26 Best Gifts For Sketch Artists That Will Draw Their Attention

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We are guessing that you’ve arrived here because, between boring sketchbooks and pencils that you have no real idea about, you’re struggling to find an interesting gift for the sketch artist in your life.

Whether you are someone who has just nodded along every time they’ve started talking about sketching or even someone who enjoys sketching themselves but is stuck for creative ideas, this list is sure to be of great help to you.

Sketching is a beautiful hobby and here we have some gifts for sketch artists that can match this beauty!

Unique Gifts for Sketch Artists

1. Premium Black Sketchbook

If you are looking for a really great quality, stylish sketchbook, this is the one!

With over 96 thick sheets that are perforated to allow for easy removal, it is equipped for both masterpieces and mistakes. It is super affordable at less than $12, despite its high quality, and has a really nice cover design which makes it a lovely gift to present. It is also a hardback book which any sketch artist will tell you is way more satisfying to write and display work in.

If you are not a sketch artist, it might even tempt you to pick up a pencil and draw!

2. ARTEZA Black Paper Sketch Bundle

Arteza Black Paper Sketch Bundle, Drawing Art Supplies for Artist, Hobby Painters & Beginners
  • 120 Unique Colors: Create stunning color combinations with these durable coloring pencils. Each pencil is labeled and numbered for easy color identification.
  • Blendable Colored Pencils: This bulk set includes highly pigmented colors that are perfect for blending, mixing and layering shades.

If you’re looking for a fully inclusive gift for sketch artists, look no further! This premium pack by ARTEZA includes sketchbook and colored pencils. The sketchbooks have unique black paper that is high quality and forms a different base for drawings than the typical, and the pack also includes 120 different colored pencils.

The rich, blendable pencils are a professional quality that will add an extra element to any sketches. If you’re looking for a versatile and premium gift, the Black Paper Sketch Bundle by ARTEZA should be top of your list.

3. Fashionary Womens A4

Fashionary Womens A4
  • Handy fashion information for researching
  • Preprinted figure templates for instant sketching

Sketching and fashion design go together like peanut butter and jelly!

It is certain that a fashion orientated sketchbook is sure to be a hit with many sketch artists. This one is a great option for both artists looking to get into fashion sketching and artists who are well experienced in it. It is filled with figure templates that are easy to use and quite faintly drawn meaning that you can draw around them as your creativity sees fit.

It is also full of fashion information that is sure to get any sketch artist inspired to create some beautiful looks.

4. Enjoy the Little Things Hardcover Journal

Enjoy The Little Things Hardcover Journal

It can be easy to get caught up in the stress of day to day life, or place too much pressure on yourself as an artist to deliver perfection. This cute and simple hardcover journal reminds artists to enjoy the little things and take pleasure in the creation of their art.

The journal has a sturdy hardcover and has pages available in either lined, graphic, or blank format, allowing artists to use it for their sketches or for documenting their life. Help simplify the life of your beloved artist with the Enjoy The Little Things Hardcover Journal.

5. AN KINGPiiN Lapel Pin

A N KINGPiiN Lapel Pin for Men Pencil Brooch Suit Stud, Shirt Studs Men's Accessories Alloy...
  • Metals Type: Zinc Alloy , Material: Metal
  • Dimensions: 2.5cm , Ideal for all occasions

This gift is a great option if you are looking for a little something that you can package in a cute box and be sure to put a smile on any sketch artist’s face.

This cool pencil shaped pin is super intricate and works well on the lapels of a shirt as well as on rucksacks, denim jackets or pretty much anywhere else a sketch artist wants to add a bit of personality!

It’s a great size- definitely a conversation starter but not too large that some people might not like to wear it.

6. Pen Collection T-Shirt

Pen Collection T Shirt

This graphic tee allows sketch artists to show their passion for the craft with cute pens on a solid color background. It’s available in 17 different colors to provide a background to the different styles of pens and pencils that you can usually find in an artist’s toolkit.

The shirt is available in sizes from small to 3XL and is also available in other styles like a long-sleeved shirt or V-neck shirt. It’s a heavyweight cotton that can provide ample warmth in winter or fall, while allowing artists to look great with their Pen Collection T-Shirt.

