9 Best Gifts For Scrapbookers (That Are Not Scrap)

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In the days before the popularity of Facebook and Instagram, we had photo albums and scrapbooks to document timeless memories.

Scrapbooking is still popular today, appealing to crafty types who prefer physical copies of their memories and the option to inject their own creativity and personality.

Scrapbookers all have their own passions and page ideas, but these gifts for scrapbookers cover the gamut of interests for all kinds of crafters.

We promise this is a list you won’t want to scrap!

Best Gifts for Scrapbookers

1. 501 Great Scrapbook Page Ideas

501 Great Scrapbook Page Ideas
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Memory Makers (Author)

Serious scrapbookers will rejoice at this enormous 192 page guide from Memory Makers that lists inspiration for scrapbook pages from A to Z. It includes 501 unique page ideas, including emotions, dreams, and culture.

The alphabetical listing makes it easy to find the desired section, and the inclusion of general tips and tricks for scrapbooking ensures that all scrapbookers will come away with new skills and inspiration.

Although scrapbookers are a creative bunch, they get stuck for ideas too, and 501 Great Scrapbook Page Ideas is a perfect gift for injecting some fresh inspiration!

2. Black Spiral Scrapbook

Arteza Blank Scrapbook Set, Black Cover, Spiral Bound, 8.5x11 inches, 2-Pack, 40 Black Pages, 250...
  • For All Your Memories: This DIY scrapbook 2-pack will be right at your side as you collect the mementos of your favorite moments.
  • Blank Durable Sheets: Each scrapbooking album features 40 dual-sided 250 gsm sheets, giving you 80 pages to showcase events, travels, and holidays.

A high quality scrapbook is the fundamental base of any scrapbooking passion and the ARTEZA option is both practical and attractive. It features a spiral-bound design with stunning black pages that are easy to turn and provide a sturdy foundation for themed pages.

The pages are also heavyweight and resistant to tearing, as is the durable hardcover, ensuring scrapbookers can keep their treasured memories for life. The book closes with a simple but attractive black ribbon that adds a little extra flair to the overall design. If you know a scrapbooker who doesn’t conform to the standard, this black spiral scrapbook is a great alternative gift.

3. Shapeabilities Sea Animals Etched Dies

Shapeabilities Sea Animals Etched Dies

Ahoy matey! These sea animal etched dies by Shapeabilities are the perfect gift for scrapbookers who study  or work in marine biology, love scuba diving, or simply have a passion for the ocean and its mysterious creatures. The die set includes an octopus, jellyfish, crab, and fish, as well as separate eyes and fins for building new creatures.

The die set can serve as a stencil or be cut and embossed directly on scrapbook pages that celebrate the ocean and all that lives inside it. The sea creature etched dies are a great mix of anatomically correct and cute, suitable for all ages and personalities of scrapbookers.

4. Cora Crea Crafts Subscription Box

Cora Crea Crafts Subscription Box

Experienced scrapbookers usually like to make their pages with a mixture of memorabilia that they’ve collected in their life and ornamental pieces that fit the theme of pages. This subscription box by Cora Crea Crafts provides a monthly delivery of vintage ephemera and classic craft pieces that suit those who are old at heart.

These supplies include washi tapes, stickers, vintage style cards and other ephemera, with the option of a one-off box or ongoing subscription. If you know a card maker or scrapbooker who prefers vintage over modern, treat them with this monthly box of throwback goodies.

5. ARTEZA Acrylic Markers- Set of 20

Arteza Acrylic Paint Markers, Set of 20 Assorted Color Pens, Replaceable Tips, Water-Based, for...
  • Acrylic Markers in Bold Colors: Enjoy hours of fun with this set of 20 brilliant and opaque paint markers in 17 standard colors plus 3 metallics.

Acrylic markers are excellent for adding text and pops of color to scrapbooking pages and this set by ARTEZA is top quality. It includes 20 different colors and are made of an acrylic that dries quickly with minimal smell. The acrylic paint is also resistant to fading, ensuring that scrapbook pages will look just as vibrant in 5 or 10 years’ time.

