9 Gifts for Poets (That Might Get You Included In Their Next Poem)

We know, poets can be as difficult to understand as the poetry they write at times! What on earth do you buy someone who spends most of their time scribbling away secret lines in a notebook, without just resorting to buying them a boring old notebook itself?

If you’ve been madly searching around for special gifts for poets, you’re in the right place. Each of the gifts that we have included in this list are so thoughtful that you just might end up being the subject of their next poem!

Unique Gifts For Poets

1. How to Write Poetry: A Guided Journal with Prompts to Ignite Your Imagination

This book provides the perfect guide to writing poetry. At the same time as delivering poetry lessons, it allows the reader to act on the advice immediately in the journal.

It is suited to a range of skill-sets and contains plenty of examples from the great poets of the past. Buying this gift for a poet in your life will show your support for their craft and provide some (possibly) much needed encouragement for them to keep writing poems!

The book is beautifully designed with unique illustrations and it creates a wonderful place for creative reflection.

2. The Penguin Anthology of Twentieth-Century American Poetry

It is true that without reading as much poetry as possible, it is very difficult for a poet to write.

This impressive volume contains a wide-ranging selection of poems from 20th Century American greats. The chances are that the poet in your life is writing poetry that is heavily influenced and inspired by the poetry in this volume and will really appreciate this book!

With almost 700 pages, there is a lot to learn from in this volume and any poet is going to be kept occupied for a good while!

3. Poetry Tiles – 832 Essential Word Magnets Starter Kit

These poetry tiles are a super thoughtful gift for a poet. They can be used to combat writer’s block. I find that placing unexpected words together can produce some unexpectedly great poetry!

They’re also just great fun to use on the kitchen fridge or in a poetry game. With almost 800 tiles, the creative possibilities are basically endless. My roommate also likes to leave me little notes reminding me of what flat chores need doing which is nice…

Just don’t forget to make sure that your recipient has a magnetic fridge, or buy a cheap magnetic whiteboard, before ordering these.

4. Kate Spade New York Black Ink Ballpoint Pen with Stylus Tip

Boring stationery leads to boring poetry, right? Ok maybe not exactly. I’m pretty sure Shakespeare didn’t write with a pink glittery pen… but having things around you that inspire you definitely helps with any creative process!

The poet in your life will really appreciate this beautiful pen and the packaging and storage pouch are just as wonderful. It even comes with an in-built stylus which is great for quickly transferring between working on an iPad and a notebook.

Though it is a little expensive, this, of course, comes down to the designer brand and the high quality of the pen.

5. Himalayan Salt Lamp 6-8”

This Himalayan salt lamp is amazing for creating that atmosphere conducive to writing good poetry. Forget candles and fairy lights, this is a really unique and thoughtful gift that will help any poet ease into the early hours of the morning writing!

The brightness is adjustable and the lamp has even been associated with higher levels of relaxation and lower levels of stress.

Above all, even if it doesn’t eradicate every bit of stress ever or cause a poet to write a bestselling book of poetry, it looks great and enhances a room! Inspiring settings allow for great poetry.

6. Take the Mic (A Poetry Speaks Experience)

Written by Marc Smith, who founded the Slam Poetry movement, this book makes a great gift both for poets who are already experienced in spoken word/performance poetry or poets who might not have considered it.

For those who are interested in spoken poetry already, the book contains great backstage advice and even details about the logistics of organizing slam poetry events.

For poets who might not have thought about performing their poetry, this is a great and really inspiring book about the power behind spoken word! I found that it completely changed the way I write poetry.

7. USB Gaming Microphone, TONOR Computer Condenser PC Mic with Tripod Stand & Pop Filter

If the poet you are buying for is already involved in spoken word poetry, buying them a microphone could enable them to take the next step and start recording their poems to post online.

This is a high quality yet relatively inexpensive microphone that connects to most computers and laptops and is really easy to use.

I recently bought this for my friend who has now developed a successful performance poetry YouTube channel and loves to shut herself away and read her poetry aloud. Next thing I know, she’ll be having rap battles on the internet!

8. “Write It On Your Heart”- Ralph Waldo Emerson Poem Page Print- 8 x 10″ Poetic Wall Art.

If there’s one thing that can be said for all poets, it’s that they are hugely sentimental. Gifting them with a poem that they can display on their wall is very likely to be something they remember for a long time!

This poem is not only beautiful looking- with its distressed vintage look- but a wonderful poem that is a great reminder of the power of writing. Any poet would love to hang this up on their wall!

This is a fairly inexpensive gift too. Just remember to buy a frame as one is not included.

9.  The Complete Rhyming Dictionary: Including The Poet’s Craft Book

This rhyming dictionary is so great when writing poetry and yet so many poets don’t even know it exists! Trust me when I say that this is possibly the most useful tool you can have to hand as a poet.

There are so many times when a word has been on the tip of my tongue and then looking it up in here has enabled me to complete my poem.

It is easy to use and contains a ridiculous amount of words. This is a really practical and yet thoughtful gift.

The Best Gifts for Poets!

So there you have it… the whole thing doesn’t seem quite so mysterious now, does it? From the more practical to the more sentimental and tear-worthy gifts, each of these present options will delight any poet and hopefully inspire them to continue writing poetry for years… Basically, this list is sure to take the stress away from the process of looking for gifts for poets!

And what’s more, you might even find yourself tempted to buy a couple of these items for yourself. Anyone up for a game of fridge poetry?