15 Gifts for Quilters (Practical & Quirky Ideas)

We know how tricky it can be to shop for loved ones, especially when they have an artistic passion that you’re not familiar with.

Never fear- we’ve made it easier with this comprehensive list of gifts for quilters!

You can help them improve their craft and explore their creativity with new quilting projects. Ranging from the practical to the fun and quirky, this list caters to quilters of all levels and interests.

Don’t waste your time on other lists, we promise they don’t have a patch on this one!

15 Unique Gifts for Quilters

1. ARTEZA Quilter’s Ruler and Rings

Precise measurements are an essential part of the quilting process, and this ruler and grip rings set by ARTEZA makes the process a whole lot easier.

The large square ruler is made of clear and durable acrylic with measurements in contrasting colors, so you can see the fabric underneath and make more precise cuts. The ruler is also perfectly suited for both left-handed and right-handed cuts due to the square shape with measurements on all sides.

The non slip grip rings prevent the fabric from slipping, ensuring that this is a perfect gift for all quilters trying to get the perfect cut.

2. Bobauna Quilting Bracelet

This whimsical charm bracelet is for the quilter who loves their craft and isn’t afraid to show it.

It includes a When life gives you scraps, make quilts tag, a sewing machine, a spool of thread, and scissors charms.

The stainless steel is hypoallergenic, suitable for even the most sensitive skin, and the one-size-fits-all bangle can be adjusted to any wrist size.

This quilting bracelet is perfect for any quilter who wants to show off their passion in a classy and oh sew cute way!

3. Write it Down: The Quilter’s Journal

The Quilter’s Journal is a perfect gift for quilters who want to document their projects in a scrap-book style.

The journal includes writing prompts to help keep track of progress, and many quilters add small fabric samples to the pages to make things colorful and creative.

Even better, the journal is made of recycled materials, fitting the ethos of quilters who reuse scraps of fabric to create something beautiful.

The sturdy cover keeps the pages safe from damage, providing a secure place for quilters to create a file of their crafty projects.

4. When Bad Things Happen to Good Quilters

Joan Ford’s troubleshooting guide combines light humor with practical solutions to common quilting problems.

Inevitably, all quilters will hit some roadblocks and not know what to do, and this guide illustrates simple solutions that benefit both complete beginners and the more seasoned. As well as simple solutions, the guide also includes anecdotes and tips, for the perfect combination of practical and entertaining.

Joan includes four original project ideas so that quilters can be inspired to put their new skills to good use.

5. The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt

For quilters who also love history, this guide combines historical quilting patterns with the letters that inspired them.

In 1922 The Farmer’s Wife magazine asked readers if they would allow their own daughters to become farmer’s wives based on their own experience. More than 7000 women responded, and this book combines the 42 best letter responses with their accompanying inspired quilting patterns.

This is the perfect gift for the quirky quilter in your life, appealing to nostalgia, originality, and the history of the rural United States.

6. Omnigrid Quilters Travel Case

Perfect for the quilter on the go, this quilters travel case by Omnigrid is specifically designed to transport works in progress and associated materials.

It can get overwhelming with all the assorted fabrics and tools, meaning that quilters are wasting time searching for and organizing the parts of their project. However, the inner storage compartment of this case, with pocket and strap dividers, ensures that quilting tools are not mixed together, and the case accommodates quilting squares up to 12 square inches.

The outside of the case is sturdy and easily keeps the contents safe and intact in all travel environments.

7. Little Quilts and Gifts from Jelly Roll Scraps

Even the most efficient quilter will have leftover fabric scraps which they will throw out or keep in storage, not knowing how to use them.

This innovative book is perfect for quilters who are looking for new projects built on the principle of one quilter’s trash is another quilter’s treasure. It includes 30 project ideas for creating quilts and gifts from fabric scraps, for everyone ranging from beginner to advanced level.

Including beautiful color photography and clear instructions, this book shows all quilters how to transform their leftovers into gorgeous and inventive new creations.

8. Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting

This wool pressing mat is perfect for all quilters who want to be able to iron their fabric without going to the ironing board.

The mat is 9 square inches and made of felted wool, which absorbs moisture from the air and creates heat under fabric for wrinkle-free ironing every time without the need for steam. It protects the fabric and is fully portable, perfect for the traveling quilter or just for using away from an ironing board.

