Sewing Gifts for Men – 15 Practical & Decorative Ideas

Men can be exceptionally difficult to buy gifts for. I find myself struggling and buying the same kinds of books for my dad every Christmas and birthday but wishing I could dream up some gifts to sew to give something more personalized.

If you’re looking for the best sewing gifts for men, I’ve put together some of the best ideas out there for every kind of personality.

These sewing gifts for guys range from purely practical to decorative, with endless opportunities for customization. Stand apart from the crowd and put real effort into the next gift for the man in your life!

16 Sewing Gifts for Men

1. Travel Shaving Kit

Travel Shaving Kit

Businessmen on the go always need to maintain their appearance , whether they’re at home or traveling internationally. There are many store-bought shaving kits on the market but sewing one yourself is so much more fun and thoughtful.

This kit can be made with any kind of fabric that you like, with an interior that includes sectioned compartments with zips and space for all toiletries. The Travel Shaving Kit is sophisticated enough to be sold in any pharmacy, but personalized and made with love.

Pattern/tutorial: fleecefun

2. Bow Tie

Bow Tie

While some men need an excuse like a wedding or awards night to get into a suit, others can’t wait to crack out the tuxedo and bow tie. There’s something about a well-fitting suit and accessories that makes a man feel handsome and confident, and a bow tie is an integral part of this.

This simple Bow Tie pattern is perfectly suitable for beginners and can be made in cotton, silk, satin, or linen. It’s one of the classiest sewing gifts for guys around and will instantly take their outfit from average to amazing.

Pattern/tutorial: allfreesewing

3. Golf Club Headcover

Golf Club Headcover

Golf is a serious passion or weekend pastime for many men who appreciate the relaxing atmosphere and skill needed. If the man in your life is an avid golfer, there’s no better gift than an attractive club cover that he can show off on the green.

The cover is designed to fit a driver but could be adapted for differently sized clubs if you wanted to sew an entire set. The Golf Club Headcover is an intermediate sewing project that needs a little more expertise, but the result is a gorgeous vinyl cover that is pure class.

Pattern/tutorial: positivelysplendid

4. Brown Mushroom Plushie

Brown Mushroom Plushie

Men like plushies too! In the past, men were criticized for liking anything feminine, but the changing world welcomes sweet and sensitive guys. This plushie is in the style of a brown mushroom, making it neutral enough to fit any decor.

Its pattern and characterful face have more than a passing reference to Nintendo’s Toad, making it a great sewing gift for men who love video games. The Brown Mushroom Plushie is also super easy to make, with a cut and sew pattern that even beginners can confidently handle.

Pattern/kit: zazzle

5. Manly Laptop Sleeve

Manly Laptop Sleeve

A laptop or tablet is the most valued possession of any businessman, digital artist or architect, and there’s nothing more important than keeping it safe. You could invest in a boring cover or sew up a beautiful laptop sleeve to fit your man’s personal style.

The Manly Laptop Sleeve is designed to be made with more neutral fabrics that won’t be too ostentatious for conservative men. However, you could easily use bright, patterned fabrics if your man likes to show off a little.

Pattern/tutorial: prettyprudent

6. Iron Man Emoji Stripe Pattern Fabric

Iron Man Emoji Stripe Pattern Fabric

Iron Man is one of the most appealing superheroes for the modern man, with his glamorous lifestyle, incredible technology, and exciting life. All men secretly want to live the life of Tony Stark, which makes this fabric the great basis of any sewing gift for guys.

If you’re already confident with a sewing machine, you could create anything from this Iron Man Emoji Stripe Pattern Fabric, like clothing, a duffle bag, or even a throw blanket. The sky’s the limit with your creativity, allowing you to sew a gift that your very own superman will adore. This will make an especially good gift idea for comic book lovers.

Fabric: zazzle

7. Stenciled Grilling Apron

Stenciled Grilling Apron

Whenever I go to family lunches or barbecues, I can always find the men crowded around the grill. Every man thinks he knows how to cook the perfect steak, sausage, or burger, and the master of the grill is the most respected title.

This grilling apron is a great sewing gift for men who have mastered the grill, with an easy design that takes just 2 hours to complete. The Stenciled Grilling Apron is both practical and attractive, helping your man to concentrate on the task at hand: grilling the perfect meat.

Pattern/tutorial: lovelyindeed

8. Super Speedy Suspenders

Super Speedy Suspenders

Suspenders are a great way to add style to a classic outfit or as a personality statement piece. They’re also super easy to make! If you’re not confident on the sewing machine but want to help your man’s wardrobe, these super simple suspenders are some of the easiest sewing gifts for men.

