9 Best Infertility Gifts to Show You Care

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When your friend is dealing with fertility challenges, the holidays suck like anything.

And that leaves you with the task to brighten up her day with a fabulous gift.

Finding the best infertility gifts requires a lot of hard work because you don’t want to sound harsh or look insensitive with your gift choice.

We’ve done the hard work and arranged a list of gifts that will impress her even amidst a mindset of uncertainty and chaos.

Every gift on this list spreads hope and amazes those struggling with infertility.

Go ahead and make your call!

9 Great Infertility Gifts In a Range of Budgets

1. A Religious Bracelet

St Gerard Bracelet - Fertility Bracelet Gifts for Women or A Saint Gerard Medal Patron Saint of...
  • 100% Stainless Steel Bracelet - Hypoallergenic for Sensitive Skin - Patron Saint of Pregnancy Jewelry to help anyone that is Pregnant or trying to become Pregnant as the Patron Saint of Motherhood. A...

Religious jewelry is always considered an excellent gift for something dealing with something out of her control, like infertility challenges. Support your friend with this fertility bracelet!

The Saint Gerard bracelet can help with fertility and is also an excellent way to mark your pregnancy and show support for someone else’s.

The Blessed Mother herself knows the importance of belief in the process of pregnancy, so it’s essential to show this support.

A truly thoughtful gift to select!

2. A Fertility Tracker

Mira Fertility Starter Kit, Plus Mira Analyzer to Predict Ovulation + 6 Day Fertility Window, 10...
  • ADVANCED FERTILITY and OVULATION TRACKER helps to increase your chances of conception by accessing your daily “Fertility Score” which gives you your chances of conceiving on any given day based on...

To overcome infertility challenges, it’s not enough to track your cycle, though. To get results, you need a specific device that measures LH levels with accuracy.

This tracker comes with an accurate sensor and allows you to keep perfect records of your data and visualize it on the screen. Shares the daily fertility score and gives access to your current Estrogen and LH levels.

Your friend will surely appreciate you for this big-ticket fertility gift!

3. A Catholic Fertility Necklace

St Gerard Necklace Patron Saint of Pregnancy Charm Necklace St Gerard Pendant Patron Saint of...
  • [HypoAllergenic] 100% Stainless Steel Snake Chain for Sensitive Skin. Will not fade or discolor. Increase your chances of conception with our beautiful and powerful fertility necklaces for women.

The Saint Gerard Necklace is an excellent piece of jewelry that can be worn by those who are pregnant or trying to conceive.

The Patron saint’s church also promotes fertility, so if you’re looking to jive with your angel, she should have no problem helping. This necklace is lovely, and the chain looks very expensive.

It’s a perfect way to give your friend hope and wish that the jewelry turns their desires into reality.

4. A Charm Necklace

Looking for something casual that conveys the message and can still be used as an everyday item? Try this sterling silver necklace!

This 18″ sterling silver necklace comes with a delicate charm to grab anyone’s attention. It has a lovely design with exceptional detailing. The use of solid sterling silver means this fertility goddess charm necklace won’t irritate your skin.

A great gift idea for someone looking for all the support they can get to overcome fertility issues!

5. A Scented Candle

4 Healing Crystal Candle, Self Love Candle - Rose Quartz 12 oz Manifestation Candle with Crystals...
  • 🎁 LARGE CANDLE WITH BIG GEMSTONES - This large Astrology Intention Candle is 12 oz and is in strong glass jar. Love Candle has 3 large potent healing and love crystals inside for relaxing with long...

This scented candle is a beautiful gift for those feeling depressed about their fertility or seeking encouragement.

The candle with crystals is meant to give a pleasant, uplifting scent that blends in your favorite essential oils. Available in a strong glass jar, it’s made using the best Nordic materials, so it’s not only beautiful, but it’ll last ages.

Give your friend something to release pent-up energies and emotions with a wonderful and authentic fragrance.

6. A Fertility Statue

Show your true love and support for someone trying to conceive with this Goddess of Love statute! Aphrodite is surely going to grant all her wishes!

Made of hand-painted resin, the statue is 11 inches high and looks absolutely stunning. Looks flawless because of serious attention to detail. Based on a piece designed by Alfonse Mucha, it’s surely going to leave a positive influence on your friend.

Get one now to help make those failed fertility attempts easier to manage!

7. A Fertility Journal

Help organize your friend’s life with this fertility journal that offers a fine place to write down reminders, appointments, thoughts, and whatnot.

Many people choose to use a journal while undergoing IVF in order to keep their thoughts organized and co-mingled. Track 1-year worth of cycles, along with tracking ovulation, moods, medications, cervical fluid changes, supplements, luteinizing hormone, etc.

She’s undoubtedly going to appreciate your support and help she gets while tracking her “Trying to Conceive” Journey!

8. An Excellent Book on Fertility Journey

She truly requires all the info she can get about becoming pregnant. Help her by giving away this fabulous book about fertility.

Shares info related to assisted reproductive technologies, as well as women’s sexual and gynecological health. Becomes more interesting with new photographs, illustrations, and sample charts. Even sheds light on health conditions leading to infertility.

With all the info in one place, she can manage her conditions, avoid miscarriages, and love you even more for your gift choice!

9. A Fortune Bracelet

Ross-Simons Good Fortune Jade Bracelet in 18kt Gold Over Sterling
  • MULTICOLORED JADE AND 18KT GOLD OVER STERLING — Multicolored jade "good fortune" bracelet in 18kt yellow gold over sterling silver. 16x8mm white, green, black, yellow and red carved jade. Polished...

Someone having trouble conceiving surely needs some good wishes and lots of fortune. This amazing bracelet will bring all!

An elegantly designed Chinese amulet with a feminine aesthetic, this multicolored jade bracelet is an excellent complement to casual or formal attire.

Expanding on an already accomplished combination, this rose gold bracelet couples jade with pink to make a chic, sweet and serene accessory. Perfect for those seeking good fortune.

Treat her to a luxury item, like this 18k gold-over-sterling bracelet.

Best Infertility Gift Ideas to Show Your Support!

Stop worrying about finding the best infertility gifts to console someone who may not be feeling all that confident about conceiving.

Simply check out the list we’ve compiled and you’ll find a gift that rocks her life.

We have gifts that are thought-provoking, can be enjoyed day in and day out and make people smile on many occasions.

They won’t solve all her problems but they’ll certainly brighten her day and give her the courage to go through another IVF session and taste success!