Best Gifts for Weavers (6 Unbe-weave-able Ideas)

Weaving is a beautiful type of craft, by which different fabrics are layered and interlaced to create an aesthetically pleasing item like a basket or a rug.

Woven fabrics were created in even the earliest civilizations, and the method still enjoys its popularity today.

Current weavers use a variety of techniques including the traditional loom and hand-held weaving sticks, but non-weavers can be confused by the nuances of the craft.

If you have been wondering how you can shop for a weaver in your life, you have come to the right place. This list of gifts for weavers is absolutely unbe-weave-able!

Best Gifts for All Kinds of Weavers

1. Melissa & Doug Multi-Craft Weaving Loom.

The multi-craft weaving loom by Melissa & Doug is perfect for introducing children to the world of weaving. It is specially designed for children, with an oversized needle that is easy to use, simplified illustrated designs, easy-grasp knobs for adjustment of the frame, and rainbow yarn to spark the imagination of young minds.

The loom comes with 4 craft projects and patterns for colorful animal tapestries. Weaving is exciting and stimulating for children, by encouraging their creativity and improving their concentration, motor skills, and hand-eye coordination.

For weavers looking to include their kids or grandkids in the beautiful craft of weaving, this loom is the best choice.

2. Welcome to Weaving: The Modern Guide.

For weavers looking to improve their skills and work on innovative new projects, Lindsey Campbell’s guide is a comprehensive and user-friendly choice.

Including more than 30 techniques and 17 project ideas, Campbell includes options for all weavers from beginner to intermediate. Beginners are introduced to techniques like warp and weft through creating simple tapestries. Intermediate weavers are led deeper into patterns with varied projects like a necklace and even a chandelier.

The instructions are easy to follow and supplemented with full color photographs, allowing weavers of all levels to create beautiful results. Campbell even teaches readers how to make their own loom which can be used to complete all projects.

3. WILLOWDALE Weaving Loom.

This loom by WILLOWDALE is perfect for beginners looking to work on their weaving with a well-designed and intuitive product.

The beautiful design includes smooth polished wood that avoids damaging fabric while working on weaving projects. The loom is also designed to last long term, with damage-resistant beam teeth and a secure frame design. The fully adjustable stand allows accommodations for different needs, making it perfect for all.

The simple back and forth shuttle design and easy assembly are ideal for weaving beginners, who can create a variety of projects from tapestries to carpets.

4. Next Steps in Weaving.

For beginner or intermediate weavers looking to learn new techniques, Next Steps in Weaving is the perfect choice. Pattie Graver explores more intermediate techniques such as twill, lace, overshot, and color-and-weave in her detailed 184-page guide.

The guide is educational and detailed in its instructions, with comprehensive explanations of new techniques, sampler instructions, and practice projects. There is also a dedicated section for common mistakes in weaving, which allows weavers at all levels to learn and improve.

This guide is the perfect gift for weavers looking to improve their repertoire of techniques and take weaving to the next level.

5. Clover 8440 Weaving Sticks.

Good quality weaving sticks are an essential part of a weaver’s toolkit, and this set by Clover strikes the right balance between quality and affordability.

The pack includes 6 weaving sticks of smooth birch wood, a tapestry needle, and user-friendly instructions. The smooth finish of the sticks avoids damage to material and is comfortable on the hands for long term use.

For weavers looking to create smaller projects like baskets, fashion accessories, or belts, these weaving sticks are ideal.

6. Peg Looms and Weaving Sticks.

Noreen Crone-Findlay’s 184-page guide to weaving with peg looms and sticks is a great addition to the library of weavers who prefer smaller projects. It includes more than 20 projects, including toys, rugs, baskets, and bowls, which are all designed to be functional and beautiful.

The guide includes clear instructions for the variety of techniques available with both peg looms and weaving sticks and includes color photography to help learners avoid common mistakes.

The addition of a glossary with weaving terms is considerate to beginners, and a gallery of finished pieces serves as inspiration for future projects.

Top Gifts for Weavers of All Abilities

Weavers come in all varieties and abilities, whether they prefer creating larger projects with a traditional loom, smaller projects with weaving sticks, or a mixture of both.

If you are unfamiliar to the world of weaving, it can be difficult to know how to shop for a weaver, especially if you don’t know the technique they use.

Luckily, this list of gifts for weavers covers all styles and abilities, so you can be sure to find something perfect!