Once you have your hands on elastic fabric of your preferred color, buckles, and a sewing machine, it takes just ten minutes to make the Super Speedy Suspenders. If you choose a bright or patterned fabric, you can make a gift that your man will love to show off.

Pattern/tutorial: allfreesewing

9. Sari Christmas Tree Skirt

Sari Christmas Tree Skirt

Many men, especially if they have kids, love to get involved in the Christmas decorating. There’s something so magical about buying a fresh pine, bringing it into the house, and dressing it up with colorful ornaments and twinkling lights. However, the bottom of the tree can often detract from the overall appearance, which is why Christmas tree skirts are such a great innovation.

With the Sari Christmas Tree Skirt kit, you can easily sew a beautiful cover for the bottom of the tree from recycled fabric. It’s a great sewing gift for guys who appreciate interior design and getting in the Christmas cheer.

Pattern/kit: darngoodyarn

10. Quilted Wine Tote

Quilted Wine Tote

I simply love wine. There’s nothing more delicious than a glass of chilled Chardonnay with lunch or a warm and hearty Shiraz with dinner. My dad loves it too and I often find myself picking out a nice bottle for Christmas or his birthday.

If the man in your life also loves wine, a hand sewn tote is a great personal touch to add to the gift. This Quilted Wine Tote has two layers of insulation for keeping the bottle at the perfect temperature and has an attractive design. It also has an integrated handle, making it easy for the man in your life to take his bottle to go.

Pattern/tutorial: needleandspatula

11. Car Seat Protector

Car Seat Protector

Men take a special pride in their cars, wanting to keep them in pristine condition inside and out. If the man in your life has kids or a dog, it can feel almost impossible to keep the inside of the car clean, with grubby fingers and animal hair all over the place.

This Car Seat Protector is the answer to their prayers and an incredibly easy sewing gift for guys. It’s simple enough to complete in less than an hour, with the option to customize fabric to the car interior or personality of the man in your life.

Pattern/tutorial: sprinklesomefun

12. Starburst and Lines Mid Century Bag

Starburst And Lines Mid Century Bag

Everyone needs a stylish and reliable bag to cart around their belongings. However, many of the designs are either super feminine or overly simplistic, with no middle ground for men who embrace classic style.

This Starburst and Lines Mid Century Bag has a unique pattern that can be a conversation starter and meshes well with the personality of a vintage gentleman. It has an easy cut and sew design that results in a truly sophisticated and eye-catching bag.

Pattern/kit: zazzle

13. Koi Dragon Plushie

Koi Dragon Plushie

Whether the man in your life is a Game of Thrones nut, The Hobbit fan, or simply loves mythology, there’s something so appealing about dragons. Many men like to imagine themselves as dragon riders or dragon slayers, squaring off against the formidable power of the mythical beasts.

This Koi Dragon Plushie is a great sewing gift for guys who love dragons, allowing them to bring their passion into their house. The design is a simple cut and sew one with included fabric, giving everything you need to easily create a fire-breathing monster.

Pattern/kit: zazzle

14. Camp Chair Tote Bag

Camp Chair Tote Bag

Camping is the perfect activity to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. You can unplug, relax, and take the time to bond with friends and family, far from distractions. One of the best parts of camping is sitting around the fire and toasting marshmallows or telling stories while eating rustic food.

However, camping chairs don’t have any storage. Luckily, the Camp Chair Tote Bag solves this problem, with a simple but effective design that can hold snacks, drinks, or any kind of entertainment. It’s the perfect sewing gift for men who love camping and convenience.

Pattern/tutorial: patchworkposse

15. Padded Camera Strap

Padded Camera Strap

I envy people who have the eye for photography and the patience to make it work. I’ve known several men in my life who are passionate photographers of everything from nature to musicians, with all of them harboring a deep love for their camera and lenses.

If the man in your life is an avid photographer, you can add personality to his equipment by sewing him a beautiful strap. The Padded Camera strap combines comfort, style, and functionality, making it a wonderful and thoughtful gift for guys who are always taking snaps.

Pattern/tutorial: everythingetsy

The Best Gifts to Sew for Men

It seems like a waste to buy impersonal gifts for the man in your life when you can easily whip out your sewing machine, needles, and thread. Personalized gifts have so much more love and you can customize according to the personality of your unique man.

I’ve found the best sewing gifts for men, taking away the guesswork so you can get started on the pattern. Whether you’re sewing for a macho alpha type or a sweet and sensitive guy, there’s something for everyone in this collection.

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Sewing Gifts For Men Practical And Decorative Ideas