11 Best Surfing Gifts For Dad (All Budgets Covered)

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No matter how old they get, a surfer never gets tired of the waves!

If your father or partner is an avid surfer, then no doubt he’d love a gift related to his favorite hobby.

But outside of a good surfboard, what else does a surfing dad need?

If you’re having problems finding a suitable gift, never fear.

I’ve scoured the internet for some of the best surfing gifts for dads that money can buy!

11 Useful and Fun Surfing Gifts For Dad

1. Keychain Multi-tool For Surfers

| Ultimate SURF Gift | Keychain - Multi Tool | Fin Key | Wax Comb | Wax Scraper | Bottle Opener |...
103 Reviews
| Ultimate SURF Gift | Keychain - Multi Tool | Fin Key | Wax Comb | Wax Scraper | Bottle Opener |...
  • 🏄‍♀️UNIVERSAL SURFBOARD KEY - Screwdriver for Fin Systems compatible with FCS, Futures, Single Fin Boxes & SUP/Longboard Center Fin Screws.

Any man who takes their surfing seriously will appreciate this handy and comprehensive multi-tool, which comes with seven different tools packed into one compact stainless steel accessory.

These tools include a bottle opener, twist top opener, wax comb, wax scraper, fin key, fin file, 1 flathead screwdriver, and 1 Phillips screwdriver.

This nifty design is sturdy, portable, and self-locking, and can be easily attached to dad’s belt or backpack when he’s out on a surfing adventure.

2. Men’s Novelty Surf Socks

Socks are a small but humble gift and one that many dads often forget to buy for themselves! But these socks come with something special – they have a charming graphic design depicting a man standing in waves with a surfboard, a perfect reminder of your father’s love for surfing.

Each pair of cotton socks come in neat, aesthetic packaging, making them a sweet and convenient little gift for dad.

3. Scubapro Wetsuit

SCUBAPRO Everflex Steamer 5/4 mm Men's Diving Wetsuit (Large Short, Black)
  • Certified as a Class B dive suit, the Everflex Steamer 5/4 mm is rated for water temperatures from 50 to 64.5 degrees F (10 to 18 degrees C).

If your father’s beloved wetsuit is getting a little old and worn, why not splurge on a new suit to keep him warm and flexible while he’s out on the water?

The Scubapro wetsuit is 5mm thick, ensuring warmth in cold temperatures while also being super flexible due to the Everflex neoprene material.

What’s more this wetsuit isn’t just good for surfing: it can also be used while scuba-diving, swimming, and doing virtually anything else while in the water.

4. Surf Travel Kit

Open Road Goods Surfer Gift, Surf Kit | Wax Holder Container with Surf Wax, Organic Reef Safe...
  • Canvas Wax Holder includes all contents: Surf Wax (Matunas Organic or Sticky Bumps), Organic Reef Safe Waterproof Sunscreen SPF 50, All Natural Horchata Lip Balm with SPF 15, and a Surf Tool Wax Comb...

If your dad is often on the road, either for work or leisure, then no doubt he is traveling to a few choice surfing spots while he’s away. This useful and compact gift set is a great kit for traveling surfers, as it includes several handy appliances and products that any surfer can appreciate.

The Open Road Surfer Kit comes in a cleverly designed canvas holder that includes surf wax, SPF 50 waterproof sunscreen, lip balm, a surf tool wax comb, fin key, and bottle opener.

5. Wakesurf Wave Generator

SWELL Wakesurf Creator 2.0 Surfing Wavesurf Shaper - Wave Generator - Floating - Durable &
491 Reviews
SWELL Wakesurf Creator 2.0 Surfing Wavesurf Shaper - Wave Generator - Floating - Durable &
  • Double your Wakesurf Wave - Proprietary Design Creates Turbulence On The Opposite Side Of The Surf Wave To Allow The Surf Wave To Develop Into a Larger, Longer Wave.

This next gift is for a different kind of surfer. Any dad who enjoys wake surfing will understand the importance of good waves – and that’s where the SWELL Wakesurf Creator comes in.

This unique contraption can be easily attached to the side of your dad’s boat, and it will then get to work generating impressive surf waves that allow you to get the most out of a wake surf trip even on a still day! How impressive is that!?