7. Derwent Sketching Wallet, 17 Pieces Per Set

Derwent Sketching Wallet, 17 Pieces Per Set (2300218)
  • Our stylish sketching wallet is Perfect for the artist who loves to get outdoors; small enough to fit in your bag it contains a selection of handy drawing media
  • Set contains: 6 x Graphic pencils (2H, H, B, 2B, 4B, 6B); 2 x water soluble sketching pencils (4B, 8B); 1 x Onyx Pencil (dark); 3 x tinted charcoal pencils; 1 x charcoal Pencil (dark); 1 x metal...

Though a little more expensive than most of the options on our list at just under $30, these sketching wallets are well worth the price and make awesome, unique gifts for sketch artists.

It appears, when closed, almost as a normal wallet with a sleek and stylish look. Then, when it is opened, it becomes clear that this wallet is the perfect sketch artist’s travel companion.

It’s really compact and comes with an A5 sketchpad as well as a great range of sketching pencils to suit any preference- from charcoal pencils to water soluble sketching pencils.

8. Venus Deco Art Sketchbook

A sketch artist can never have too many sketchbooks and this collection of quirky but cute sketchbooks allows them to show off their personality. Sketchbooks are grouped in 8 different themes, allowing you to choose one that will determine which cover is delivered, maintaining surprise until the moment your loved one opens their present.

The books themselves have 80 blank pages that are medium thickness and a suitable base for any kind of dry sketching. Sketchbooks can be just as creative as the content inside of them, so choose a Venus Deco Art Sketchbook for the sketch artist in your life.

9. Drawing and Sketching in Pencil (Dover Art Instruction)

Drawing and Sketching in Pencil (Dover Art Instruction)
59 Reviews
Drawing and Sketching in Pencil (Dover Art Instruction)
  • Arthur L. Guptill (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

If you are looking for a gift for someone who has only quite recently developed a love of sketching or someone who would probably describe themselves as an intermediate sketcher, this book is a brilliant gift idea.

Not only does Drawing and Sketching in Pencil cover a huge range of subject matter- from landscapes to people and animals- but each part of the book is thorough in its exploration. This certainly makes a lovely present for a sketch artist who wants to gain confidence in their abilities and to progress.

Maybe you could even offer to learn to sketch with them!

10. Jane Davenport Finishing Line Expressive Pens

Jane Davenport Finishing Line Expressive Pens

While some sketch artists only use pencils, others like to play around with different tools like charcoal or pens. This set of finishing line pens has 10 waterproof pens with varying tip sizes that are suitable for all kinds of sketching lines and shading. Each pen has a different tip for different applications, from a fine chisel line to a brush stroke.

The set comes in an attractive penvelope that allows the artist to see the type of pen from the outside and select as necessary from the Jane Davenport Finishing Line Expressive Pens.

11. Etch A Sketch, Classic Red Drawing Toy with Magic Screen

Etch A Sketch, Classic Red Drawing Toy with Magic Screen, for Ages 3 and Up
6,144 Reviews
Etch A Sketch, Classic Red Drawing Toy with Magic Screen, for Ages 3 and Up
  • The original magic screen that's fun and easy to use!

Yes, this makes a great gift for kids who love to sketch but it’s also a comical and super fun gift idea for adult sketch artists too.

There is something about an Etch a Sketch that brings out a huge sense of competition in an artist! It could be how satisfying it is when you complete something on one… This is a great gift idea that would take anyone back to the origins of their love of sketching through some good old nostalgia!

What’s more, the Etch a Sketch provides another tool (or another challenge) that a sketch artist can use to develop their skills.

12. ARTEZA Spiral-Bound Hardcover Sketchbooks

Arteza Watercolor Sketchbooks, 5.5x8.5-inch, 3-Pack, Gray Hardcover Journal, 96 Sheets, 140lb/300gsm...
  • Wire Bound Watercolor Journal 3-Pack: Save time and money with this watercolor sketchbook 3-pack. Each watercolor sketchbook contains 32 sheets and features a spiral binding for working on a flat and...
  • Coldpress Watercolor Paper: Each sheet of this slightly textured watercolor paper is 140lb or 300gsm. Use watercolor paint and other wet media without fear of warping or buckling.

