tequila as an ingredient!

This recipe book includes recipes for tequila cocktails such as a Bloody Maria and a Paloma. There are recipes that use tequila paired with other ingredients like limes and cilantro. You can even find chapters highlighting the history of tequila and it’s made.

An extremely informative resource for sure!

3. A Powerful Blender

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender, Professional-Grade, 48 oz. Container, Slate
  • Durable Tritan Material: Made from BPA-free Tritan plastic for durability and easy cleaning.

Looking for a thoughtful gift for a margarita fan? How about a blender with a built-in ice crusher so they can make their own frozen concoctions at home?

This blender with a built-in ice crusher is perfect for frozen concoctions at home. The ice crusher means they can skip the store and make their own drinks on the spot. Its variable speed control produces a refined texture with utmost culinary precision.

So help them fulfill their love for a margarita at home!

4. A Top-Notch Lime Squeezer

OVOS Lemon Squeezer Stainless Steel 304 Citrus Squeezer with Solid Handle Heavy Duty Lime Juice for...
  • MAKE JUICE REALLY FAST - You'll get the maximum output of fresh juice using the minimum effort and time. The most juice out of your citrus in one minute without seeds and pulp!

When in doubt, go with a high-quality lime squeezer to make things easier for a margarita lover.

This classic lime squeezer is special because of its large size and cast aluminum construction. The squeezer is well-nigh indestructible and works so efficiently to make juices in a minute without seeds and pulp.

Because of its large size, it’s suitable for large lemons and limes and is also handy for small oranges.

Probably the last juicer they’ll ever need!

5. A Pair of Warm Slipper Socks

When you know a margarita lover who likes to sit and sip on their drink all day long, these classic applique slipper socks are just what they need.

With a cactus-shaped margarita glass and a bottle of tequila printed on them, they look stylish and highly comfortable.

These fuzzy socks are made using polyester and come with a fleece Sherpa lining for added warmth.

Your pal will fall in love with these cozy, anti-slip socks for sure!

6. A Medium-Sized Margarita Maker

Margaritaville Key West Frozen Concoction Maker with Easy Pour Jar and XL Ice Reservoir,Green
  • Makes up to 2.5 pitchers of frozen concoctions thanks to its extra-large ice reservoir

Someone who loves margaritas but can manage with a mid-sized margarita machine would love this gift.

This top-rated unit is capable of making 2.5 pitchers quickly with its extra-large ice reservoir. Makes it easier to create shaved ice instead of crushed ice to produce a real frozen concoction experience.

You can choose from four pre-programmed settings to produce a smooth beverage every time.

Just press the button and the party is on!

7. A Heavy-Duty Margarita Maker

Margaritaville Tahiti Margarita Machine-for Margaritas, Smoothies, and Frozen Drinks, 3 24-Ounce...
  • Three 24-ounce blending jars automatically creates of 72-ounce of frozen drink per cycle

You know a mid-sized concoction machine won’t do, so put your money on this monster to please your true margarita lover.

It makes three drinks at once and gives you 72 ounces of liquid refreshment. The flavors can be made into a margarita, mojito, daiquiri, mudslide, colada, or sweet smoothie.

This margarita machine has premium bamboo construction with brushed aluminum accents. It creates a beautiful surface with polished steel accents that will look great at your next party!

8. High Quality Margarita Cooling Cups

Host FREEZE Margarita Cocktail Glasses - Double Wall Plastic Frozen Stemless Cooling Cups with Gel...
  • KEEP YOUR FROZEN MARGARITAS FROSTY! - The Host Margarita Freeze cocktail glasses are engineered specifically for frozen cocktails and mixed drinks. Don't be left with a puddle of margarita mix, keep...

Pick these stylishly designed margarita cups to help your pal be prepared for any last-minute margarita party!

Invest in a set of these cocktail glasses with insulated plastic walls to help keep your mixed drinks and slushies nice and crisp.

Perfect for your frozen cocktails and to save you from dealing with a puddle of tequila or margarita mix.

With these frozen margaritas in the freezer, you can always have a drink whenever the time is right. Well… it’s time!

9. Top Quality Margarita Salt

Rokz Lime Margarita Salt Rimmerz, 4oz (Pack of 1)
  • This blend is made up of two types of salt, lime juice and flavorful bits of lemon and orange. Margaritas will never be the same!

Help make their every drink as exciting and delicious as possible by giving away this citrus-infused margarita salt!

It offers a perfect blend of the finest ingredients, primarily real fruit and fine sea salts. Together, they create an incredible accent for the rim of any margarita. Make it even better by dipping a lime in it and using it as a garnish.

Your pal would love it so much that you might also order one for yourself!

