9 Best World War 2 Gifts to Surprise a History Buff

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World War II is probably the most poignant decade of the 20th Century that still has many people fascinated.

Whether you know a history buff, an aviation fan, or someone in love with all things WWII, finding a gift shouldn’t be all that difficult.

But what if you have little interest in the epic event and don’t want to sound stupid while picking a gift?

Let us help you with this list of World War 2 gifts!

Anyone with a passion for WW2 would appreciate any gift you pick from this list – they perfectly capture the feel of that decade!

9 Great World War 2 Gifts

1. An Awesome Read from WWII

Someone who loves literature related to WWII will find a nice place on their bookshelf for this fantastic book!

The forgotten 500 is a nonfiction book that tells the story of one of the greatest missions in WWII. It reveals how OSS agents parachuted into Yugoslavia to extract airmen.

It’s not just a legendary literary achievement but something that provides a fantastic insight into humanity, highlighting the importance of heroes who inspire people to pursue specific causes.

2. A Picture Book about WW2

A history buff would love to receive a gift that gives chronological coverage of what led to World War II.

This book presents an approach never before explored in such detail. It captures the places, people, and politics involved in the epic conflict.

Meet the key players in thought-provoking profiles and read about standout moments, such as Hiroshima, Pearl Harbor, and the D-Day landings.

Watch that surprised look on your recipient’s face while exploring those rarely seen color photographs!

3. Top Quality WW2 Coins

WW2 World Currency - 6 Nazi Coins Issued from 1936/45 - Third Reich WW2 Memorabilia - Axis Velvet...
53 Reviews
WW2 World Currency - 6 Nazi Coins Issued from 1936/45 - Third Reich WW2 Memorabilia - Axis Velvet...
  • History in Your Hands – Hold and study genuine WW2 Memorabilia that was there during one of humanity’s most trying times. These 6 Coins are a connection to real lives and untold stories.

You know a history buff who loves to add WWII memorabilia to their collection? Try these coins that honestly reflect the geopolitical complexities of that time!

These coins display different events from the war and tie together struggles representing the many lost lives. Truly a unique collectible piece for anyone who is fascinated by history and wants to share it with friends or family members.

Available in a velvet bag and always ready to give away as a gift!

4. A Cool T-Shirt

Shark Nose Art T-Shirt - WWII Military Plane T-Shirt
53 Reviews
Shark Nose Art T-Shirt - WWII Military Plane T-Shirt
  • This is the military T-shirt you're looking for. This classic WWII aircraft shark nose art is commonly seen on planes like the P-51 Mustangs, P-40 Warhawks and A-10 Warthogs still use today.

If they love planes and aviation, chances are they’re already familiar with planes like the P-40, P-51, and A-10 Warthogs that used the classic WWII aircraft shark nose art. Surprise them with this tee!

Made out of 100% cotton, this double-needle sleeve, lightweight t-shirt is extremely comfortable and a perfect gift for veterans, pilots, and members of the Air Force.

Get one and bring a smile to the face of your aviation fan!

5. A Replica Backpack

If someone you know loves anything WWII and is an adventure seeker, this backpack will make them feel special.

It’s an accurate reproduction of the haversack backpack (USm14) used during WWII. Not only is it sturdy, but it’s also lightweight and comes with enough storage space.

The canvas is supple, and the drawstring is thick enough that it won’t break easily. It has a decent price point too.

Truly something your friend is going to use on every backpacking trip!

6. A Genuine-Looking Helmet

Surprise a WWII fan who is inordinately interested in everything related to the war with this lightweight helmet coming straight from the pages of history!

The replica US Army M1 steel helmet used in WWII is the same as the original. Impossible to tell any difference in details like body depth or color, making it an incredible gift for any history aficionado.

Amazing! But, don’t expect it to take a 45-round and leave with only a slight concussion!

7. An Exciting Game of Monopoly

Monopoly World War II We Are All In This Together Board Game
372 Reviews
Monopoly World War II We Are All In This Together Board Game
  • Monopoly World War II - We Are All In This Together

How about helping someone learn about WWII while playing a game? Try Monopoly as a gift for someone who loves everything about the war!

A great way to honor brave men and women who faced tyranny during the war. It has events like Pearl Harbor, D-Day Normandy, and the Bulge Battle. Help your friend participate in these different moments from history.

Guide your troops and prepare for victory as you establish Camps and Headquarters on your way to victory!

8. A Life-like Soldier Sculpture

US Army Soldier Honor and Courage Statue
140 Reviews

Any WWII fan can’t say no to an army soldier sculpture, no matter how many they already have in their collection. But, they’ll find your gift to be unique because of its immaculate attention to detail.

This meticulously made statue has a unique and impressive design. The creative process begins with mixing bronze powder in the cold cast resin. This ensures that you can get a more vivid-looking statue that simulates tarnish and age.

9. A great WWII gift, indeed!

A Stunning Vintage Propeller

Authentic Models WW1 Propeller Small AP150, Vintage Decor - Aviation Art Handmade in Solid Wood -...
97 Reviews
Authentic Models WW1 Propeller Small AP150, Vintage Decor - Aviation Art Handmade in Solid Wood -...
  • Aficionados of our amazing assortment of early flight artifacts will welcome a new and enticing metal clad propeller replica.

This authentic propeller makes a great gift for someone who hates a shiny and fake-ey-looking prop for their WWII collection.

Hand sculpted in wood but metal clad to create a smooth patina and irresistible look. Your friend will really like the finish, the aged look on metal pieces and the ease of hanging. Reminds you of an era when pioneers conquered the air.

Overall, an outstanding WWII gift for anyone seeking an excellent aeronautical souvenir for home or office!

Try the Stress-Free Way to Please Your Beloved WWII Fan!

When it comes to gift-giving, it can quickly become stressful.

There is always the worry of not finding something appropriate or spending too much money on someone who doesn’t relate to those gifts.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of gifts for your favorite WWII fan!

Whether they are your friends or family members, these World War 2 gifts will be perfect for them.

Are you ready to surprise the war aficionado with your refined gift choice?

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