We particularly like the replaceable tips that can be popped out with tweezers and swapped out for long term use. It’s also great that the acrylic markers are fully non-toxic, allowing young artists and less experienced scrapbookers to get in on the action.

6. Our Adventure Book

RECUTMS Our Adventure Book Pixar Up Handmade DIY Family Scrapbook Photo Album Expandable 11.6x7.5...
  • High quality scrapbook. Dimensions: length 10.6 x Width 7.5 (inches). Inside pages dimension: length 10.4 * Width 7.3 (inches), 40 sheets (80 pages). Holds more than 160 photos of 4*6 inches.

Drawing from the adorable Pixar movie Up, this travel-based scrapbook is perfect for fans who wish to document their own adventures. The book comes with a hard cover that protects the 80 included pages that can support up to 160 photos.

The most innovative design point of Our Adventure Book is the rope that binds it together, which can be untied to include even more pages for the well-seasoned traveler. As an added bonus, the book comes with postcards, photo corners, and colored pens to add more personality to the pages.

For the globe-trotting scrapbooker, you can’t go past the practical and adorable Our Adventure Book.

7. Explosion Gift Box Set

Explosion Gift Box Set Album Scrapbook DIY Photo Album Box for Birthday Anniversary Wedding
  • 🌹1.Surprise continues: This hexagonal photo gift box has a total of five layers. There are 6 hidden pockets in the first two layers, which can be used to put fun cards. After the first four layers...

For a more 3D approach to scrapbooking, this gift box set by Vienrose is made for documenting memories of birthdays, anniversaries, or weddings. The hexagonal box is designed as an “explosion”, with layers of boxes stacked like Babushka dolls, with each revealing more photos and memories.

The last box is a small container ideal for holding flowers, love letters, or other treasured items for a truly sentimental scrapbook. The set comes fully assembled so scrapbookers don’t need to waste time on assembly and can simply add photos, embellishments, and decorations.

It also comes with cards, artificial flowers, tape, stickers, and colored pencils to allow scrapbookers to customize the gift set. For the scrapbooker looking to commemorate a special event in a dynamic way, you can’t go past the explosion gift box set.

8. Just My Style Ultimate Scrapbook

Just My Style Ultimate Scrapbook by Horizon Group USA,Personalize & Decorate Your DIY Scrapbook with...
  • The ultimate scrapbook: use over 800 accessories to bring your memories to life
  • Self expression: express yourself as you create themed pages filled with your most cherished memories to share with family and friends

For introducing kids to the joy of scrapbooking, there’s no better option than the Just My Style Ultimate Scrapbook.

It includes more than 800 accessories, including stickers, stones, and sequins, for full personalization, and is the perfect encouragement for self-expression. Designed for younger girls, it is a great starting point for crafting with parents or grandparents, allowing them to share their creativity and spend quality time together.

With the Ultimate Scrapbook, young scrapbookers can express their individuality and document their memories for themselves or as a wonderful gift for their family.

9. Agutape Washi Tape Set

Agutape 48 Rolls Washi Tape Set,Foil Gold Skinny Decorative Masking Washi Tapes,3MM Wide DIY Masking...
  • DIMENSIONS:3mm wide X 5 meters long for each roll
  • PACKAGE:A clear PVC plastic box with 48 rolls tapes,include 16 rolls foiled washi tape and 32 rolls washi tape.

For creating colorful and vibrant borders on scrapbook pages, this set of 48 different washi tapes by Agutape is the top choice. Each set includes 16 rolls of foil tape and 32 rolls of regular washi tape, with each roll reaching 5m in length.

Although washi tape originates from Japan, the spectacular designs in this set are from leading US designers, and are varied enough to be suitable for any scrapbook page theme. The tape is manufactured with quality and durability in mind, ensuring it won’t peel or fall off of pages.

This is the perfect gift for any scrapbookers looking to add a little more color and vibrancy to their pages.

Best Gifts for Scrapbookers of All Styles

Scrapbookers are passionate about documenting their memories in artistic and unique ways that showcase their photos, memories, and emotions. However, the personality and scrapbooking style of every crafter is unique and no two scrapbookers will create the same page.

These gifts for scrapbookers allow all personalities to find inspiration and preserve beautiful memories.