29 Best Gifts for Puzzle Lovers with Different Skill Levels

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Are you looking for the next mind-blowing puzzle that would test any passionate puzzle lover and make them pull their hair out in awe?

Or, maybe you are a thoughtful giver who knows your puzzle-loving pal already has a good stock and will appreciate something out of the box.

I’ve done the legwork and snapped together this iconic guide with gifts for all budgets and skill levels.

29 Great Gift Ideas for Puzzle Lovers

1. A Handy Tub of Mini Puzzle Blocks

PLUS PLUS Plus-Plus - Open Play Set - 3,600 Piece in Storage Tub - Basic Color Mix - Construction...
  • Simple Design - Fuels Creativity: One shape, endless possibility! Every brick easily connects to the next. Create colorful flat mosaics or work in 3-D to make more intricate builds. Mix and match any...

Need something for a young and aspiring puzzle-solving prodigy? Don’t worry, we have you covered with these interlocking mini puzzle blocks.

Looks like a relatively simple construction toy but expect it to fuel creativity and inspire young souls to create endless shapes.

Switch between flat mosaics and 3D pieces to create intricate builds. Connect any piece in whatever direction and inspire young ones to let their imagination break all boundaries.

2. A Nice Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Jomtien Wooden Puzzle Table with Drawer for Storing Puzzles, Non-Slip Felt Surface, Portable Puzzle...
  • Wooden reinforced sliding drawers-our puzzle table has 6 drawers to safely classify and store your puzzle pieces. You can organize the shape or color of the puzzle in these convenient drawers!

A must-have accessory to keep the ‘mess’ under control. Keep all the pieces in one place and take a good look before making the next move.

Those little drawers work amazing well to keep everything out of reach of your pets and kids. Extra storage is available, thanks to those four sliding drawers. No more misplacing those important pieces.

Glue sheets are included to keep the unfinished puzzles tucked away safely to continue your work of art later.

3. A Treasure Box for Ultimate Inspiration

Wood Trick Treasure Box 3D Wooden Puzzle for Adults and Kids to Build - Cute & Neat Design - with...
  • KEEPSAKE GIFT IDEA: It is a stunning opportunity to delight your beloved one with an interesting and unique gift. She will appreciate creative approach & sophisticated wooden puzzle box

Watch your puzzle lover unwrap it and witness the sparkle in their eyes holding this bejeweled treasure chest in their hands.

Looks like an excellent piece of art and works just fine to add a decorative accent to anyone’s living room. This small box has seven chests hidden therein.

May take a while to figure out how to assemble, but that makes it even more exciting.

4. A Cool and Efficient Work Surface

1000 Piece Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table - 4 Drawers, Puzzle Board | 22 1/4” x 30" Jigsaw Puzzle...
  • LEADING PUZZLE TABLE SET : The ultimate design for all puzzlers. Constructed to create an efficient, enjoyable way to assemble and store your 1000 piece puzzles.

Okay… your puzzler buddy already has a vast collection of puzzles, but they just can’t say no to a puzzle workstation, can they?

Sealed with lacquer finish to prevent warping, the smooth work surface is spacious enough to handle 1500-piece puzzles with ease.

Glide all those pieces effortless. Use the open side to keep your puzzle intact after finishing it. Take advantage of its drawers to keep puzzles organized. Truly, an incredibly useful gift idea for puzzle lovers!

5. Bright LED Floor Lamp

Brightech Litespan - Bright LED Floor Lamp for Crafts and Reading, Estheticians' Light for Lash...
  • Energy-saving LED Floor Lamp: The simple style LED standing lamp has a service life of 20,000+ hours, with built-in high brightness and high contrast LEDs that show you fine color contrast for close...

May be what they need is not another puzzle but some help solving what they already have. What could be better than shedding some light on their “puzzle project” to see all those pieces clearly? That’s when this LED lamp makes perfect sense.