10. A Top-Rated Margarita Maker

Margarita Girl Double-Bowl Mini Size Margarita Slush Frozen Drink Machine
  • FREE 4-pack assortment of Margarita Girl flavored mixes with purchase!

A hardcore margarita fan needs something special, and this margarita maker is the perfect gift for situations when things finally get real!

There’s no need to wait hours for your frozen drinks again! In just 30 minutes, you can have really nice and delicious frozen drinks. No issues in terms of its build quality and is designed thoughtfully.

Your recipient would love it and expect it to have a prominent place on their bar top!

11. A Nice Storage Glass Tray

LOBUBT Tequila Shot Glasses Serving Tray Shot Glass Display Case with Salt Rim Funny Shot Glasses...
  • Delicate design:You will receive 1 piece of tequila shot glasses board(glassware is not included), which is printed unique saying.Creatively combine the 4-cup-holes tray, the salt trough, and the...

Make it easier for your margarita lover to serve the drink in some style using this storage glass tray!

Handcrafted wood with a four-shot glass jar, some salt and a lemon bowl, this tequila flight board adds a touch of elegance to every round of tequila shots. Doubles as a storage shelf when the tray is not in use.

Excellent quality wooden structure, sealed and finished with food-safe mineral oil.

Perfect for someone who has a love for tequila.

12. A Hardcopy for a Tequila Fan

So your tequila lover doesn’t just love the beverage but appreciates everything associated with tequila. They’ll love this fantastic book talking about all-things tequila!

Authored by leading agronomists and ethnobotanists, it’s a curious read for any tequila lover. It’s an intellectual blend of Mescalero anthropology, agricultural history, and nature writing wrapped stylistically in a package that appeals to both drinkers as well as researchers.

Order your copy today to give away as a gift!

13. Tall Margarita Glasses

BigMouth Margarita Bottle Glass –Hilarious Glass Holds up to 32 Oz –Glass Shaped Like A Tequila...
  • 🍸 ¡Get Ready For The Ultimate Margarita Fiesta! Shaped like a premium tequila bottle, this unique margarita glass will add a hilarious twist to your next margarita party! Break the ice and spark...

Looking for a big way to surprise your margarita lover? These jumbo glasses will help you create an impression!

These large 32oz margarita glasses are the perfect way to end work and get refreshed. Just one serving will make them feel 100% refreshed.

They’re large enough to help you enjoy your beverage frozen or on the rocks. The material looks fabulous and it’s effortless to clean these glasses.

A great gift idea for anyone who can’t live without margaritas!

14. Margarita Machine for Bar Quality Drinks

Margaritaville Tahiti Margarita Machine-for Margaritas, Smoothies, and Frozen Drinks, 3 24-Ounce...
  • Three 24-ounce blending jars automatically creates of 72-ounce of frozen drink per cycle

Any true margarita lover would highly appreciate any help you offer that simplifies making margarita at home. This machine will help you achieve that in style!

Quickly make bar-quality drinks from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy six different drinks, including a mudslide, daiquiri, mojito, and smoothies.

Made using bamboo wood and finished with brushed aluminum, it looks even more appealing with its rotating ice chute.

You’ll get a thumbs-up for the gift!

15. An Elegant Margarita Decanter

Tequila Decanter Tequila Glasses Set with Agave Decanter and 6 Agave Sipping Shot Glass, Perfect for...
  • IMPRESS YOUR BAR SET WITH AGAVE STYLE WITH THIS LARGE WHISKEY AGAVE DECANTER: This TEQUILA decanter is Great as a starter of finishing touch for any bar. This is a hand crafted carefully constructed...

Express your love by giving away this unique decanter to any margarita or tequila lover in your life.

This beautifully constructed decanter and wine glasses can be used for many things, including serving up a great cocktail or inexpensive meal for guests. They also come with plants displayed inside them so you can enjoy some wine, tequila scotch, or even whisky in style.

The decanter with glasses is an excellent idea for any special occasion.

16. An Outstanding Glass Rimmer

This glass rimmer is an exciting gift idea for someone who can’t imagine throwing a party without their favorite tequila or margarita.

It offers the perfect combination of three additives – salt, lime, and sugar — in one place. Made from durable food-grade plastic, this piece of décor would make an ideal addition to any bar.

This 2-tier rimmer also comes with a shifting compartment for adding storage and functionality.

Get it now and surprise your friend with this classy gift!

Explore the Best Margarita Inspired Gifts

A bottle of premium tequila is always a welcomed gift. It can be used to make an amazing cocktail, or simply enjoyed on the rocks, but if you’re looking for some more unique as a gift?

We have you covered, as a quick look at our list of gifts for margarita lovers would leave you with some great options to try.

Take all the fuss out of the gift-giving process, and simplify picking the best gift from a dizzying array of options with all the help you can find here!