7 Sensational Gifts for Seamstresses (Best of 2020)

Seamstresses are passionate about perfecting and designing patterns of clothing for themselves and for their loved ones.

It is a time-intensive but hugely rewarding craft, with the option to create apparel that ranges from cutesy to haute couture.

If you’ve got your eye on a dress pattern that you would like the seamstress in your life to create, you can curry favor with high-quality tools or inspirational material.

The following gifts for seamstresses are sure to please!

Unique Gifts for Seamstresses

1. Bernette 38 Sewing Machine.

Every seamstress needs a reliable sewing machine, and the Bernette 38 is a truly advanced and user-friendly model. With 394 built-in stitches, 8 different buttonholes, and 3 alphabets, it is designed to cater to all sewing needs.

The machine also can save combinations of patterns, to save time for seamstresses who make the same kind of clothing multiple times. More time-saving functions are included with an automatic thread cutter and automatic limitation for double needles.

The Bernette 38 is highly customizable for projects with a speed regulator and inclusion of 8 different presser feet. Overall, it is a high-quality, time-saving, and customizable machine for a serious seamstress.

2. Two Pack Tape Measure for Tailors.

Accurate measurements are essential for well-fitting clothing, and this two-pack tape measure set is specially designed for seamstresses and tailors.

It includes both a soft pink and hard retractable black measuring tape, suitable for all kinds of measurements. Both tapes are marked with large, easy-to-read measurements in both inches and centimeters, which can be used for a range of different projects.

The small and light design of the tapes also makes them highly portable, for the seamstress on the go.

3. Couture Sewing Techniques.

For seamstresses interested in high fashion pieces, fashion historian Claire B. Shaeffer’s guide is an essential addition to the library. She covers a comprehensive range of techniques, including hand sewing, finishing details, and shaping garments.

The guide is easy to follow, with full color photography, illustrations, and simplified language for intermediate seamstresses. Couture Sewing Techniques is also grounded in the real world, showing how the new techniques can and should be applied to a range of clothing from jackets to dresses.

This guide is a perfect gift for seamstresses looking to expand their sewing skills and create innovative and fashionable garments.

4. Dritz 20420 Sew-You Dressform.

An adjustable dressform is essential for correct measuring and shaping of garments, and this model by Dritz is both affordable and practical.

Coming in both small and medium sizes, the dressform is easily customizable with adjustment wheel tapes to change the size of the neck, bust, back waist, waist, and hips. The height is also adjustable up to 59 inches, so seamstresses can modify accordingly and easily create clothing that sits well and comfortably.

The sturdy structure of the dressform and its customizable nature means that it is a perfect gift for seamstresses looking to make clothing for different people in the long term.

5. Ogrmar Professional Tailors’ Chalk.

This chalk set by Ogrmar is an essential addition to the toolkit of any seamstress. It comes in 4 different colors, making it suitable for every need, with a triangular shape that ensures an easy grip and accurate markings.

The chalk is also easily removed by water, so there is no fear of leaving behind markings on clothes. Where other brands may simply crumble on clothing, the sharp tip of this tailors’ chalk creates sharp, precise markings that are perfect for getting the right fit.

This is a great gift for any seamstress who is sick of cheap, unreliable, and inaccurate chalk products, and who is looking to make an upgrade.

6. LIVINGO Premium Tailor Scissors.    

High-quality and sharp scissors are a necessity for seamstresses who endeavor to make beautiful and well-fitting clothing.

This premium set by LIVINGO is a perfect gift for the modern seamstress, including stainless steel blades that are resistant to rust and ensure the scissors can be used in the long term. The extra sharp design of the blades can cut precisely through more than 16 layers of fabric at a time, avoiding mistakes or fraying fabric.

The design is further amplified by an ergonomically soft handle that molds to the hands to reduce strain and maintain control.

7. Clover MCI-900 Mini Iron.          

The Clover MCI-900 Mini Iron is specially designed for quilters and seamstresses, due to its streamlined design and ease of use.

Its lightweight design allows full control and easy use for extended periods of time, while a mini head design is perfect for ironing out the wrinkles in small places. The MCI-900 is tiny but packs a punch, generating enough heat to remove any creases and administer appliques.

Seamstresses are always in need of a reliable iron, and this option by Clover is the ideal option to make their job easy and quick.

Best Gifts for Seamstresses

Seamstresses are always in need of high-quality tools and inspirational patterns to improve their skills and create beautiful clothing.

This can range from a premium sewing machine, to pattern books, to the best tools available for cutting and measuring.

If you’ve been wondering how to support this passion, these gifts for seamstresses cover the needs of every aspiring seamstress or tailor.