Sketches are the most precious possessions of a passionate sketch artist and this hardcover sketchbook provides a safe and wonderful place to produce them. Its thick cover is reinforced with PU, ensuring it can withstand continual use without damage, while the spiral-bound design allows easy turning of the pages. Its paper is acid-free and resists ink bleed through, keeping each sketch distinct no matter the medium.

If you’re looking for a classically-styled and high quality sketchbook, you can’t go wrong with the Spiral-Bound Hardcover Sketchbooks by ARTEZA.

13. Pigcasso – First Hands Free Drawing Game for The Whole Family.

Pigcasso - Play Creative Drawing Challenges Using Pig Mask
  • Get more laughs with Pigcasso board game, a hilarious and challenging drawing game!
  • Pick your teams and easily set up your Pigcasso easel. Spin the wheel to choose among the 3 challenge games to play. The first team who completes the task in under 60 seconds wins!

A similarly humorous gift idea, that is ideal for younger sketch artists or those with families, is this hilarious Pigcasso game.

Since this game involves sketching using a pen holder that is shaped a pig’s nose and goes around your face, this is finally a sketching game that artists will not win so easily! You can pack it up compactly, so it is a great game to take with you for rainy days on vacation.

Overall, it is just a really fun, creative game idea that might give some well needed respite from working on a particularly difficult sketch!

14. Venus Deco Totoro Dinnerware Set

Venus Deco Totoro Dinnerware Set

Studio Ghibli is famous around the world for its films which include heartwarming storylines, loveable characters, and beautiful art style. Artists of all mediums can appreciate the style of the Japanese artists who bring life to cute and quirky creatures and people.

This dinnerware set includes sketches of the famous Totoro character across its crockery. The set includes bowls, spoons, and plates, all made in an artisanal pottery style. For the perfect mixture of functionality and whimsy, there’s nothing better than the Totoro Dinnerware Set by Venus Deco.

15. Professional Art kit, 58 Piece Drawing and Sketching Art Set

Professional Art kit, 58 Piece Drawing and Sketching Art Set, Colored Pencils and Charcoal Pencils...
  • 【BEGINNER TO PROFESSIONALS】Bring your imagination to life with this all-in-one art kits for adults. This 58-piece art set is the perfect necessary set of tools for any artist, beginner or...
  • 【Safe & Easy to Carrying】: We put children's best interests first. 100% SAFE FOR KIDS from 3 years old. Each crayons, pencils and pastels in this art box are non-toxic, and conforms to ASTM D4236.

Another must buy gift for those sketch artists who are just starting out is this full sketching art set.

There is nothing essential that sketch artist could possibly wish for that is missing from this kit! As well as tools and a great range of materials (including charcoal, pastel and graphite) this set even includes a wooden mannequin. These are often super helpful to sketch artists as they can be manipulated into different positions and this allows the sketch artist to draw people more accurately.

At under $30, this 58 piece art kit is an incredible gift!

16. ArtSnacks Subscription Box

Artsnacks Subscription Box

There’s nothing quite like new art supplies to make a sketch artist’s day and you can ensure this every month with a subscription box. The ArtSnacks box has monthly deliveries of premium supplies that could include paints, brush pens, or pencils. It also includes a Menu that explains different techniques and project ideas that use these supplies, helping artists to explore the limits of their creativity. 

There is also a strong sense of community from the online group that members are added to upon receiving their first box. This allows artists to collaborate, share their progress, and source new inspiration. The ArtSnacks Subscription Box is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

17. Office Foot Hammock Under Desk

Office Foot Hammock Under Desk Footrest, Adjustable Desk Foot Rest Stand Replace Footstools for...
  • High Quality - This office foot rest is made of durable canvas material + 2 steel clips + hanging polyethylene rope + wood. Size: 25"x 8"inches.
  • Easy to Install - Just buckle the two hooks at both ends of your table and then wedge the ropes in the two hooks. You can adjust the distance between the two sides of the rope.