Turn it on with the utmost ease using the touch-sensitive switch. Expect an evenly illuminated area from many LEDs with light filtered through a white diffuser. So, no more frustrations solving puzzles in low light!

6. A Beautiful Crossword Puzzle Pencil

Any crossword fan would love to receive this puzzle pencil as a gift. Impress them with its outstanding quality and unmatched performance.

The pencil comes with the perfect heft and balance. It feels extremely comfortable in your hand. Expect no fatigue using it for hours, even if you’re presenting it as a gift to someone with smallish hands.

Spare leads can be easily loaded through the tip. Perfect gift for an anniversary, birthday, or any special occasion.

7. A Top Quality Roll Up Mat

Newverest Jigsaw Puzzle Mat Roll Up, Saver Pad 46” x 26” Portable Up to 1500 pieces with...
  • Upgraded Design – Shipped Rolled, Not Folded – Your puzzle experience is our number one priority. Want to enjoy puzzle moments with friends, family, or your significant other? So do we. That's why...

With more than 500 pieces to play with, jigsaw puzzles can get extremely challenging. Save your genius from all the frustration of keeping finished pieces in place with this roll-up mat.

Save the valuable space on your table by shifting everything on this highly portable mat. No need to worry about spilling some coffee while playing because its rubber bottom and fabric top have you covered.

8. A Fully Customized Photo Puzzle

Customization can easily turn an ordinary-looking gift into something absolutely adorable. This unique 500-piece fully customized puzzle does just that.

Made using high quality cardboard, it’s customizable with up to 9 photos. Also, available with a corrugated cardboard box with your photo printed on the lid.

It may look simple, but is a great gift idea for anyone, including your granny who likes to play around with a puzzle picture of her grandkids.

9. The Combo of Crossword/Jigsaw Puzzle

Dual Challenge Crossword Jigsaw Puzzle 1st Edition - 550 Piece Board Game for Adults Families -...
  • DUAL CHALLENGE: 2 in 1 Jigsaw Puzzle Game: Solve the crossword FIRST, THEN complete the 24" x 18" Jigsaw Puzzle.

Can’t make out what they like more: a crossword puzzle or a jigsaw puzzle? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Put your money on this crossword/jigsaw puzzle and get something that intrigues all types of puzzle lovers.

It’s quite challenging and requires a crossword puzzle to be solved first. Don’t let them celebrate after solving the crossword puzzle, as they still need to assemble the jigsaw puzzle.

10. A Puzzle for True Wine Lovers

BSIRI Think for Drink Wine Puzzle - Challenging Brain Teaser and Wine Bottle Holder Game, Functional...
  • High Quality: Crafted from premium wood, this wine bottle holder puzzle is not only visually appealing but also built to last. Its intricate design and solid construction make it a standout piece of...

How about giving away a bottle of wine to someone who is always up for an intellectual challenge? Heads up! It looks simple but is hard to assemble and crack the puzzle.

Try solving it on a get-together and hilariously watch those puzzle-solving mavericks attempt to solve it to get their next bottle of wine. A very cool gift… and it serves perfectly to re-gift after someone has solved it.

11. A Complementary Piece of Jewelry

FaithHeart Personalized Custom 5 Friendship Necklace for Girls, Stainless Steel Big Family Pendant...
926 Reviews
FaithHeart Personalized Custom 5 Friendship Necklace for Girls, Stainless Steel Big Family Pendant...
  • 🔹🔹Puzzle Stitching Necklaces🔹🔹: Make your best friend or family feel special with our cute and charming puzzle necklace. Share your stories and the hearts of the necklace to remind each...

Make a die-hard puzzler feel special with this charming puzzle necklace. Share your friendship through the hearts of the necklace that keep reminding you of your special bond.

Easy customization makes it more attractive. Get names, locations, dates, numbers or unique words engraved to make it a piece of art.

The quality looks perfect with its smooth finish and precision cutting. Truly, this nice little gift offers a great value for a low cost.

