15 Inexpensive Gifts for Skiers (Awesome Presents for Less)

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Do you plan to give your skier something extra special this year?

Maybe you’d like to buy them something ski related and memorable for their birthday or anniversary.

It’s possible now that you found the right place, because we’re sharing 15 wonderful inexpensive gifts for skiers below.

So, don’t even waste your time digging through countless websites any longer.

Keep reading to find the perfect inexpensive ski gift.

15 Best Inexpensive Gifts for Skiers

1. Rechargeable Hand Warmer

BESKAR Rechargeable Hand Warmer, 7800mAh Electric Handwarmers with 12Hrs Long Lasting Heating, Quick...
2,261 Reviews
BESKAR Rechargeable Hand Warmer, 7800mAh Electric Handwarmers with 12Hrs Long Lasting Heating, Quick...
  • BESKAR Holiday Gifts Deals - Save with Coupons and Promotion code. Buy More, Save More. This sleek hand warmers is a MUST HAVE for you and your loved one in Cold Winter!

Have you ever had a difficult time keeping your hands warm while skiing the slopes? It can get really difficult to keep your fingers from going numb, and this is especially true after your gloves get wet from the snow.

This isn’t a problem any longer with this rechargeable hand warmer. Keep it fully charged in your pocket and warm up your hands whenever it gets really, really cold. This is a great gift for skiers to say the least.

2. Skiing Hoodie Sweatshirt

Cool Distressed Skiing hoodie,Long Sleeve for skiers
88 Reviews
Cool Distressed Skiing hoodie,Long Sleeve for skiers
  • Ski - Nothing more to say! Perfect gift for skiers, downhill-skiers and cross-country skiing lovers.

This intense ski related hoodie is always a wonderful choice for skiers far and wide, because they love representing the sport. They want everyone to know that they enjoy skiing, which makes this hoodie sweatshirt the ideal gift.

Not only does it mention the word ski with a picture of someone skiing on the cover, it’s also really thick, incredibly warm, and it comes available in four different colors. Plus, it’s available in five different sizes from small to extra-large.

3. Vintage Skiing T-Shirt

Vintage Sunset Skiing Gift For Skiers T-Shirt
46 Reviews
Vintage Sunset Skiing Gift For Skiers T-Shirt
  • This retro skiing design features a vintage colored sun setting behind trees combined with the silhouette of a skier in a distressed look. Perfect gift for skiers and downhill skiers!

This is very similar to the previous gift but it’s even better because it’s available for men and women and it comes in seven different colors.

I love this because it shows the image of a skier jumping with the sun or moon in the background as a silhouette is flying over the trees.

Is it realistic? Highly unlikely! Yet, it’s exactly what every skier aspires to accomplish. Pick this T-shirt up in one of seven different colors.

4. Unisex Winter Gloves

TRENDOUX Driving Gloves, Unisex Knit Winter Touchscreen Glove Men Women Texting Smartphone - Elastic...
60,516 Reviews
TRENDOUX Driving Gloves, Unisex Knit Winter Touchscreen Glove Men Women Texting Smartphone - Elastic...
  • ☛HIGH SENSITIVE TOUCHSCREEN: Featuring high sensitive conductive material on thumbs, forefingers and middle fingers, you can wear the gloves to touch screen of your smartphone, tablet, iPhone or...

These unisex winter gloves are absolutely amazing and they are so warm and comfortable that they make the perfect gift.

Even better, they are relatively inexpensive, they are available in nine different colors, and you can buy them in three different sizes including medium, large, and extra-large.

Besides the warmth, they also have anti-slip silicone on the palms and fingers, which is perfect for skiing, snowboarding, or mountain climbing after a storm.

