Steampunk Gifts (27 Awe-Inspiring Gifts for Fans of Steampunk!)

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You undoubtedly love and care about your steampunk fan a great deal.

Whether it’s a family member, friend, or coworker, your mission is to find them the perfect steampunk gifts. But you’ve struggled to come up with the best ideas thus far.

We have shared 27 of the best steampunk gifts that money can buy.

There’s something for everyone and our recommendations are perfectly suited to all budgets.

27 Top-Shelf Steampunk Gifts

1. Kitchen Sink Faucet

BWE Kitchen Sink Faucet with Deck Plate Single Handle Lever with Pull Down Sprayer Spring 3 Function...
  • Multifunctional Outlet Water Effect:3 Spray Modes(STREAM/SPRAY/SWEEP)meet varies of wash requirement,stream for filling water, spray for strong rinsing, sweep for cleaning dishes by powerful blade...

I know, you probably think this recommendation is a little crazy and certainly out there. But your steampunk loving family member or friend will truly dig this kitchen faucet.

It’s made of oil rubbed bronze and it has a single hand lever with a spring pulldown sprayer that truly makes this a steampunk faucet for the kitchen. I know your favorite steampunk fan will absolutely adore this faucet.

2. Men’s Leather Boots

OSSTONE Moto Boots for Men Fashion Zipper-up Leather Chukka Boots Casual Shoes 5008-1-D-11 Brown
  • The boots have an extremely exaggerated and unique design that is rebellious and subversive.

These incredible men’s leather boots absolutely scream retro. They are steampunk all the way down to their core. Even better, these awesome boots with the cool leather straps and the classic eagle emblem definitely have the Western cowboy punk retro style down perfectly.

They can be worn at work, at home, to the bar, or part of a steampunk outfit the next time the recipient of the gift is going to enjoy a little cosplay.

3. DIY Model Airplane

Model Airplane Kit with Tool kit- DIY Scale Model - 3D Model kit Heavenly Hercules - Moving Wind-Up...
  • Beautiful Airplane Model Kit - An elegant historically-inspired metal puzzle kit for DIY construction, based on a real American airplane from the 1930s.

I don’t know about you, but this 3-D model airplane kit definitely has steampunk written all over it. It’s an old-style American airplane from the 1930s, and it even has a windup mechanism that you can turn to make the airplane move. It has all of the propellers, springs, gears, and metal pieces just like you’d see on a creative steampunk contraption.

Pick this awesome model airplane up as a gift this year.

4. Caged Chandelier Fan

Moooni 48" Industrial Caged Ceiling Fan with Lights and Remote, Black Fandelier, Vintage Retractable...
  • ✅【 Unique Design】: Combining the vintage caged lampshade and ceiling fan in one. The no-easy rust black metal frame with 4 reversible brown blades, is environmentally friendly and durable. It is...

This caged ceiling chandelier fan is the ideal gift for the steampunk lover that plans to remodel their home in the old retro style. It’s black, it’s made of metal, it has a big metal cage around the lamp, and everything about it has the figurative word steampunk written all over it!

This awesome fan is perfect for the bedroom, living room, dining room, or family room. And it’s even suitable for all seasons.

5. Model Tank Kit

Model Tank Kit Steampunk Dieselpunk Scale Model 3D Model kit Marvel Tank 2 Moving Wind-Up Tank Model...
  • TOOL KIT INCLUDED Tank Model Kit - An elegant steampunk inspired metal puzzle kit for DIY construction, based on a real WW1 British tank.

Do you know what a perfect gift for steampunk fans would be? I personally know for sure that this 3-D model tank is going to be right up their alley. It has all of the cool steampunk bells and whistles including a windup mechanism, thick metal plates, and antique edgy style, and it comes in a beautiful gift box.

I don’t know about you, but I think this awesome model is the perfect windup mechanism for steampunk fans everywhere.

6. Model Car Kit

Model Car Kit - 3D Model kit Luxury Roadster - Moving Wind-Up Retro Car Model 3D Puzzle - 3D Puzzle...
8 Reviews
Model Car Kit - 3D Model kit Luxury Roadster - Moving Wind-Up Retro Car Model 3D Puzzle - 3D Puzzle...
  • Fascinating Car Model Kit - A marvelous metal puzzle kit for DIY construction, inspired by a racing legend Bentley Speed Six and the retro nostalgia.