12. A High Quality Puzzle Mug with Monthly Puzzles

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Crossword Puzzle Coffee Mug - Exercise Your Mind While You Warm...
  • Each Crossword Puzzle mug comes complete with a pencil and clues to your first puzzle right on the box.

A great gift idea for coffee-guzzling puzzle fanatics. Make a statement with this gift that keeps a puzzle lover from doing it “over” a cup of coffee – they can do it “on” their cup.

It’s highly addictive and a great conversation starter. Available as a gift set, it also comes with a pencil and enough clues to get you started. The best part? Go online and find a new puzzle each month!

13. A Challenging Puzzle for All

Creative Crafthouse - Redstone Box (Hide The Red Stone) Wood Puzzle and Brain Teaser
  • Wonderful Coffee Table Puzzle - Looks great on a desk or coffee table and is a sure fire conversation starter with friends, family, and guests

This is a mind-boggling yet rewarding gift idea for avid puzzle fans. Looks great on the coffee table and works nicely as a conversation starter.

Those who boast about their puzzle-solving skills may be at their wit’s end while trying to crack it.

It comes with clear instruction on how to solve it, but don’t let them reach for that until they throw in the towel.

14. Funny Word Search Shower Curtains

Ambesonne Word Search Game Shower Curtain, Blank Newspaper Style Crossword Theme Numbers in Word...
  • Measurements - 69” wide x 70” long. No liner needed. 12 hooks included. Made in Turkey.

Here is a unique gift idea for those who love puzzles and want to keep their mind occupied even while taking a shower. These shower curtains are perfectly designed to keep your mind off a rough growler.

Expect your pal to fall in love with its sheerness and unmatched print quality. Offers one fine way to bring the countryside wood to your bathroom. Overall, it works great to deck their favorite room out in some style.

15. An Ultimate Gift for Lego Lovers

LEGO Minifigure Puzzle
  • Minifigures Are The Heart Of The Lego Brand: The Minifigure—The Humble Yellow Character Found In Lego Creations—Has Become A Global Icon. In This Puzzle, Minifigures Get Their Starring Role

An extremely fun yet challenging jigsaw that impresses every lego lover. Don’t expect it to be cracked easily with 1,000 pieces needing attention.

Lego lovers quickly fall in love with their beloved minifigures. Present it to some puzzle-loving brick heads and they will be inspired to collect more minifigures. A perfect way to use it like a visual checklist!

16. Sudoku Themed Ceramic Coffee Mug

Not sure which puzzle your friend already has? Try something other than a puzzle! Those who can’t seem to finish their next puzzle without pouring some coffee down their throat will appreciate this mug.

Made using high-performing ceramic, this FDA compliant, dishwasher/microwave safe Sudoku-themed mug will be their choice to stay hydrated while sweating through the mystery.

17. A Naughty Beer Bash Puzzle

Ridley’s Beer Lover’s 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle – Beer Puzzle with Informational Image, Sturdy...
  • 500-PIECE PUZZLE – Beer lovers crack open a cold one and toast to the Beer Lover’s 500-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle from Ridley’s! Learn about popular beer varieties and more when solving this beer...

Try this 500-piece jigsaw puzzle for a booze-loving puzzle addict in your life and get that priceless smile in return.

Help them scratch the itch for solving a puzzle while learning a lot about popular beer varieties. From lagers to stouts and IPAs, this hand-illustrated jigsaw puzzle will quickly become their top favorite.

Expect this thoughtfully designed puzzle to last a long time because of its durable cardboard structure and a gloss varnish finish.

18. A Skill-Builder Wooden Puzzle

Project Genius Compass and Star Combo, True Genius - Disentanglement Puzzles, Brain teasers, Adult...
  • Learn Spatial Reasoning - A Clever Puzzle Combination In Which You Must Take Everything Apart And Then Figure Out How To Piece Them All Back Together Again

Pick this amazing gift to help your friend flex their brain muscles while learning spatial reasoning.