This gift also has a comical element to it but is really a hugely practical gift idea.

These foot hammocks make great gifts for sketch artists because, if there is one thing that everyone knows about sketching, it’s that it takes a lot of sitting down. This can be set up really easily and is so comfortable to use. I have it in my office and you will never find my feet off it! It is also good for your blood circulation.

Just be aware that the sketch artist in your life will probably be even less likely to leave the art workshop if you buy them this.

18. Anita Goodesign Animal Sketches

Anita Goodesign Animal Sketches

If you know a sketch artist who also loves embroidery, this gift brings together the best of both worlds. It includes 20 different embroidery designs that come from adorable animal sketches that include a bear, raccoon, and giraffe. The finished result is designed to maintain the sketch art look, with a charcoal gray outline and secondary outline color.

These designs can fit embroidery hoops in various sizes and are suitable for beginners as well as intermediate embroiderers. Help sketch artists to explore their secondary craft passion with the Anita Goodesign Animal Sketches.

19. Creative Mark Artist Leaning Bridge

Creative Mark Artist Leaning Bridge Hand and Wrist Leaning Bridge Acrylic Used For Steady Hand...
  • This transparent stable and sturdy heavyweight acrylic shelf allows you to add detail and highlights onto your painting without smearing, smudging or soiling. Great for adding straight lines with pen...
  • Rest your hand on bridge, not your art

The ultimate nemesis of any sketch artist is the smudge… While you can style it out as part of the overall piece, most often accidentally smudging your work means starting completely over.

That’s why a sketch artist will definitely thank you for this gift! This leaning bridge provides support to your hand and wrist and stops you from accidentally touching or smudging what you have already sketched. This one is transparent and really sturdy.

This, again, might be a gift more suitable to beginner or intermediate sketch artists because most sketch artists above that level will likely already have something like this.

20. ARTEZA Sketch TwiMarkers Set of 100

Arteza Dual Tip Brush Markers, Set of 100 Colors, Sketch Markers with Fine & Brush Tips, Pens for...
  • Two-sided versatility – These multi-purpose markers mark any occasion with a .4mm fine, thin tip on one end and a broader, brush tip on the other.
  • Color-Coding Coordination – Set includes 100 bright, vibrant water-based markers that deliver eye-catching content and long-lasting appeal.

There’s nothing in the artist’s rulebook that says sketching must be in black or gray. These Sketch TwiMarkers are designed to add vibrant color to a sketchbook, with 100 different colors that can be blended for even more possibilities. The markers have dual tips which can deliver thin lines or broad brush strokes, making them suitable for shading as well as fine details.

They are compact and long-lasting, with an included carry case that can easily be slipped into a tote or backpack for traveling sketch artists. Brighten the day of the sketch artist in your life with the Sketch TwiMarkers by ARTEZA.

21. Samadhi Board: Water Drawing Set for Painting, Sketching & Meditation with Natural Wood Brush & Yogic Stand

Samadhi Board: Water Drawing Set for Painting, Sketching & Meditation with Natural Wood Brush &...
  • Samadhi Board: made with only the finest high-quality materials. A beautiful peace for every home and office.
  • Simple Setup: Just fill the stand with water. Then dip in the bamboo brush (included) & start drawing, painting & writing. You'll create stunning images with a thick, professional look. Admire your...

This is such a cool and relaxing gift, you might even be tempted to buy one for yourself!

How a Samadhi Board works is that anything that is sketched on it with the bamboo brush slowly fades away as the water you have filled it with evaporates. Not only is it a great way to de-stress but these boards make great gifts for sketch artists because they remind them of the power of imperfection and let them work without the pressure of wanting to create something amazing.

After all, their sketch will only disappear anyway!

22. Vincent Van Gogh “Realism Sketch” Men’s Sweatshirt

Vincent Van Gogh “realism Sketch” Men’s Sweatshirt

Fashion mimics art in that it can be used to make bold statements. This sweatshirt features a Vincent Van Gogh sketch on a tan background, allowing wearers to pay their respects to one of history’s greatest artists while flaunting their modern style.