I’m a huge fan of this 3-D model car for many reasons, but I particularly love it because of its incredible steampunk style.

It’s made of metal, which immediately gives off the old-style vibe. It has a windup crank, which is definitely a steampunk mainstay. And it has artificial leather, rubber wheels, high-quality metal construction, and it definitely gives off that retro nostalgia vibe.

Pick one up today and impress your retro-loving family member or friend with a great gift.

7. Mechanical Wall Clock

I absolutely love this clock because it’s such a cool mechanical design with all of the gears, internal metal mechanisms, and other cool retro looking features. Plus, it has that old-style look like it’s falling apart and being ripped in a million pieces, which definitely gives off a retro feeling.

Plus, this handcrafted steampunk mechanical clock is so cool! I know the recipient of your gift is going to flip out and fall in love with it.

8. Unisex Top Hat

This top hat is really something special. It looks like it was ripped directly from the steampunk era. It has unique goggles with gears on the front and it seems like it’s put together with patchwork.

It truly reminds me of the Victorian steampunk era and it’s a great gift for anyone who likes to dress up and where that particular style of clothing.

9. Steampunk Costume Accessories

EFORLED Steampunk Costume Clothing for Men - Gothic Victorian Suit Vest, Steam Punk Hat,Adventurer...
  • Steampunk costume accessories for men packet include: 1 x Steam punk vest; 1 x Antique metal steampunk gears; 1 x Steampunk goggles; 1 x Steampunk top hat; 1 x Steam punk leather gloves; 1 x Steampunk...

Do you want to put a huge smile on the face of your favorite steampunk cosplayer? They’re going to love this amazing Victorian Gothic costume set for men.

It has all the bells and whistles including a top hat, goggles, gears, a vast, a bowtie, a walking stick, and leather gloves too.

The set is available in black, navy, or burgundy, and it comes in five different sizes, so it should fit most men.

10. Retro Wall Decor

This classic wall art features the image of a newspaper with a skeleton with bat wings in a top hat on the front, which truly gives it that creepy Gothic medieval vibe.

This picture can certainly look scary if you are frightened easily, but more than anything else, it gives off that unique steampunk feel that fans of the genre seem to love.

11. Retro Jewelry Box

I think this incredible jewelry box looks so absolutely amazing and I know your favorite steampunk fan is going to flip out and fall in love with it too. It’s made of compass jewelry trinkets, brass, metal, and has gears, and all of the typical trappings of a Victorian era item.

It honestly looks like a real, true, original jewelry box from this time in history and your gift recipient will appreciate it.

12. Antique Bronze Decanter

You have to truly appreciate a Victorian era bronze antique decanter and glass set. It’s one-of-a-kind in today’s day and age, although it definitely has the look and feel of the retro style from way back in the day.

It’s made of resin, glass, and it’s expertly skilled and crafted to give off an authentic steampunk design.

13. Steel-Boned Waist Corset

Orchard Corset CS-201 Underbust Leather Steel-boned Waist Trainer Corset -Black, 24
  • 16 Flat and Spiral Steel Bones; Waist Tape Reinforcement for Enhanced Waist Training

It’s hard to imagine just how awesome the recipient of this gift is going to look as soon as they put on this steel-boned waist corset. It’s going to make their steampunk cosplay outfit look incredibly authentic and real.

Or if you prefer, they can wear this thing anywhere and present a Gothic style Victorian look that truly means business. She’s going to look absolutely amazing in this corset!

14. Unisex Steampunk Hat

Top hats, gears, and goggles represent the Victorian steampunk style more than anything else on this planet. That’s why I wanted to give you another option for a beautiful retro top hat with lots of gears and a big black feather on the back.

This has steampunk written all over it. It’s a one-of-a-kind original with a gorgeous retro design.

15. Victorian Style Goggles

Steampunk Victorian Style Goggles with Compass Design & Ocular Loupe,3D Rainbow Prism Kaleidoscope...
  • ✔︎Handmade steampunk goggles by UMBRELLALABORATORY in the USA: These vintage Victorian style goggles with double magnifying eye loupes are an excellent addition to any cosplay, LARP, costume,...

These goggles are so freaking authentic and everything about them screams Victorian era retro steampunk!

