9 Best Gifts For Young Artists (Keep Them Entertained)

A young person who loves art is a wonderful thing and seeing a young artist develop their talent is exciting.

You think, maybe they’ll grow up to be the next Van Gogh or Monet, maybe they’ll come up with a new artistic technique or they’ll paint a famous portrait of you… Okay the last one is less likely!

The problem is, though, none of this makes it any easier to buy them a decent gift!

You want to get them something that they’ll love but you have no idea where to start.

Well worry no more, this list of gifts for young artists of all ages will certainly help!

Unique Gifts For Young Artists

1. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel

If you’re looking for a gift for a young artist aged 3-7, this is the perfect one.

It is a little expensive, at just under $65, but for that price you get a dry erase board, chalkboard, paper cutter and more all in one compact set up. Not only is it compact but it can be set up and put away very easily.

This easel can act as a station for all drawing/painting tools and is a gift that will definitely make those arty kids and toddlers excited to get creative!

2. KLUTZ Neon Chalk Lettering Toy

Whether we were particularly arty or not as kids, I’m sure we all remember the pure joy that came from doodling and creating bubble writing.

This Neon chalk lettering book makes that activity even more fun with bright neon colored pens and creative tips on what to make- from door signs to posters.

For younger readers, it is a great idea because it has easy to follow instructions but really this is a gift that young artists of most ages would love… and, to be honest, I’m sure some adults would too!

3. BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker, Temporary Tattoo Pen

If you’re looking for a gift for an arty teen and don’t want to risk getting them something they already have or won’t use, this is a great idea.

These temporary tattoo pens allow people to draw designs on their skin that will be semi-permanent but still wash off easily. Be aware that these should not be bought for people with sensitive skin and also that you may have to let the recipient draw a on you.

I bought these for a family friend and her parent’s have really appreciated this gift having been “tattooed” 100 times!

4. Tonzom Paint by Number Kits 16 x 20 inch Canvas DIY Oil Painting for Kids, Students, Adults

Is there anything more relaxing than painting by numbers?

We all remember this great pastime but have you considered that it could make a lovely gift for a young artist? This painting by numbers set, styled on a famous painting, is a great option for anyone over the age of 8 or so. Adults can enjoy this just as much as kids so it can be a great group activity and it’s great value too! At less than $16, it comes with all the colors you need as well as brushes. If you follow the instructions, the picture ends up looking incredible!

It’s definitely something to keep after you’ve painted it.

5. Rock Painting Kit for Kids – Arts and Crafts for Girls & Boys Ages 6-12

This rock painting kit would make a wonderful gift for kids of around 6-12 years old.

It takes rock painting to the next level with its inclusion of googly eyes, metallic paints and much more. I bought this for my cousin and it’s so funny to see what rock designs young artists come up with! The set comes with a good supply of paint too so it will keep any artist going for a while.

When decorated, the rocks can be used to decorate the garden or even kept as funny little pets.

6. Spirograph Fun Shapes Set

No piece of art equipment ever quite compares to getting your first spirograph set. It’s a timeless gift for a range of ages.

The product guidance advises that it is most suited for children over 8 years old but kids under 8 can also use this no problem when supervised. It’s such a unique gift that even adults still enjoy using. Not only are the designs super easy but they look really intricate!

This set comes with a number of different shapes so young artists will be kept entertained for hours creating different patterns.

7. Jasonwell Aqua Magic Doodle Mat

Another gift for kids aged up to 8 years old, this doodle mat will stop those young artists from drawing where they are not supposed to and allow them a huge expanse to express their creativity.

These doodle mats are not only a great size and are super easy to clean because they don’t use actual pens. The “magic” pens that come with the mat only use water.

This means that drawings created with these pens disappear in just a few minutes so the doodling can begin all over again.

8. Wreck This Journal: Now in Color

The “wreck this journal” series has proved to be incredibly popular with artists of every age.

There’s no doubt that these journals make great gifts for young artists, in particular 10-18 year olds. This journal instructs you to do everything that you feel like you shouldn’t do to a journal! Including ideas such as “shred this page,” using it can be a great way to release emotions creatively!

There are a bunch of amazing “wreck this journal” designs available to view on the internet and, if these are anything to go by, young artists will definitely be left with beautifully filled journals that they can keep for a long time.

9. 145 Piece Deluxe Art Creativity Set

When the young artist in your life reaches an age where they are ready to move beyond crayons and felt tips, it could be a good idea to gift them with an art set. This set is one of the most amazing that you will find! Though, at $48, it is a little more pricey than some of the gifts on this list, it contains absolutely everything that a young artist could need to get going. From beautiful watercolors to high-quality drawing pens, it is perfect for any artist who hasn’t yet decided which type of art they prefer doing- not that they ever need to!

Fun Gifts For Any Young Artist

Whether you are arty yourself or have never gone near a paintbrush, this list will not only provide you with gift ideas for any young artist but probably get you tempted to try out some art with them too. The gifts in this list are suitable for different age ranges and price budgets but the one thing that really unites them is that they make being creative even more fun!

With this list of gifts for young artists, you can be sure that you are going to put a smile on their face! Just remember not to hog the spirograph or that smile might not last for long…