It’s functional as well as a fantastic decorative conversation piece. Looks stylish on the shelf, nightstand, or living room, and is a suitable gift choice for students interested in LSAT logic games.

Give it away on birthdays, holidays, or any special occasions and watch them become a puzzle master in no time.

19. An Award-Winning Solo Game

Educational Insights Kanoodle 3D Brain Teaser Puzzle Game, Featuring 200 Challenges, Gift for Ages...
  • TIKTOK MADE ME BUY IT–OVER 4 MILLION SOLD! Millions of players around the world can’t get enough of this best-selling, award-winning, brain-bending, puzzle game

Challenge your noggin with this brain-twisting 3D game puzzle. Works perfectly for those seeking a little something to give and inspire a young soul to go on a puzzle-solving spree.

Help anyone train their brain through this stimulating puzzle game with over 200 different challenges and a 48-page illustrated puzzle book. Present it as a gift along with some chocolates and anyone would love you even more.

20. An Outstanding Dog Lovers Puzzle

Galison Dogs with Jobs Puzzle, 500 Pieces, 20” x 20” – Jigsaw Puzzle Featuring an Amusing...
  • 500-PIECE PUZZLE – The Dogs with Jobs 500-piece jigsaw puzzle from Galison is just the right level of challenge The box includes an insert with the full puzzle image for reference

Have you ever met the Chow Chow Antique Appraiser? Or the super Husky Meteorologist? Bring joy to an animal lover in your life with this puzzle featuring an amusing illustration of dogs performing various jobs.

With over 500 pieces, this puzzle can keep the whole family busy and entertained for long. No need to worry about finding the best box because they come packaged in matte-finish sturdy boxing.

21. A Cool Sorting Tray for Puzzle Fans

Jigsaw Puzzle Supplies Puzzle Separator & Puzzles sorter Stacking Puzzle Trays 6-Jigsaw sorter Trays...
  • JIGSAW PUZZLE SORTER- Our jigsaw sorter trays are the perfect puzzle piece organizer; 6 piece interlocking puzzle storage trays and jigsaw sorting trays all in one puzzle container organizer. Also, be...

Nothing annoys a puzzle fan more than having to sort out puzzle pieces all the time. This stackable tray is my personal favorite for its low price and unmatched practicality.

These 6-piece interlocking storage trays come in one storage container for easy handling. Add a jigsaw puzzle roll-up mat to the package and you will make the life of your avid puzzle fan so much easy.

22. Super Comfortable Crossword Puzzle Socks

Socksmith Puzzled Multi One Size
  • There's no mystery to how comfortable these Socksmith® Puzzled socks are!

You’ve already picked a puzzle to present as a gift, but do you want more? How about complementing it with these crossword puzzle socks? A perfect way to deck them out from head to toes with these super comfy puzzle socks.

These machine washable socks come with athletic ribbed cuffs to ensure they stay in place all the time. Y-stitch heel with deep heel pocket provides added comfort and prevents bunching inside the shoe.

23. A Highly Interactive Dog Puzzle Toy

Asbtos [Difficulty-Level Adjustable] Dog Puzzle Toys, Interactive Dog Toys for IQ Training & Mental...
  • [ Difficulty-Level Adjustable ] - Are you worried about whether this enrichment toys for dogs is too difficult or too easy for your pet? By taking off some slider parts, you can make this dog puzzles...

A perfect gift for those who can’t tell if they love their pup more than their puzzles. Offers a great way to mixing both and making playtime a treat for your recipient.

They can easily hide their pooch’s beloved treats and making snack time a lot more interactive and fun. Expect them to thank you for this highly useable gift, which keeps their pup healthy by extending the length of feeding time.

24. A Thrilling Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

Bepuzzled Classic Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle - Sherlock Holmes, 1000
  • Sherlock Holmes and the speckled band is more than a jigsaw puzzle - it's a mystery waiting to be solved

Someone who loves puzzles is usually in love with thrillers, too. If your friend can’t have enough of a murder-mystery flick, they will surely love this jigsaw puzzle.