From the double magnifying eye loupe, the stunning 3-D prism rainbow kaleidoscope lenses, the shining compass design, and the sleek black frames prove that these durable, high-quality goggles are perfect for your next cosplay excursion.

Or if you prefer, just wear them wherever you go and people will take notice!

16. Mechanical Stainless Steel Cup

Steampunk Skull Beer Coffee Mug - Mechanical Gearwork Pipeline Beer Stein Tankard - Viking Drinking...
  • STEAMPUNK SKULL BEER COFFEE MUG - This Wine cup is 4.3" tall, 5.7" long and can hold up to 14 ounces of your favorite beverage. Nice cups to use during gaming nights or a themed party. It will also be...

The impeccable attention to detail and the incredible design on this mechanical skull beer or coffee tankard makes this an incredible novelty themed gift. Some people like to use it as a party decoration, while others like using it as their day-to-day coffee mug.

Still others prefer to use it as their stainless-steel beer stein. However your gift recipient chooses to use it, just know that they’ll love this gorgeous steampunk-inspired mug.

17. Pipe Table Lamp

Frideko Steampunk Lamp - Retro Lamp, Industrial Antique Iron Metal Robot Pipe Desk Table Lamp for...
  • 【Retro Robot Design】Note: Limited Time Coupon($6) Today.This industrial robot lamps is not just a light fixture, it is more seem a handicrafts work. Rustic wrought iron pipe design showcases a...

This table lamp is so retro that it’s going to truly impress the recipient of this gift. It’s made of high-quality iron, perfectly polished, and it comes in a retro robot design. This lamp will truly add a lot of personality to any room that it ends up in.

It’s easy to install, even easier to use, and it’s the perfect indoor lamp for dining rooms, living rooms, libraries, bars, cafés, basements, lofts, and more.

18. Punk Gear Necklace

Zed ShadoWw Steampunk Dragonfly Pendant Sweater Necklace with 25”Chain
  • Steampunk victorian gothic industrial necklace,tool for any crazy time traveler.

If I was only allowed to use one word to describe this gear chain dependent, I’d have to say it’s incredible! I love the exquisite detail, the intense Victorian design, and the fact that this necklace looks like a mechanical butterfly, which is so cool that it’s hard to put it into words.

All I know is that your favorite fan of steampunk will look incredible if they wear this butterfly gear pendant to their next cosplay event.

19. Handmade Sundial Clock

NEOVIVID Brass Sundial Compass - Push Open Compass - Steampunk Accessory – Unique Gift for Men -...
  • Push Button Brass Sundial Compass In Antique Brass Finish. The Sun Dial is made in high quality brass.

This antiquated piece of history is a great gift for outdoor enthusiasts, people that love hiking, sailing, and other maritime activities. It’s also an amazing gift for anyone who loves and adores steampunk, because the brass at compass and leather case definitely give off an old-fashioned vibe.

Not only is it a sundial, it’s also a compass as well and it’s fully functional and takes basic measurements. This isn’t an antique but it’s sold as a handmade replica.

20. Vintage Feather Pen

KYLLOG Antique Quill Feather Set,Steampunk Calligraphy Pen Set,Vintage Feather Dip Ink Pen,Antique...
  • BEAUTIFUL SHAPE:Mechanical Wing The feather pen is made of soft natural high-grade feathers and each quill is unique,Unique mechanical gear feather pen shape, Its temperament is elegant and classical,...

For an antique feather pen, this certainly has a beautiful design and its part of an amazing calligraphy set. The feather pen is made of a mechanical wing, which definitely gives off a unique Victorian era vibe. The pen has a standard base, it comes with five replacement nibs, and 15 mL of ink.

Combine all of this with the exquisite packaging and this quill feather pen makes for a wonderful gift.

21. Mechanical Heart-Shaped Box

More than anything else, mechanical items with lots of gears totally give off a unique Victorian era steampunk vibe. This mini heart-shaped box definitely fits the bill because it’s made of resin, and has a design filled with gears on the front, and it has the old-style craftsmanship that makes it a decorative box for the ages.

The gift recipient will absolutely fall head over heels in love with the retro style design.

22. Gothic Wall Art

This unique wall art truly makes for some incredible home decor. It’s a great option for a man cave, dorm room, family room, apartment, classroom, bar, bedroom, bathroom, or even an office space.