5. Wireless Helmet Audio

Wildhorn Alta Wireless Bluetooth, Drop-in Headphones - HD Speakers Compatible Any Audio Ready...
1,680 Reviews
Wildhorn Alta Wireless Bluetooth, Drop-in Headphones - HD Speakers Compatible Any Audio Ready...
  • PREMIUM BALANCED SOUND - Shred the slopes listening to your favorite tunes in high-definition sound with the Alta Bluetooth Helmet Speakers. Using 40mm Drivers and a premium Bluetooth 5.0 wireless...

This wireless helmet audio device is perfect for skiers that like to listen to music, audiobooks, or podcasts as they rip and roar down the snowy slopes. This wireless form of tech has great battery life, Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, and it even charges in two hours, which is absolutely amazing.

It’s the perfect gift for skiers looking to add an audio component to their ski helmet.

6. Outdoor Sports Socks

WEIERYA Ski Socks 2 Pairs Pack for Skiing, Snowboarding, Cold Weather, Winter Performance Socks Grey...
9,301 Reviews
WEIERYA Ski Socks 2 Pairs Pack for Skiing, Snowboarding, Cold Weather, Winter Performance Socks Grey...
  • MERINO WOOL BLEND FEATURES: Thermal Merino Wool Keeps Warm in Cold Weather; Breathable Properties that Prevents Build-up of Smell, Moisture Wicking and ITCH-FREE; High Quality Merino Wool with SGS...

Do you know your skier is really missing? They need a pair of comfortable, warm, and flexible outdoor sports socks.

These socks are a great addition to any and every ski outfit because they provide warmth when it’s needed the most.

With these ski socks, you’ll never feel like you’ve been left out in the cold again. They will keep you toasty and warm until you go back inside after a nice day of skiing.

7. Ultimate Ski Destinations Book

It’s always amazing to get out on the ski slopes as often as possible if you are a diehard skiing aficionado. Sometimes, the next best thing is to read about the 100 best ski slopes of a lifetime in the ultimate skiing and snowboarding destinations book.

Your favorite skier will discover many top-tier destinations for skiing and snowboarding hidden all around the world. Checking off each of these slopes would be the dream of a lifetime for a ski fanatic!

8. Insulated Bib Overalls

Arctix Men's Essential Insulated Bib Overalls, Black, 3X-Large/32' Inseam
29,588 Reviews
Arctix Men's Essential Insulated Bib Overalls, Black, 3X-Large/32" Inseam
  • 85 grams therma tech insulation offers warmth in a lightweight, low bulk garment (keeps you warm at temperatures from 20° to +35°)

The insulated bib overalls are specifically designed for men of every shape and size. They have these overalls in 11 different colors and they are made for a regular sized man, a short man, a tall Man, and everything in between.

They also sell them in a wide range of sizes, so depending on the size you choose, the prices will vary. But overall, these comfortable pants are ideal because they’re elastic sides deliver full range and motion.

9. Windproof Face Covering

MZTDYTL Neck Gaiter Face Mask Reusable-Windproof Washable Face Covering- Adjustable Balaclava...
  • 【ADJUSTABLE SIZE】The neck gaiter design with an adjustable elastic with toggle at the top, which can be adjusted to fit various face shapes, accommodates most head sizes, and suitable for both men...

A windproof face covering is one of the best gifts you could ever give a skier because it’s practical to have a comfortable and warm way to keep the blisteringly cold wind off of your face and skin.

This face covering provides maximum protection. The size is adjustable so it easily fits just about anyone. And it can be used for multiple purposes including skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, climbing, camping, and much more.

10. Thermal Long Johns

Rocky Thermal Underwear For Women (Long Johns Thermals Set) Shirt & Pants, Base Layer...
  • STAY-PUT DESIGN: Oversized jackets? Check. Bulky sweaters? Double check. Skinny jeans loaded with all the essentials? Yup, even them. No matter how heavy your outer layers are, our Women’s thermal...

Thermal long Johns might not sound like the most appealing gift for women, but you’d be surprised how much they fall in love with them on a cold winter day out on the ski slopes.