Turn your pal into a talented detective by making them solve a murder at stoke Moran Manor house.

Instead of following a visual reference, they need to read the story of the incident to find their way through it. Interesting, isn’t it?

25. A High Quality Tee for a Puzzle Lover

Jigsaw Puzzle Lover T Shirt Gift - I Puzzle Past My Bedtime
  • Are you or someone you know a jigsaw puzzler? Then this tee is for you! It makes a great present for adults, teenagers, and kids on birthdays and holidays. Puzzles are fun, challenging, and a...

Not only is it cute, but it is extremely comfortable as well. It is an excellent way for a puzzler to express their love for it

A highly thoughtful gift, your puzzler friend is going to love this lightweight, double-needle sleeve t-shirt while immortalizing their masterpiece on their puzzle mat.

It doesn’t cost you a pretty penny and makes a useable gift in a box. Expect your friend to wear it every day, all day long.

26. A Secret Brainteaser Puzzle

AIEVE Puzzle Box for Adults, Money Puzzle Box for Cash Gift, Magic Cards Case Holder with Secret...
  • Puzzle box with secret compartment is suitable for locking up small gift card or valuables such as jewelry, cash, collectible coins, money and more other small items. This money puzzle boxes with...

Try this special puzzle box that puts anyone’s skills to the test. There is a secret compartment where anyone can hide their trinkets. To make it a more exciting gift, put some money, jewelry pieces, or something else in before giving it away.

It may look simple, but the solution is not at all obvious, even when you refer to the photo of solved puzzle. Don’t be surprised if your puzzle-solving genius can’t figure it out.

27. A Puzzle Set for the Whole Family

Galison 500 Piece Frank Lloyd Wright Imperial Hotel Peacock Rug Jigsaw Puzzle for Adults and...
  • 500-PIECE PUZZLE: This stunning 500-piece jigsaw puzzle has a lot of colorful details making just the right level of challenge ages 8 to 99. You’ll find yourself determined to place the last piece...

Looking for something that would challenge mom, dad, grandpa, and the little Sam alike? This stunning 500-piece jigsaw cuts it perfectly.

It is so addictive and compels you to place the last piece of the puzzle in one setting. It’s challenging, but certainly not beyond difficult, which makes it a suitable gift option for everyone.

28. An Outstanding Puzzle for Star Wars Fans

Baby Yoda may need a pacifier and a diaper change but he is not a baby at all. He is nearing retirement. Sounds puzzling? It may not be for your Star Wars fan, and this 500-piece puzzle is a treat for them.

Even the most passionate fan of The Mandalorian will face trouble completing the puzzle. So many pieces look similar, but they are not, and you learn it the hard way. It’s fun, nonetheless.

29. Puzzle-Saving Sheets for All

Puzzle Presto! Peel & Stick Puzzle Saver: The Original and Still the Best Way to Preserve Your...
17,504 Reviews
Puzzle Presto! Peel & Stick Puzzle Saver: The Original and Still the Best Way to Preserve Your...
  • THE ORIGINAL PUZZLE SAVER – Made in the USA Since 2007 by Premium Puzzle Manufacturer, Buffalo Games. This is a Product Made by Puzzle Enthusiasts for Puzzle Enthusiasts.

The biggest fear for a puzzle lover is to lose their unfinished puzzle. Help them have a perfectly preserved puzzle in no time with these glue sheets.

Simply peel the adhesive sheets and stick them directly to the back of a finished puzzle, and voila! It’s a much better option than regular glue.

Puzzle lovers will be amazed at how quick it is to use these sheets, and above all, “ZERO” mess.

Gifts that Please Real Puzzle Fanatics!

With such a long list, and puzzle gifts ranging from literal works of art to more customized options, picking one as per your budget is a breeze.

Some of them are over-the-top challenging, and others are rather simple but frame-worthy at the same time.

For sure, this list will give you the very last piece to solving your ultimate gift-giving puzzle…