6. Novelty ‘Sex Wax’ T-Shirt

Mr. Zog’s Sex Wax is one of the foremost surf wax manufacturers in the world and one that many surfers know and love.

If this is your father’s favorite surf wax brand, we’re sure he’ll appreciate one of these stylish long-sleeved T-shirts, decorated with the famous Sex Wax label. All T-shirts are unisex, 100% Cotton, and come in 5 different sizes.

7. Suncube Surf Poncho And Wetsuit Bag

SUN CUBE Wetsuit Changing Mat, Waterproof Surf Bag, Drawstring Wetsuit Bag, Surfing Accessories for...
  • SURF WETSUIT CHANGING MAT: A protective surf bag surfing accessory is a dry, sandless platform, providing you with a clean and debris-free space to change in and out of your wetsuit from a hot,...

Let’s face it – some beaches are more crowded than others, and surfers won’t always get the privacy they need when changing in and out of their bathing costumes.

With the Suncube surf poncho and wetsuit bag, your dad won’t have to worry about his birthday suit; all he’ll need to do is stand on the wetsuit protector, don his poncho, and quickly and discreetly remove his wetsuit and underwear before depositing in the Suncube bag.

It doesn’t get simpler than that!

8. Bamboo Surfboard Serving Platter

Totally Bamboo Surfboard Shaped Bamboo Wood Cutting Board and Charcuterie Serving Board, 23" x...
  • Radically different: beautiful surfboard-shaped bamboo cutting board with a center inlay of darker bamboo; extra-long design makes for an excellent serving board too

Here’s something a little different! For dads who truly love the art of surfing, why not get him a beautiful and useful reminder of his favorite hobby, even if he can’t use it in the water?

This sustainably made and attractive serving board makes a lovely kitchen ornament that can be used both to serve and prepare meals – he can even use it to balance food and drinks while he’s relaxing on the beach after a long surf session!

9. Wetsuit Gift Box

COR Surf Wetsuit Combo Gift Box | Wetsuit Changing Towel Robe | Wetsuit Changing Mat & Folding...
39 Reviews
COR Surf Wetsuit Combo Gift Box | Wetsuit Changing Towel Robe | Wetsuit Changing Mat & Folding...
  • The Perfect holiday Gift Box Combo for any Water Lover: Wetsuit Maintenance and Organization. The COR Surf Wetsuit Gift Box is ideal for surfers, paddleboarders, kayakers, scuba divers, triathletes,...

This gift would work best for dads who have just learned to surf or are returning to the sport after a long hiatus. The CORE Wetsuit Gift Box comes with a bundle of items that help to preserve and store your wetsuit, and keep you warm after a long day in the water!

The CORE bundle comes with a changing mat to protect your wetsuit from sand/dirt, a microfiber poncho, and a folding hanger to properly store your wetsuit when not in use.

10. Gone Surfing Wall Plaque

DRD&M Gone Surfing Be Back Soon Metal Tin Sign, Wall Plaque, Retro Beach-House, Cabin Sign, Lake...
  • ✅ DIMENSIONS: 8-Inches by 12-Inches, making it the perfect size for many different places.

Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most. Buy your father something that will always remind him of his love for the waves, such as this simple but fun tin wall plaque that reads “Gone Surfing – Be Back Soon!”

This cool little surfing sign even comes with pre-drilled holes, making it super easy to hang wherever you want it.

11. Surf-Themed Flask Gift Set

Surf's Up Flask Gift Set - Beach Flask Gift Set Engraved with Decorative Surfboards
  • Need a gift for someone who loves going to the beach to surf (or just loves being at the beach)? Check out this fun beach themed flask gift set.

After a long day of catching waves, who doesn’t want to wind down with a jack and coke, or a shot or two? This stainless steel set is perfect for the dad who likes to tipple and is always out on his board.

Each set comes with a 10oz flask engraved with surfboards and the words “Surf’s Up”, two shot glasses, and a convenient funnel.

Great Gifts Any Surfer Dad Will Love

No matter what your budget is or what your dad’s tastes are, one of these gifts is sure to meet his expectations.

Whether it’s a decorative reminder of his favorite hobby or super practical tools to enhance his experience in the water, he’ll be thanking you for such a thoughtful item.

These surfing gifts for dad are sure to make your gift shopping easier, and will definitely improve his next surf holiday away!