Gifts for Tree Climbers (9 Practical Gifts for Those Who Climb Trees!)

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Today, I’ll share some of the best practical gifts I discovered for those who live to climb trees.

Choose from a number of hand-picked options that make perfect gifts for the tree climber in your life.

9 Best Gifts for Tree Climbers

1. Rope Grip Clamp

WILDKEN Climbing Ascender Fall Protection Belay Device Climbing Rope Grab for Rock Climbing...
  • Durable Material : The climbing ascender is made of high quality magnesium alloy, durable, high strength, lightweight and easy to carry

The last thing your tree climber needs is to lack the proper safety equipment whenever he or she attempts their next climb for work or pleasure.

This rope grip clamp is ideal because it’s made of durable material and it’s the perfect climbing ascender to keep them safe and protected.

Specifically, it’s used for protection while performing arborist work, tree climbing, exploring, and much more.

I know the avid arborist in your life will really appreciate this safety rope grip.

2. Outdoor Climbing Rope

X XBEN Outdoor Climbing Rope 10M(32ft) 20M(64ft) 30M (96ft) 50M(160ft) Rock Climbing Rope, Escape...
  • Compare with competitors climbing rope, the outer skin sliding rate of our rope is low (less than 0.05%),not easy pilling and keep good braking function.The operation is more smooth.

I know the tree climber in your life will certainly appreciate this high quality, very effective climbing rope and equipment. The static climbing rope design is ideal for rescue missions, outdoor adventures, and other important activities that involve a secure rope.

This option is a great choice because it’s a featherweight rope yet it’s incredibly sturdy but it doesn’t weigh down your pack or person. Tree climbers won’t want to leave home without their top-notch rope at their side.

3. Climbing Harness

Weanas Thicken Climbing Harness, Protect Waist Safety Harness, Wider Half Body Harness for...
  • Beginner's Harness: CE Certified,, but not certified for indoor climbing.Harness weight limited: 300KG,breaking strength-22KN. Half body climbing harness, traditional buckle, harness construction...

Just because somebody enjoys climbing trees, it doesn’t mean they have to be reckless about it. In fact, many tree climbers that work in this field for living are all about safety and security. This harness is the epitome of safety in the tree climbing and mountaineering fields.

It has a buckle closure and it’s made of premium quality adjustable material. Even better, it’s a great choice for other fields including rock climbing, fire rescue, and window washing.

4. Funny Arborist T-Shirt

Funny Arborist I Woodworker Chainsaw T-Shirt
  • Are you a arborist, lumberjack or logger with your own tree service? Do you love trees and take care of them with your stump grinder or trimmer. Get this funny tree climber design.

I absolutely adore this funny T-shirt and I know the arborist in your life will appreciate this humor too!

The image is a funny play on the movie The Godfather, except in this case it showcases a chainsaw with the words The Logfather written using the same font that they used to create The Godfather logo.

I know your tree climber will get a kick out of this hilarious T-shirt that’s available in black, navy, or olive.

5. Tree Gaffs

Notch Gecko® Aluminum 2.0 Climbers (Tree Gaffs) (41320T)
  • Hot forged replaceable steel gaffs with a uniquely effective and easily sharpened spur design

There’s no question in my mind that your favorite tree climber will truly appreciate this safe and effective gift. It’s unique and original, but it’s also extremely light yet durable at the same time.

These tree gaffs have a sharpened spur design and they are made of light aluminum, which makes them comfortable and easy to use.

Remember, every tree climber knows that safety is a top priority. These effective forged gaffs are just what the doctor ordered.

6. Tree Pruning Accessories Kit

Notch Big Shot® Set (2 x 4' Poles) - Individually Boxed (SET1027D)
644 Reviews
Notch Big Shot® Set (2 x 4' Poles) - Individually Boxed (SET1027D)
  • Set includes 2 x 4 ft. poles with rubber tubing & pouch

More than likely, the arborist in your life spans a great deal of time climbing and pruning trees throughout the day. It’s an integral part of their job and they undoubtedly love it!

You know what would make this job even better? An effective way to safely prune tree branches without worrying about them falling awkwardly and damaging property below.

This kit makes it accurately easy and effective to trim tree branches without potentially harming property or people below.

7. Tree Cutter T-Shirt

Getting High Is My Job Arborist Lumberjack Tree Cutter Gift T-Shirt
  • Perfect gift for Christmas or for a birthday for your friend who loves chainsaws and cutting trees with it or if he is a chainsaw artist.

Does the lumberjack in your life appreciate funny jokes? If the answer is a resounding yes, then they’ll definitely like the hilarious image and funny saying on this T-shirt.

On the shirt, there is an image of a man climbing a tree and the saying goes, “Getting high is my job.”

It may seem risqué, but it’s a funny lumberjack joke that your tree climber will appreciate. The shirt is available for men and women in 10 different colors.

8. Tree Climbing Salve

Fans of tree climbing and those who climb trees for living always need an excellent tree climbing salve to keep their hands in great condition. This option from Joshua Tree is a wonderful choice because it has 100% organic ingredients.

Even better, it contains ingredients that treat dry, chapped, chafing skin. It also treats cuts, scrapes, and bruises without ruining or healing the calluses needed for proper tree climbing in the future.

This great moisturizer provides fast skin relief!

9. Funny Coffee Mug

Sawdust Is Man Glitter 11 Ounces Funny Coffee Mug
  • 11 OZ durable coffee mug. Ships protected in its individual box,

The lumberjack in your life will undoubtedly appreciate this hilarious coffee mug and everything that it represents. It’s just a plain white coffee mug, but on the front of the mug it says, “Sawdust is man glitter.”

Isn’t that the truth! I know the tree climber and lumberjack in your life is often covered in sawdust from head to toe. It’s a lumberjack’s calling card and it’s definitely something to take pride in.

Affordable Gifts for Tree Climbers!

I hope you found this information to be a real blessing. This is especially true if you are having a tough time finding the best gifts for tree climbers.

Now, you have no excuse for failing to come up with the perfect gift. We shared all kinds of tree climbing related products including coffee mugs, T-shirts, organic salves, tree spikes, harnesses, ropes, and much more.

Choose your favorite lumberjack-related gift. The tree climber in your life will be truly impressed.