The sweatshirt is available in sizes from extra-small to 4XL and is dyed using a water dye process that makes the sketch a permanent part of the garment. This means that even after multiple washes and wears, artists will still be repping the Vincent Van Gogh “Realism Sketch” Sweatshirt in style.

23. ARTEZA Scratch Paper Set of 42, 10.9×8.2-inch Sheets

Arteza Scratch Paper Set of 42, 10.9x8.2 inch Sheets, Art Set Include: 4 Unique Patterns, 4...
  • 42 art sheets for non-stop fun - Each set is packed with 20 rainbow patterned sheets, 10 Gold patterned sheets, 10 silver sheets and 2 space patterned sheets for fun-filled arts and gaming variety.
  • Packed with 4 double-sided stylus scratchers - More than one kid to play at a time either in a class setting or at Home. Includes 2 Stylus sharpeners.

Again here, we have a gift idea that would give any stressed-out sketcher in the midst of a project chance for a productive break as well as a reminder of the joys of sketching.

This paper, when scratched, reveals incredible colors and patterns. It works well with several different tools but the ideal tools to use are those included. This item, of course, makes a great gift for kids who love to sketch but also provides any sketcher with a space to experiment and have fun!

With 42 sheets of scratch paper, this will keep any artist going for a while.

24. Guide Dots Subscription Box

Guide Dots Subscription Box

Sketch artists with kids or grandkids will love introducing their kids to drawing with the Guide Dots Subscription Box. Each monthly kit includes Guide Dots projects, which teach kids to draw by following the instructions, as well as art supplies, video tutorials, and progression of skills over time. This is also a great gift for aspiring young artists.

You can choose from two different subscription boxes, with the Discover Art box suitable for children aged 4 to 7 and the Art Confidence Box designed for children aged 8 to 10. The use of paced learning and an evolving curriculum makes the Guide Dots Subscription Box a great gift for sketch artists who want to introduce their kids to art.

25. ARTEZA Pencil Case Paint Splatter Pattern

Arteza Pencil Case Organizer, 64 Elastic Slots, Paint Splatter Pattern, Large Capacity, Holds Up to...
  • Large Pencil Case With Flexible Slots: Each case has 64 elastic slots that can hold up to 205 pencils and also works for storing pens, markers, erasers and other artist supplies.
  • Organize Your Supplies Conveniently: This pencil case features compartments that keep your tools separated, plus a front pocket to store additional supplies and accessories.

A well-designed pencil case is essential for any sketch artist who wants to preserve their most precious tools. This ARTEZA pencil case features an attractive paint splatter pattern that is vibrant and colorful, while the inside is perfectly designed to accommodate many pencils.

It has 64 slots that are flexible, allowing them to hold up to 205 pencils. It also has a front pocket for holding other tools and the outer of the ARTEZA Pencil Case is a durable polyester that can withstand long term use with minimal wear and tear.

26. Buckle Down Bob Ross Wallet

Buckle Down Bob Ross Wallet

Bob Ross is one of the most iconic and internet-famous artists who specializes in painting, general art, and is famous for his wholesome Joy of Painting program. He is many ways an icon for beginner artists, teaching people that anyone can produce something beautiful.

Sketch artists and painters can show off their love for Bob Ross with this bi-fold wallet that displays the artist on a starry background. The wallet is made from high quality and durable vegan leather that is long-lasting as well as ethical, allowing environmentally-conscious sketch artists to make good use of the Buckle Down Bob Ross Wallet.

Gifts for Every Sketch Artist

We are sure you’ll agree that this ideas list is a comprehensive guide to buying gifts for artists who sketch.

It includes presents for every price budget and every type of sketcher as well as gifts that suit every skill level- from beginners all the way up to professional sketch artists.

So no more plain and boring sketchbooks or pencil collections are necessary! This list encapsulates all the excitement and beauty of sketching.

And hey, after buying, maybe you’ll even develop an interest in trying to sketch out for yourself!