10 Best Gifts for Tailors (Terrific Ideas for 2020)

Being a tailor is a job that is equal parts creativity and precision. It’s essential to have innovative design that can suit a wide variety of body types and styles, with the execution that leaves the client looking fantastic.

That’s why we’ve found the best gifts for tailors that incorporate both parts of their job: sources of inspiration and reliable tools to get the work done.

If you’ve been wondering what to buy for the tailor in your life, look no further!

The Best Gifts for Tailors

1. Cricut Maker + Essentials Bundle

Cricut Maker + Essentials Bundle

Forget about using scissors, because the Cricut Maker is the new smart cutting machine that can handle hundreds of different fabrics (including leather – just in case need a gift for a leatherworker too). It’s perfect for the professional tailor in your life that wants to improve their efficiency and ensure perfect, straight cuts every time. The Cricut machine includes handy features like a specialty rotary blade that doesn’t need backing material and a Fast Mode for those tight deadlines.

Tailors can create their designs in the Design Space Software, transfer it to the Cricut machine, and simply start cutting. The Essentials Bundle contains a comprehensive collection of blades, mats, tools and accessories, bringing design to the 21st Century.

2. Little Foot TPT That Purple Thang

Little Foot TPT That Purple Thang-
  • Great tool for many craft projects
  • Pushes, pulls, and pokes

TPT is a versatile and nifty device that can be used as a stocking stuffer for any tailor or general crafter. The heavy plastic tool pushes, pulls, and pokes, making it invaluable for an immeasurable number of applications. These include helping you to thread the needle on a sewing machine, holding down seams when sewing over the top, and general flattening of fabric.

It’s significantly safer than metal pins, keeping your fingers safe from sharp tips, and speeding up any sewing process. Revolutionize the way that the tailor or seamstress in your life works and introduce them to That Purple Thang.

3. Juki DDL8700-7-WB AK CP18

Juki Ddl8700 7 Wb Ak Cp18

A sewing machine is a tailor’s best friend, and the Juki model is a premium gift for a serious professional. It can handle up to 5500 stitches per minute and includes user-friendly features like a presser foot with high lift, stitch dial, and a throat plate with marker grooves that can guide seams and deliver more accurate stitches. Paired with the automated thread trimmer and foot lift, the Juki machine is designed for speed and efficiency.

Tailors will appreciate the superior head design that includes an eccentric pin that maintains easy control over the feed dog. The Juki DDL8700-7-WB AK CP18 also has a non-rotating bobbin device that improves thread tension and quality, working together with a professional tailor to deliver the best possible results.

4. Klasse Professional Tailoring Scissors B4726

Klasse Professional Tailoring Scissors B4726

There’s a huge variety of scissors on the market but treat the tailor in your life and buy them professional tailoring scissors that are designed for their job. These are affordable but durable, with high-carbon, double-plated, steel blades that are sharp enough to cut through 8 layers of fabric at once.

They come equipped with a rubber handle that is easy on the ends, perfect for those long nights of cutting and sewing, while adjustable brass bolts allow tailors to create the tension needed for their projects. A black oxide coating on the Klasse Tailoring Scissors prevents rust, ensuring that this gift for tailors will last them for years.

5. Bluefig Designer Series DS18 Project Bag

Bluefig Designer Series Ds18 Project Bag

If you know a tailor that’s always on the go, the Bluefig Project Bag is the perfect gift for keeping their life and their projects organized. Available in 3 different attractive designs, the Bluefig bag is also lightweight and highly portable with shoulder straps and grab handles.

It’s designed to carry a small sewing machine and materials, with 4 internal pockets and a zippered accessory pocket on the front that can contain sewing supplies – it is the perfect gift for sewers too! The padding of the Bluefig project bag protects the contents from damage, ensuring the tailor in your life can go about their business stress-free.

6. Econosew Garment-Sewing Lockstitch Machine DDL-8700

Econosew Garment Sewing Lockstitch Machine Ddl 8700

For a more affordable but extremely reliable sewing machine, the Econosew machine is a perfect gift for tailors to improve their efficiency. It has high speed output up to 5500 stitches per minute and has automatic lubrication, which allows for the high output needed by a professional tailor without causing long term damage.

The machine includes dependable features like a presser foot with different lift heights for the hand or knee, and a drop feed with horizontal rotary hook. The Econosew is nothing flashy but is reliable and an asset to any tailor.

7. GoldStar GS-85AF Commercial Gravity Feed Steam Iron

Goldstar Gs 85af Commercial Gravity Feed Steam Iron

There’s nothing more frustrating than wrinkles in fabric, and the GoldStar Steam Iron solves that problem for perfectly pressed clothes every time. It is suitable for all kinds of garments, making it ideal for tailors who handle diverse clients. The heavy steam iron uses gravity and an aluminum soleplate to press fabric to perfection, while the rotary adjustment dial can be used to adapt to different types of material.

The GoldStar steam iron also comes with a filter, demineralizer, and Teflon shoe, making it a comprehensive machine that is an undeniable asset for any serious tailor.

8. Tailoring: The Classic Guide to Sewing the Perfect Jacket

Tailoring: The Classic Guide to Sewing the Perfect Jacket
  • Editors of Creative Publishing international (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Jackets are one of the most difficult items of clothing to tailor, but this compilation guide by multiple sewing experts simplifies the process. Designed for intermediate tailors that want to work on their jacket skills, it includes detailed written instructions, more than 400 photos, and written commentaries on products and their usage.

This guide covers all aspects of creating a high-quality jacket, from fitting, to sleeves, to pockets, and anything else you could imagine. This guide is extremely thorough and tailored to the experienced sewer, allowing them to take their skills to the next level.

9. The Refashion Handbook: Refit, Redesign, Remake for Every Body

If you know a tailor who loves a more sustainable approach to fashion, this fun and informative guide by Beth Huntington allows for experimentation with refashioning. It contains 19 different projects that show how to measure, reshape, fit, and finish existing garments to make them more flattering, regardless of body type.

Rather than producing trendy pieces, each of the designs is timeless and classic, for a wardrobe that is never irrelevant. Huntington’s guide is both informative and conversational, with her warm and inspiring personality shining through.

10. Ogrmar Professional Tailors Chalk

Ogrmar 10PCS Professional Tailors Chalk Triangle Tailor's Chalk Markers Sewing Fabric Chalk
  • Tailors’ chalks in 4 colors, different colors meet your different needs, suitable for professional tailor and home tailoring.
  • A solid block of chalk with a triangular shape makes it easy to hold and make markings.

Another small addition to a larger gift pack for a tailor is this professional tailor chalk by Ogrmar. The pack comes with 4 different colors of chalk in a triangular shape that is easy to grip, doesn’t leave residue on the fingers, and has a sharp point for precise markings. This allows tailors to easily make markings for alterations and remove the chalk quickly by brushing with just a little water.

Tailor chalk is essential for the day to day work of a professional tailor, and the Ogrmar pack is versatile and superior.

Unique Gifts for Tailors – All Budgets

Tailors are a versatile bunch who combine their love of fashion with a keen eye for precision and attention to detail. Tailors can benefit from high quality tools and new sources of inspiration, which is why our selection of the best gifts for tailors includes both elements.

Whether you’re looking to show a little appreciation or invest in a high quality sewing machine for your tailor friend, there’s something for everyone here.