They come in seven different sizes, so they’ll fit just about everyone. Plus, you can get them in 23 different colors and patterns, so you’re bound to find the perfect look for the skier in your life if you buy them as a gift.

11. Windproof Ski Mask

AstroAI Ski Mask Windproof Balaclava for Cold Weather, Winter Face Mask Breathable Stretchable for...
  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION & VERSATILITY: COLD, WIND, DUST, SNOW, SLEET, RAIN, UV and other elements are no match. You can wear this balaclava on its own or under a helmet with goggles/glasses as a full face...

This windproof ski mask is a great choice because it not only protects the lower half of the face and neck area, but it also covers the top of the head to keep your scalp warm and covered.

I also like this balaclava because it’s available in black and gray. It’s made of stretchy fleece so it’s really comfortable. And it has an ergonomic design, so it prevents your ski goggles from fogging up.

12. Skiing Communication Headset

EJEAS V6 Pro Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset, 2 Riders Intercom Bluetooth 5.1 Helmet Communication...
  • 【2-Way Communication】It should be noted that EJEAS V6 Pro is a 2 person full-duplex motorcycle bluetooth intercom system, which supports up to 6 people connection but only 2 people can talk to...

The cool thing about this skiing communication headset is that it comes in a two pack, so you can keep one of the headsets and your skiing partner can keep the other headset.

This is perfect because you’ll never have to worry about losing one another out on the slopes again.

Even better, the headset uses Bluetooth for easy connectivity and it’s waterproof, so you never have to worry about breaking it if you accidentally drop it in the snow.

13. Adult Skiing Helmet

SMITH Vantage Helmet for Men & Women – Adult Snowsports Helmet with MIPS Technology + Zonal Koroyd...
  • PROTECTION: Hybrid shell construction blends a durable exterior with a lightweight in-molded shell for durability where you need it most while keeping the helmet light, Zonal Koroyd coverage for...

Skiers need a well-made helmet to keep them safe and protected. It’s a fun sport, but it’s dangerous too if you aren’t careful. That’s why it’s always important to keep your head covered and protected in case you were to ever slip and fall and smack your head on the side of a mountain.

Nobody ever wants that to happen, which is why this is a great helmet to own and it’s the perfect gift for someone you care about.

14. Unisex Snow Goggles

bollé Freeze Black Matte/Lemon Gun Cat.1 | Medium - Snow Goggles Unisex-Adult
  • Great vision, great comfort, equipped with an Anti-Fog lens, FREEZE will be your best companion all day long.

Every skier needs a high-quality pair of snow goggles to keep their eyes and vision protected while blazing down the windy slopes. These ski goggles are a great gift for a gift giver looking to buy a great pair of goggles at an affordable price.

These goggles are available in seven different colors and four different styles, which means you’re bound to find the perfect look for your favorite skier this year.

15. 4-Tier Wine Rack

Tribesigns Wine Bakers Rack, 4-Tier Industrial Wine Rack freestanding Floor with Glass Holder and...
  • 【Classic Rustic Style】 Crafted from retro brown wood and black metal frame, this floor wine rack showcases an industrial feel and enhances your home style. Whether you’re a wine aficionado or...

You might be wondering what a rack has to do with skiing. Personally, I absolutely adore having a glass of red wine after I spend the entire day out on the slopes.

It’s the perfect way to sit down for a relaxing and enjoyable evening by the fire once the skiing is done for the day.

This wine rack comes in a classic rustic style and it’s perfect for bottle storage, space-saving, and more.

Inexpensive Gifts for Skiers of Every Budget!

By now, you’ve unquestionably found some truly amazing inexpensive gifts for skiers. These gifts are perfect for people of all means and budgets.

We went out of our way to share some truly beautiful yet affordable products including ski helmets, T-shirts, leggings, communication devices, and much more.

Never worry about finding an inexpensive gift for the skier that you love any longer. We’ve narrowed down some truly amazing choices, so use them to your benefit.