8 Best Gifts For Watercolor Artists (Personal & Affordable)

It can certainly be difficult to buy gifts for watercolor artists if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

There are literally hundreds of bottles of paint and different types of brushes out there and a lot of them are also super over-priced.

If you need a great gift for a watercolor artist but you’ve been searching the internet to no avail, this list is here to help!

With gifts to suit every skill level as well as every budget, these are all really personal, beautiful gifts to suit any artist.

Unique Gifts For Watercolor Artists

1. Field Artist Pro 12HP – Complete Travel Watercolor Set

Whether you are an artist yourself or not, you will know that great watercolor paintings require great inspiration.

This can be hard to find whilst staring at the blank wall of an artist’s workroom! This travel watercolor set is a staple item. It can simply be thrown in a bag and taken anywhere so that you can paint wherever you go.

It contains 12 very high-quality paints and space to mix them as well as a couple of great brushes and even a sea sponge for creating different textures in the painting.

2. Yasutomo Porcelain Mixing Dish Porcelain Mixing Dish

All watercolor painters will have experienced the frustration of accidentally knocking their paint palette off in a flurry of inspiration and throwing paint splatters everywhere.

This will almost never a problem with this heavier weight, sturdy paint mixing dish. These ceramic dishes make great gifts for watercolor artists! More than just their practical use, they are also a very pretty flower-like shape which doesn’t stain and is really easy to clean.

I bought this for my friend who said that it has meant that her cat has finally stopped knocking her palette off the desk mid-painting!

3. Modern Watercolor Botanicals: A Creative Workshop in Watercolor, Gouache, & Ink

This is a really impressive looking, botanical themed watercoloring book that any watercolor artist would love to have on their shelves.  

Written by artist and illustrator Sarah Simon, it is widely described as the best book of its kind available on the market. This book serves as a comprehensive guide for every skill level with natural and easy progression throughout. Even the most experienced of watercolor artists sometimes like to refer back to templates and to be prompted to explore their creativity further.

This would make a really special gift for artists of any skill level.

4. Allen Designs “Art Time” Whimsical Artist Palette Pendulum Wall Clock

At $60, this is the most expensive gift on our list, but it is also arguably the most unique.

With a quirky design that resembles a paint palette and a paint bottle squirting out paint, this clock is truly one of a kind. Placed in an office or workspace, this clock is sure to inspire an artist to paint. At the very least it will certainly liven up a boring wall and create a cool arty vibe! It also has a really effective protective layer.

I have had this clock for a number of years, and it has aged really well.

5. The Struggle Is Real Artist Paint Mug T-Shirt

All artists definitely do understand the struggle of mixing up mugs while painting!

For watercolor artists this is perhaps even more of a problem because those pale colors can often look even more like water than regular paint water… This T Shirt makes a funny but also very stylish gift for any artist to wear in day to day life or as a very apt painting shirt. Though the T Shirt is less than $15, it is very high quality.

It’s made mostly of cotton and the quality of the graphic is excellent too.

6. Faber-Castell Clic & Go Artist Water Cup – Dark Green

If you’re just looking for a little something for the watercolor artist in your life, this is an ideal option. 

This Faber-Castell cup can be folded up and taken to any painting location and then, when unfolded, you can use it for paint water whilst keeping your brush stable with the inbuilt brush holder. The dark green color is not only very stylish but actually blends in with nature which means that you can more easily paint wildlife without standing out.

This is great value at less than $6.

7. Metallic Komorebi Watercolor Paint Set, with 6 Shimmery Colors

Traditional watercolor paintings tend to be really subtle in their color schemes but if you’re looking for a gift for a watercolor artist who likes to be stand out or experiment with their art, these shimmery colors make a great gift!

This set is comprised of 6 colors- from silver to rose gold- which are all highly pigmented. These are really unique colors that most watercolor artists will not already have in their collections.

The packaging is also really nice, so this definitely makes for an exciting gift to unwrap!

8. SHINHAN Professional Watercolor Paint 7.5ml Tubes 30 Color Set

If you’re searching for a gift for someone who has just got into watercolor painting or is a relative beginner, this is perfect.

With 30 bright and beautiful colors, the recipient of this gift will be able to paint to their heart’s content! This is a fairly affordable set too, at just over $30, but comes really well presented in a lovely box.

While the colors are really of a great quality, you should probably avoid buying this for professional or very experienced watercolor artists because the colors may not be quite to their standards.

Gifts For Every Budget

So, there you have it, a list of gifts for watercolor artists to suit every budget. There’s now no need for you to spend ages figuring out the what the best options is from the list of expensive paints that you weren’t even sure of the quality of anyway!

This list is full of affordable but, more importantly, thoughtful gifts that will please watercolor artists of all abilities!

From comprehensive watercolor sets to unique and cool office accessories, you might even find yourself tempted to try out watercolor painting yourself!