It’s an image of Edgar Allen Poe’s Raven with a funny looking retro top hat, a pair of goggles like eyeglasses, and one of those funky old time scary face masks covering its beak. This gift has hipster vibes written all over it.

23. Vintage Beaded Wristbands

Daimay Bronzing Fingerless Gloves Gothic Floral Lace Steampunk Wristband Ring Vintage Beaded Gloves...
  • Made from vintage bronzing lace and alloy, fingerless design with filigree bronze adjustable finger ring.

I think these vintage beaded wristbands make one of the most unique and special gifts that you can ever give to that special woman in your life, whether she’s a friend, mother, fiancé, or girlfriend.

These bracelets are so unique and they have a beautiful design including floral lace, rhinestones, and a bronze adjustable finger ring and a fingerless design.

They even have many steampunk features including gears, skulls, pendants, ship steering wheels, and so much more.

24. Leather Writing Journal

Vintage Train Embossed Leather Writing Journal Notebook with Pen Set,Antique Handmade Daily Notepad...
  • ★【UNIQUE AND CAREFULLY CRAFTED】3D Vintage train Desgin jouranl, start the time journey, let us miss that era, the passage of time, let us record our daily experienceThis Notebook is Crafted with...

Everybody needs a beautiful sketchbook and writing Journal to put down their personal thoughts and feelings within.

This left her journal is absolutely stunning because it has a beautiful steampunk design with lots of gears, an old-style locomotive, a gear shaped clock, and it also has images of keys, chains, a blimp, a time machine, and so many other interesting steampunk -related features.

It’s the perfect leather-bound vintage Journal to mark the passage of time.

25. Steampunk T-Shirt

Wolf Shirt Steampunk Gears Wolf Animal Face Wolf Lovers T-Shirt
  • This steampunk gears shirt is ideal for all the wolf lovers out there. It features artwork of a medieval steampunk wolf. In addition, kids, youth, and adults who love wild and zoo animals like wolves...

I cannot say enough about this incredible steampunk wolf T-shirt. The design is impeccable, the wolf looks absolutely gorgeous, the steampunk monocle and gear top hat totally fits with the overall motif and a core.

It’s a one-of-a-kind T-shirt and it’s available for men, women, and children. Even better, it’s available in 10 colors and six different sizes, so there’s something for everyone.

26. Mechanical Leather Watch

MASTOP Luxury Automatic Mechanical Men's Leather Belt Fashion Steampunk Bronze Steel Waterproof...
106 Reviews
MASTOP Luxury Automatic Mechanical Men's Leather Belt Fashion Steampunk Bronze Steel Waterproof...
  • High quality leather band gives you a new classic definition. Skeleton dial design reveals your fashionable point of view. Stainless steel watch case makes the watch more durable.

I know that this is a rare treat because it’s very difficult to find a gorgeous mechanical leather watch like this one. It comes in two different colors – black and brown – and it looks like it was ripped out of the movie Sucker Punch, which is likely the coolest steampunk movie I’ve ever seen.

The watch is made of high-quality leather, it has a gorgeous skeleton dial design, and a stainless-steel casing so it’s durable and designed to last.

27. Antique Coffee Grinder

Evelyne Burr Manual Cast Iron Coffee Grinder Coffee Bean Mill Vintage Antique Style Windmill Wheel...
425 Reviews
Evelyne Burr Manual Cast Iron Coffee Grinder Coffee Bean Mill Vintage Antique Style Windmill Wheel...
  • ☕ The crank wheel, bowl cover, and face frame are cast iron with a wooden drawer and base. The strut tower, turning gears, and shaft are plastic. The conical burr is ceramic.

Who doesn’t love a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning? This vintage antique style hand crank coffee grinder will set the tone for the rest of your day. It’s made of cast-iron, it doesn’t require electricity, and it has a wooden knob in gears designed to ground coffee for brewing a delicious cup any time of the day.

This is an antique replica item that works beautifully.

Definitive Original Ideas for Steampunk Gifts!

At least the long and arduous task of finding the perfect steampunk gifts is finally over. We shared amazing choices including T-shirts, beer mugs, wall art, compasses, coffee grinders, and much more.

Your favorite steampunk fan will feel like they’ve died and gone to heaven as soon as they open up your amazing gift and see the incredible thought and care you put into choosing it. These recommendations will make you a rock star in their eyes my friend!