The innovative board is an essential part of a quilter’s toolbox and ensures seamless and beautiful fabric.

9. Brother Quilting Machine PQ1500SL

For the ultimate quilting gift, this premium quilting machine by Brother is the best of the best. It allows the speediest completion of projects by making up to 1500 stitches per minute, and includes an automatic needle threader and timed automatic thread trimmer to further eliminate any delays.

The Brother PQ1500SL model gives the ultimate control over quilting projects with its knee lifter, foot pressure adjustment, and 4 feed dog settings. All of these features combined leave two hands free to move fabric and ensure that stitches are perfectly straight and accurate.

The machine comes with a 25 year warranty, demonstrating the commitment to quality and durability of the PQ1500SL. This is the perfect gift for a quilter who is seriously invested in the long term pursuit of their projects.

10. Gypsy Quilter Sit Upon

We all know the pressures of an aching back, and quilters spend a lot of time seated while working on projects. This causes an incredible toll on the tailbone and lower back.

You can help relieve some of their pain with this sit upon from Gypsy, specially designed to improve posture, strengthen the core, and reduce aching muscles. The protruding rubber fingers increase blood flow in the body, easing pressure and reducing pain.

The sit upon is both inflatable and flexible, allowing quilters to sit and quilt comfortably for longer periods of time without long term damage to their posture or joints.

11. Steamfast Mini Steam Iron SF-717

The Steamfast SF-717 is a pint-sized steam iron that packs a real punch. Perfect for quilters that work quickly, its water tank heats in just 15 seconds for the speediest possible ironing.

It comes with 420 watts of power and 3 temperature settings, which can remove wrinkles even from the trickiest of fabrics. Its lightweight nature and dual voltage capability makes it perfect for traveling, and a long extension cord allows quilters to work from wherever is comfortable.

This Steamfast steam iron is perfect for the quilter in your life who values speed, efficiency, and simplicity.

12. Better Homes and Gardens: Complete Guide to Quilting

If we had to name a Bible for quilters, it would be this complete guide by Better Homes and Gardens. At a whopping 352 pages and including more than 750 photos, this comprehensive guide includes all topics related to quilting.

These range from designing blocks, to appliqueing, binding, and finishing. Including how to-instructions and an incredible wealth of knowledge, this guide is perfect for starting off beginners or developing the skills of more experienced quilters.

There’s no need for many quilting guides when you have it all in one place!

13. Flynn Multi-Frame Quilting System

This multi-frame quilting system by Flynn is perfect for creating tension while sewing, to ensure that stitches are straight and the fabric doesn’t roll back.

The design of PVC roller pipes and fiberglass rolling rods keeps fabric taut more effectively than pins, and its adjustable nature makes it compatible with any sewing machine and different sizes of fabrics. This system is most effective for quilters who like to create smaller projects like wall hangings or baby quilts, and simply makes the job easier.

Simplicity and effectiveness are music to the ears of quilting enthusiasts, and this system does just the trick!

14. Quiltmaker’s 1000 Blocks

If the quilter in your life is looking for inspiration, this guide by Quiltmaker has every design block imaginable. Ranging from classic to contemporary and everything in between, there are 1000 different designs to inspire any kind of quilter.

The guide includes full explanations of each block, allowing quilters of all levels to get started. The variety of techniques used will also challenge even the most experienced quilter.

If your loved one has been complaining that they don’t know what to make next, we are sure they will find something inspirational in this guide!

15. The Quilter’s Field Guide to Color

A common frustration of quilters is not knowing quite how to put different colors together. This guide by Rachel Hauser walks quilters through 14 different exercises to learn color theory and develop a better eye for the relationship between colors.

It includes color cards to show which colors work well together, helping quilters to improve their patterns and develop amazing new designs for their own blocks. This guide is great too in that it treats colors thematically, including work with seasonal colors and telling a story.

It helps quilters to learn how to create an emotional story with their work and produce the most beautiful results.

Best Gifts for Quilters of All Interests

Quilters are united in their love for the craft, but come from a variety of different backgrounds, skill levels, and personal style.

However, all quilters are united in their need for quality tools and inspiration for how to make the most innovative and beautiful quilts.

You may have been asking yourself what you could buy for them, but this collection of gifts for quilters shows that there’s something for everyone!