9 Harley Davidson Gifts For Her (Bike And Wardrobe)

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Of all the American motorcycle brands, none is more famous or more beloved than Harley-Davidson.

And believe it or not, it’s not just men who love these bikes.

If there is a woman in your life who loves her Harley, you’ve probably been looking for the perfect Harley-Davidson gift for her.

Well look no further – below I’ve compiled a list of the best gifts that any motorcycle-loving lass should appreciate.

9 Best Harley-Davidson Gifts For Her

1. Cute HD Mini Backpack

Harley Davidson Minime, Black, One Size
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Harley Davidson Minime, Black, One Size
  • Small, sleek, functional, and convenient, carry it anywhere

If she’s the kind of girl who’s always losing things while you’re out on a midnight ride, this sleek mini backpack should do the trick.

It’s small, functional, and convenient, the perfect place for her to store her bike keys, cards, and more. But best of all? She can rock the Harley Davidson logo wherever she goes!

2. Women’s Leather Biker Jacket

Edgy Moto Style Women's Real Leather Asymmetrical Jacket - Year-Round Statement Piece | [1300912]...
  • Distinctive Asymmetrical Design: Elevate your style with our real leather asymmetrical jacket. A bold fashion choice for various occasions, it exudes edgy elegance and stands out effortlessly.

Are you really a biker, or even a bike lover, without the requisite biker jacket? If the Harley-loving woman in your life hasn’t got her own high-quality leather jacket or needs a new one, this lambskin bikers jacket might be just the gift you’re looking for.

Not only do these super cool jackets look great in any wardrobe, but they are made to last and are comfortable in any season or type of weather.

3. Harley Davidson Graphic Tee

HARLEY-DAVIDSON Military - Women's Black V-Neck Bar & Shield Graphic T-Shirt - NSA Naples | Metallic...
  • Exclusive H-D Military location back print of NSA NAPLES, ITALY, shows military pride and appreciation

Every Harley Davidson fan needs a t-shirt that shows off their love for the brand. This polyester V-neck tee looks great on and bears the HD trademark with pride.

And this shirt isn’t just another custom-made print – it is a genuine piece straight from the Harley Davidson production line, that your friend, mother, sister, daughter, or partner is sure to love.

4. Harley Pen Holder

For the busy working woman, this fantastically designed pen and pencil holder is an excellent way to remind her of one of her favorite hobbies. The accessory is a handcrafted metal Harley Davidson with a small cylinder at the back, made to decorate her desk and store her office supplies.

Distract her from the 9-5 office blues and bring her back to the open road with this unique gift.

5. HD Leopard Print Crossbody Purse

MOSISO Sling Backpack,Travel Hiking Daypack Leopard Print Rope Crossbody Bag, Brown, Medium
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A touch of leopard print and a sleek motorcycle have always gone hand in hand. If the woman in your life is partial to this pattern, why not buy this crossbody leopard print purse for her?

Classic biker chic and individual style go hand-in-hand with this cotton and canvas purse, and it both doubles as a convenient hip-bag and is designed to stick close to the body while she’s out on the hog.

6. HD Medallion Keychain

If you need a small and simple gift for the biker chick in your life, this trendy medallion keychain might be just what you’re looking for.

This keychain is an officially licensed product from the Harley Davidson line, as can be seen from the iconic shield logo emblazoned on the medallion piece.

Its pink and black design is also a great way to show off both her feminine and edgy side.

7. Garden Gnome Harley Rider

These days she might be spending more time at home than she is on the road. And with recent world events, I don’t blame her!

If she wants a sweet little reminder of her Harley days, get this lady biker garden gnome for her garden, so she has plenty of memories to greet her when she looks out of the kitchen window.

This polystone statuette shows a female garden gnome with a Harley Davidson gnome hat and a leather biker outfit.

8. HD Motorcycle Boots

If she loves Harley Davidson as much as you think she does, then you can’t go wrong with this brand-appropriate footwear.

These sturdy and stylish motorcycle boots are durable, comfortable, and lightweight, while still adding maximum protection.

And with the official HD trademark and inimitable biker style, they’ll look perfect in any female biker’s closet. They look the part, they act the part, they ARE the part: what’s not to love?

9. Biker Bake Wine Glasses

Biker Babe Stemless Wine Glass | Laser Etch Embedded Design | Motorcycle Biker Girl Woman | 15 Ounce
  • RESTAURANT QUALITY GLASSWARE: stemless wine glass is a great addition to your bar collection

Simple and to the point, these wine glasses say everything a Harley Davidson-loving woman needs to.

This quality stemless wine glass comes with a laser-etched design of a motorcycle with the words “biker babe” above, making sure that every visitor knows what she’s about. And with a 15-ounce capacity, it’s a very generous pour!

Gifts To Get Her Back In The Saddle

These gifts span a range of budgets, styles, and uses, but they all have one thing in common: they were made for the female Harley-Davidson fan in your life.

Make your biker babe feel special with one of these premium gifts from hilarious garden gnomes to uber-stylish biker boots and jackets.